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Warehouse Range

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Hyster provides a complete range of world class materials handling equipment, to bring reliability and productivity to your warehouse. With unmatched service support you can discover the optimum warehouse solution for your business. the home of dependable warehousing solutions Pallet Trucks (pedestrian/rider) & Tow Tractor Stackers (pedestrian/rider) Low Level Order Pickers Evaluating Total Cost Electric Counterbalanced Trucks Mid & High Level Order Pickers Special Engineering Solutions Reach Trucks Very Narrow Aisle Trucks (VNA) Serviceability and Global Coverage Note: The warehouse and...

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complex business. You need a supplier with the specic experience and full product range to help you optimise by simulating real operating space utilisation and throughput. conditions, in order to arrive To assist customers in achieving at the most productive truck maximum efciency, Hyster has selection, based on current or developed a unique computer projected requirements. simulation tool. Our specialists are able to propose optimum solutions for the layout and pallet ow in existing, new or planned warehouse spaces.

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06:00 HOURS Dave, the Warehouse Manager plans the day with his team. The throughput of goods changes every day. At 6 am Dave informs his staff of their duties and reviews the previous day’s performance,emphasising any safety issues. “We need dependable trucks we can rely on all day long” What matters to Dave “To meet specic transport timeslots, we have to make sure there is a constant ow of goods, so we need dependable trucks we can rely on all day long. They must be safe to operate and easy to use. If there is a problem, I need it solved quickly by someone locally, otherwise it affects...

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DEPENDABILITY Every Hyster warehouse truck is designed and built to deliver maximum dependability even in the most difcult applications. Powerful, low maintenance motors and a CANbus electronic communications system ensure the trucks consistently deliver superior performance and productivity. Furthermore, all Hyster warehouse trucks benet from robust, high quality components and are subject to a stringent reliability programme which runs throughout the development process. The result is long service intervals and trucks that are working for customers whenever they need them, 24 hours a day....

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11:30 HOURS Alan from the local Hyster dealership visits the customer site. It is Alan’s responsibility to make sure that the trucks are working efciently and continue to deliver the required levels of productivity. Alan meets with the Warehouse Management team to check the performance and uptime of each truck and to discuss improvement opportunities. “I need to ensure that if a problem arises, it is resolved quickly and efciently” STACKERS Hyster Stackers help to enhance the operator’s productivity when placing goods into low to mid level racking. Each stacker delivers power, precision and...

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› Hyster products are designed for low maintenance and reduced operating costs. › On board diagnostics help to anticipate service requirements while easy access to components minimises the time needed for planned maintenance on every truck. › Components such as the Combi Mosfet controller, AC motors and Hall-effect sensors, are selected because of their high performance and low maintenance needs. › Fewer wearable parts and the use of common components across several products series also result in reduced overall service costs. Entry level stacker with compact Comprehensive range of powered...

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13:30 HOURS Kate, a Sales Manager whose company uses the warehouse, hunts for more business. Kate is working with a potential new retail customer who requires the exibility to introduce varied pallet ows throughout the year, with a major peak before the summer and Christmas holiday seasons. “I need a warehouse that is exible enough to meet all my existing and potential customers’ needs” LOW LEVEL ORDER PICKERS Hyster low level order pickers are designed to make the picking process as easy as possible for the operator. The range also offers excellent advantages for horizontal transport...

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PRODUCTIVITY Productivity, the number of loads that can be moved per operator per hour, is a key measure for all warehouses. Hyster helps the warehouse manager to achieve excellent productivity by providing robust, user friendly equipment, designed to give optimum performance. All warehouse trucks have responsive controls, provide precise management of speed and acceleration and deliver excellent manoeuvrability. The comfort and safety of the operator are fundamental to performance. All Hyster trucks have been developed with the operator’s needs as a priority. Hyster warehouse trucks have...

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15:00 HOURS Hans the Financial Director analyses supplier contracts. Hans analyses nancial packages offered by suppliers and calculates the best investment over 1 to 5 year periods. UP TO 80% OPERATOR COSTS By far the greatest cost in running any warehouse is “I am interested in the overall cost of the materials handling equipment” the operator. These costs can be minimised by ensuring that staff are fully trained, motivated and their performance can be managed. All Hyster dealers provide comprehensive driver training for all products. However the best way to optimise operator costs is to...

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LOW COST OF OWNERSHIP The most critical factor facing the user of warehouse Costs listed underneath are based on purchase of trucks and products is the total cost of owning that equipment. The initial a separate maintenance contract. The nance director may purchase price of a truck is important, however, it is only choose to manage the monthly impact of costs by opting for one element of all the costs that the nancial director must a rental contract that includes full maintenance. The initial purchase price is a There are two main types As utility costs rise, the key element of the total...

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