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Laden Container handler

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STRONG PARTNERS. TOUGH TRUCKS. Laden Container Handling Trucks

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Technical Data EQUIPMENT & WEIGHTS Weights (line 2.1) are based on the following specifications: Complete truck with cab, pneumatic tyres, mast as specified, dedicated carriage and Specifications are affected by the conditions of the vehicle and how it is equipped, as well as the nature and condition of the operating area. If these specifications are critical, the proposed application should be discussed with your dealer ♦ Gradeability figures (line 5.7) are provided for comparison of tractive performance, but are not intended to endorse the operation of the vehicle on the stated inclines....

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r, = radius of swing of container rear corner r2 = radius of swing of container front corner Wa = outside turning radius of the truck a = total operating clearance, a/2 is operating clearance at each side V = (theoretical) 90° stacking aisle width, no intrusive stacking Ast = (practical) 90° stacking aisle, no intrusive stacking and with + Drawbar pull performance figures are only indicative for comparison purpose. These performances are only possible for a short All specifications and capacities quoted in the mast Hyster products are subject to change without and capacity information...

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New Features, Proven Components container handlers is the 5th generation of a proven machine. These trucks build on more than 40 years of Hyster experience in providing solutions to the container handling industry. > Container handlers equipped with a mast are receiving renewed interest from terminal operators, because these 'first row container stackers' perform container shunting operations faster than most > The 'masted' Hyster H40.00-50.00XM-16CH trucks represent a refreshing new concept, purposely developed to deliver these high 'box-rates' in first row stacking operations, at the...

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> The rear-mounted cab position offers an optimum level of all-round visibility that is unique in this product segment. > The driver is able to maintain a complete 40ft container in his line of sight, during the entire handling operation with minimal head movement. > The driver has an excellent view of the job at hand, not only thanks to the cab position itself, but also the extensive glass area and the position of the dash display (mounted on the right hand side). Upward visibility is also virtually free from obstruction, thanks to a clever overhead guard design. > The 'Vista' mast has...

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Capacity (kg) with high-mounted DEDICATED 20'-40' telescopic container spreader *5-High mast and the H50.00XM-16CH are with: Heavy Duty mast and 30 mm extra load distance on dedicated carriage > Stacking heights up to 5-high 9'6" containers. > Ability to stack up to 40 tonne containers. > Hyster 2-stage 'Vista' mast has large channel overlaps to ensure excellent strength and durability and to minimize flexing during stacking. > Wide mast and front axle (350 mm wider than former model) gives immensely improved forwards visibility and added sideways stability for stacking heights up >...

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> Cummins QSM 11 6-cylinder diesel engine conforming to EU Tier 3 exhaust emission requirements for NRMM (Non-Road Mobile > Turbo-intercooler engine delivering 224 kW (300 Hp) > Very smooth torque characteristic, with max. excellent lifting and acceleration power, combined with low fuel consumption. > Engine protection system, with shutdown function on high coolant temperature and/or low oil pressure. > Heavy-duty air cleaner, with two-stage filter plus a cyclonic pre-cleaner, suitable for dusty operating > Cooling system suitable up to 50°C ambient. > Fuel Tank: 700 litres. > Drive axle...

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Hydraulic System > Three heavy-duty gear pumps, supplying 430 l/min. > Leak free ORFS type hydraulic fittings. - Two fulltime, full flow 10 micron return line hydraulic filters - Two 150 micron suction-filters, high pressure 20 micron filter to protect sensitive parts of the hydraulic system, - 10 micron air-breathers with indicator on the hydraulic tank. - Hydraulic tank capacity 600 litres. > Tropical hydraulic system cooling, suitable up to 50°C ambient. Spreader Specifications Hyster 20'-40' Telescopic top lift spreader for handling ISO containers with a > Pendular floating ISO...

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Operator Compartment Hyster 'Vista' cab with industry leading comfort > Air conditioning with manual temperature control. > Filtered fresh air inlet. > Heater device with 3-stage blower. > Spacious rubber floored, easy to clean, operator compartment. Mounted on anti-vibration isolators. > Low noise level of only 73 dB(A) LEQ at drivers ear. > Fully adjustable suspension seat with armrests, high backrest and safety belt. (Optional: Air- suspension seat). > Sliding windows in cab doors. > Door locking device while driving with the doors open. > Seat mounted console with joystick. > Joystick...

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> Extensive glass area. Lightly tinted glass. > Clever overhead guard design. > Effective hot air demister system with various outlets. > Wipers and washers on front, top and rear window. Large front window with effective H-shape twin wipers. Two panorama type rear view mirrors. > Spreader indicator lights positioned at the front > Conveniently side-positioned dash display with central warning device on steering column. > Analogue display for: Hour meter, Fuel level, Battery charge, Engine oil pressure and coolant temperature, Transmission pressure and temperature. > Warning lights for:...

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Optional Equipment lift height mast (lowered height 5106 mm). Fitted with a 650 mm lower cab position (to enable clear through mast visibility underneath a 2-high raised 9'6" high container). Includes tilting cab for service access. Special paint (RAL) colour(s). Smaller sized 16.00 x 25 rear wheels. Radial type tyres. Central greasing system, on truck and spreader. Operator convenience / cab options: > Mast tilt indicator (mechanical). > Without air-conditioning, but with sunshade screens Spreader options: > Half-high mounted dedicated carriage & spreader, to also handle 4' and 4'3"...

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