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Via Albertini, 36 F13a 60131 Ancona, Italy VAT IT02814410425 M O ORI N G SYST E M - c a r bon fi br e Our mooring system pushes the boundaries of innovation and design of marine hardware. We conceived a new kind of pop-up cleat, combining stylish design, functional shape, high strength and cutting-edge technology. The curved shape and smooth edges allow an easy clamp of the mooring line, avoiding rope consumption. It means no more ropes damaged by sharp edges. The top part of the cleat is made of light carbon fibre, by innovative SMC moulding technology (It is a method of moulding where a sheet of randomly placed carbon fibre strands (or GRP, or Kevlar) and epoxy resin compound, is placed into a preheated mould, and when the mould is closed the material is squeezed under very high pressure by vertical press). All the fittings and deck base are made of CNC machined titanium, to offer the best strength, lightness and keep it totally free from corrosion. Il nostro sistema di ormeggio spinge più avanti i confini dell’innovazione e del design applicato all’attrezzatura di coperta. Abbiamo ideato un nuovo tipo di bitta pop-up, che combina design elegante, funzionalità, alta resistenza e tecnologia all’avanguardia. La forma curva e gli spigoli smussati consentono un facile bloccaggio della cima di ormeggio, evitandone la consunzione: niente più cime danneggiate da spigoli troppo accentuati. La parte superiore della bitta è realizzata in fibra di carbonio stampata con l’innovativa tecnologia SMC (È un metodo di stampaggio in cui un foglio composto da fibra corta di carbonio - o vetro, o kevlar - e resina epossidica viene posto in uno stampo in acciaio, riscaldato ad alta temperatura. Quando lo stampo viene chiuso una forte pressione viene applicata dall’alto mediante una pressa verticale, ed in pochi minuti si ottiene il prodo

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Via Albertini, 36 F13a 60131 Ancona, Italy FEATURES • outstanding and sleek design • smooth edges • carbon fibre top cleat • clear matte / or glossy finish coating • titanium fittings • totally free from corrosion • extremely light-weight and strong • high load capacity • watertight stems • no drains required • easy installation • low maintenance • functional, reliable, seaworthy • made in Italy CONSTRUCTION & ACCESSORIES: • top cleat made by CF SMC moulding • clear matte / high gloss coating • CNC machined Grade 5 titanium for structural parts •...

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Via Albertini, 36 F13a 60131 Ancona, Italy Part number

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