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Engine 2012

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Contents 04 History 05 Introduction 06 Location Guide 08 Business Areas 10 2-Stroke Diesel Engine 12 Crankshaft 13 Turbocharger 14 Propeller & Shaft 16 HiMSEN Engine­ 18 HiMSEN Propulsion Engine 19 Steam Turbine for LNG Propulsion 20 Diesel Power Plant 22 Packaged Power Station 24 Industrial Pump 26 Cargo Oil Pumping System 27 Submerged Cargo Pumping System 28 LNG Pump 29 Thruster 30 Ballast Water Treatment System, EcoBallast 32 Ballast Water Treatment System, HiBallast 33 Air Compressor 34 Gas Compressor 35 Marine Gearbox 36 Industrial Robot 38 Industrial Machinery System 39 Press 40...

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Hyundai Spirit • Creative Wisdom Positive Thinking Unwavering Drive

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History History 1990's Nov. Completion of engine plant comprised of foundry, forging, machining and assembly shop Jun. Production of the 1st marine diesel engine (HYUNDAI- B&W 7L55GF) 1983 1984 1985 1988 Jul. Diesel engine production recorded 1 mil. bhp (2-stroke engine) Dec. Started production of crankshaft (2-stroke engine) Apr. Started production of marine propeller Jun. Started production of heavy duty pump for power & desalination plant 1992 1994 1995 1980's 1978 1979 Nov. Diesel engine production recorded 10 mil. bhp (2-stroke engine) Jun. Production record of 500 sets of marine...

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Introduction Introduction As one of the leading engine builders in the world, the Engine & Machinery Division of Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (HHI-EMD) has enjoyed its reputation since its beginning in 1978. HHI-EMD has taken up 35% of the world's market share in diesel engines covering marine and stationary purposes. This shows that the superior quality of HYUNDAI engines has been recognized by customers all over the world. HHI-EMD developed its own specially designed HiMSEN engine as part of ongoing efforts to provide the most practical and highest quality engines to its customers....

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HHI-EMD Location Guide 06 6

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Main Office Zone OMain Building & Annex Engine Shop 1 Zone ©Crankshaft Machining Shop 1 04-Stroke Engine Ass'y & Test Shop 1 ©2-Stroke Engine Ass'y & Test Shop 3 02-Stroke Engine Ass'y & Test Shop 1-1 ©2-Stroke Engine Ass'y & Test Shop 1-2 Engine Shop 2 Zone © 2-Stroke Engine Ass'y & Test Shop 2 ©Machinery Ass'y Shop Engine Shop 3 Zone ©Crankshaft Machining Shop 2 ©4-Stroke Engine Ass'y & Test Shop 2 ©2-Stroke Engine Ass'y & Test Shop 1-3 © HiMSEN Global Academy Industrial Plant Zone

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Hydraulic Machinery Double Suction Pump Variable Pitch Pump Boiler Feed Water Pump Marine Engine & Equipment Propulsion System ► Thermal & Nuclear Power Plants ► Irrigation & Water Supply Projects ► Cargo Oil Pumping Systems ► Submerged Cargo Pumping Systems • Side Thrusters • Ballast Water Treatment Systems • Steam Turbines • Marine Gear Boxes • CPP System for 4-Stroke Diesel Engine • Engine Components • Shafts, Rudder Stocks

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HHI Growth Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (HHI) had its ground-breaking ceremony in March 1972. The Hyundai shipyard, located at Mipo Bay in Ulsan on the southeastern coast of Korea, spreads across 1,200 acres with its main production plants and all necessary auxiliary facilities covering over 800 acres. Since the successful construction of its first two 260,000 DWT supertankers in 1974, HHI has built and delivered almost every kind of ship to customers all over the world. Backed by technology and experience acquired through shipbuilding as well as streamlined modern facilities and...

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2-Stroke Diesel Engine 2-Stroke Diesel Engine Assembly & Test Shop HYUNDAI-WÄRTSILÄ 12RT-flex96C Products HYUNDAI-MAN B&W 6S80ME-C9 HYUNDAI-WÄRTSILÄ 8RTA82C HYUNDAI-MAN B&W / HYUNDAI-WÄRTSILÄ / Engine Components 10 HYUNDAI-MAN B&W 7S70ME-C

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Marine Engine & EQUIPMENT 2-Stroke Diesel Engine HHI-EMD has been supplying "One out of Three"of the world's two-stroke diesel engines for marine propulsion and power generation in pursuit of providing our valuable customers with high quality and more economical products. HHI-EMD's established reputation is supported by its superb performance in marine and stationary diesel engines along with its state-of-the-art facilities such as foundry, forging, machining, crankshaft, and assembly & test shops specializing in manufacturing diesel engines. HYUNDAI-WÄRTSILÄ 14RT-flex96C Components ᆞBed...

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Crankshaft Crankshaft Shop The Crankshaft Shop can produce semi-built-up crankshafts and monoblock crankshafts, using the most up-to-date CNC and NC heavy-duty crankshaft and crankthrow lathes. 2-Stroke Diesel Engine Crankshaft Assembly 4-Stroke Diesel Engine Crankshaft Products 2-Stroke Diesel Engine Crankshaft / 4-Stroke Diesel Engine Crankshaft 12

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Marine Engine & EQUIPMENT Turbocharger Turbocharger Based on the most up-to-date technology accumulated through its wealth of experience in manufacturing diesel engines and a wide variety of precision machinery, HHI-EMD produces exhaust gas turbochargers : ABB's TPL and A type, and MHI's MET type for turbocharging diesel engines under a technical tie-up with ABB Turbo Systems Ltd. of Switzerland and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. of Japan, respectively who themselves have more than 40 years' experience in the field of designing and manufacturing turbochargers. Products TPL91-B / TPL85-B /...

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MARINE ENGINE & EQUIPMENT World's Largest Propeller Propeller Shop HHI produces a wide variety of marine propellers, our propellers have a diameter up to 11,000 mm, with maximum unit weight of 114,000 kg, and are made from such materials as manganese bronze and nickel-aluminum Hyundai employs a comprehensively computerized design, manufacturing, and inspection system for these products. Max. Production : 114ton in Weight, 11 min Diameter Min. Production : 10 ton in Weight, 3 m in Diameter Machining Equipment: NC Blade Milling M/c x3 sets Boss Boring M/Cx 3 sets Riser Cutting M/C x 2 sets...

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