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This totally enclosed lifeboat has been designed and approved in accordance with ; a. SOLAS 1974 with protocol 1978 and amendments up to 2010 b. Resolution MSC.81(70) with amendments up to 2010 c. LSA Code adopted by Resolution MSC.48(66) with amendmensts up to 2010 d. LSA Code adopted by Resolution MSC.272(85), MSC.320(89) 2. Certification This lifeboat has been tested in accordance with IMO Resolution MSC.81(70), Part 1 and MSC/Circ.980 and approved by notified body. The boat is provided with EC TYPE EXAMINATION (MODULE B) CERTIFICATE and EC (MODULE D) CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY.

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e. Weight - Light load with fuel and equipment----------2,640 Kg b. Power / Output (kW(HP)/rpm ) -HB29D1 - 21.6(29) / 2800 Vertical, water-cooled 4 cycle diesel engine 4 stroke -3 80 x 92.4 Spherical type -2--2-:1- Two batteries are provided for engine starting, searchlight, and interior light and so on. Two battery chargers for each battery are also provided for recharging lifeboat batteries from the ship's power supply at a supply voltage 24V which can be disconnected at the lifeboat embarkation station. (In case the electric jacket heater is used for engine, the supply voltage from the...

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION ITEM : LIFEBOAT 6. Release Mechanism TALON 4.0 Ⅱ - This release gear system consists of fore and aft hooks, a release handle near the steering console, a hydrostatic unit and the associated cables. The releasing operation of the hooks is conducted at the release handle near the steering console through the control cables terminating at the fore and aft hooks. The interlock system including the hydrostatic interlock unit is provided to prevent the release of the hooks when the boat is not waterborne. The system also has an on-load release function which makes it...

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