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COMPANY PROFILE I-CARBON, WHEN INNOVATION MEETS DESIGN I-carbon was born from a lucky coincidence: 4 friends linked by a passion for offshore sailing and for the sea, who pool their professional skills, their business experiences, to create a company focused on the innovation of processes. From the automotive and aerospace, the most advanced design, the most innovative materials enter the production of best equipment for yachts and super-yachts: a new approach to industrial processes, to promote mass production and thus reduce time-to-market and costs to customers of each product.

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COMPANY PROFILE That’s I-carbon, conceived from an idea of Marco Del Prete, with the collaboration of Francesco Pelizza, who was soon joined by Enrico Francolini, and Davide Fuzzi: the experience in project management, engineering, and innovation technology, converge and meet the sailing background to bring the best industrial skills to the marine industry. MARCO DEL PRETE 3rd generation of entrepreneur in the moulding industry with focus on automotive and aerospace sector, he’s a passionate sailors, with strong attitude to innovation and new technologies. FRANCESCO PELIZZA Graduated in...

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COMPANY PROFILE The best carbon and metal alloys accessories for boats are available for designers and shipyards with pricing and timing matching the current needs, to move forward an industry such as the nautical one, generally codified and conservative in its construction procedures.

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Our best suppliers are the best of the Italian Automotive, that provide us with daring but perfectly engineered solutions, this is our network of skills, research, innovation, unthinkable in any other area: in the Adriatic coast the passion for the sea finally match the great high-end manufacturing industry that has one of its avant-garde districts between Marche and Emilia-Romagna.

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COMPANY PROFILE I-carbon looks forward and collaborates with universities in projectworks that integrate digital control in the use of its carbon products, to keep its proposal to nautical market always new and attractive. The possibilities on the horizon are open only to those who know how to navigate.

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COMPANY PROFILE MOORING SYSTEM - CARBON FIBRE OUR MOORING SYSTEM PUSHES THE BOUNDARIES OF INNOVATION AND DESIGN OF MARINE HARDWARE. WE CONCEIVED A NEW KIND OF POP-UP CLEAT, COMBINING STYLISH DESIGN, FUNCTIONAL SHAPE, HIGH STRENGTH AND CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY. The curved shape and smooth edges allow an easy clamp of the mooring line, avoiding rope consumption. It means no more ropes damaged by sharp edges. The top part of the cleat is made of light carbon fibre, by innovative SMC moulding technology. All the fittings and deck base are made of CNC machined titanium, to offer the best...

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Features: • Outstanding and sleek design • Smooth edges • Carbon fibre top cleat • Clear matte / glossy finish coating • Titanium fittings • Totally free from corrosion • Extremely light-weight and strong • High load capacity • Watertight stems • No drains required • Easy installation • Low maintenance • Functional, reliable, seaworthy • Made in Italy Construction & accessories: • Top cleat made by CF SMC moulding • Clear matte / high gloss coating • CNC machined Grade 5 titanium for structural parts • Installation screws included • Backing plate available on request Part number carbon /...

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COMPANY PROFILE AWNING SYSTEM OUR AWNING SYSTEM IS THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION FOR YACHTS AND SUPERYACHTS. COMBINING ELEGANT DESIGN AND CLEVER TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS, IT IS A “MUST” FOR PREMIUM VESSELS. Our poles are made of carbon fibre, with an anti-UV clear coating, they can be painted with custom colours as well. They are manually operated and the awning tension is given by an internal tackle made with Dyneema rope and low friction rings. We conceived an innovative deck base, made of AISI316L stainless steel, easy to install on every deck surface on every boat, with minimum impact on the hull...

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Features: • Carbon fibre poles • UV protective clear coating • Custom colour available on request • Extremely lightweight and strength • Available size: Ø 45 mm, Ø 66 mm, Ø 86 mm • Custom size available on request: up to Ø 120 mm • Internal tackle with dyneema rope and low friction rings • Patented deck base • No drains required • Quick and easy handling • Double attachment available on request • Lighting system available on request • Wide colour choice for the awning Construction & accessories: • Pre-preg autoclaved carbon fibre • Dyneema and AISI316L fittings • Storage bag • Backing plate...

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COMPANY PROFILE FENDER SYSTEM OUR TENDER FENDERS COMBINE DESIGN WITH TECHNOLOGY AND LIGHTWEIGHT STRUCTURE. MADE OF CHOPPED CARBON FIBRE, THANKS TO COMPRESSION MOULDING TECHNOLOGY, WE MINIMIZE THE WEIGHT WHILE KEEPING HIGH STRENGTH AND ROBUSTNESS. Features: • Innovative technology • Extremely lightweight and strength • Quick and easy handling • Jointed vertical fender, linked with gas spring • EVA roller bumpers With our quick lock devices, they are easy to handle and to deploy. The vertical frame is linked with the deck base and the gas spring on the back allow the fender to suit the...

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STANCHION SYSTEM OUR ARC-SHAPED STANCHIONS CAN BE PERMANENTLY FIXED OR CAN BE REMOVABLE; THEY ARE MADE OF CHOPPED CARBON FIBRE, BY COMPRESSION MOULDING TECHNOLOGY. Features: • Innovative technology • UV protective clear coating • Custom colour available on request • Extremely lightweight and strength They are conceived especially for superyachts, for deck areas, helipad and balconies. They are clear coated, glossy or matte finish, but can be custom painted on request. They are supplied with soft or hard rigging according to the project specifications. Construction & accessories: • Chopped...

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