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FORTENS, FORTENS ADVANCE & FORTENS ADVANCE + H8.0FT, H9.0FT Service weight Axle loading laden, front/rear Axle loading unladen, front/rear Tyres: L=pneumatic, V=solid, SE=pneumatic-shaped solid Tyre size, front Tyre size, rear Number of wheels, front/rear (X = driven ) Tread, front Tread, rear Tilt of mast/fork carriage forward/backward Height of mast, lowered Free lift, ¶ Lift ¶ Height of mast, extended Height of overhead guard (cabin) Cab height (open cab) Seat height/stand height Coupling height Overall length Length to face of forks Overall width ✧ Fork dimensions Fork carriage to DIN...

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H8.0FT9 Fortens Advance / Fortens Advance+ GM 5 .7L H9.0FT6 Fortens Advance / Fortens Advance+ Kubota 3 .8L H9.0FT6 Fortens Advance / Fortens Advance+ GM 5 .7L ADDITIONAL DATA PERFORMANCE DATA H8.0FT9 Fortens Advance / Fortens Advance+ Kubota 3 .8L

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MAST AND CAPACITY INFORMATION MASTS H8.0FT6 AND H9.0FT6 MASTS H8.0FT9 Overall Extended height (mm) Maximum fork height Top of Forks mm (h3+s) Back tilt Overall lowered height (mm) 2-Stage Limited Free Lift 3-Stage Full Free Lift Free lift (top of forks) (mm) Overall Extended height (mm) Free lift (top of forks) (mm) 3-Stage Full Free Lift Overall lowered height (mm) 2-Stage Limited Free Lift Back tilt Dual Pneumatic Tyres With carriage only 2-Stage Limited Free Lift 3-Stage Limited Free Lift Maximum fork height mm (h3+s) Capacity to lift height Capacity to lift height Capacity to lift...

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TRUCK DIMENSIONS NOTE: Specications are affected by the condition of the vehicle and how it is equipped, as well as the nature and condition of the operating area. If these specications are critical, the proposed application should be discussed with your dealer. ¶ Bottom of forks/top of forks Without load backrest h6 subject to +/- 5 mm tolerance , 2 549 mm for cab option. Full-suspension seat in depressed position Add 50 mm with load backrest Stacking aisle width (lines 4.34.1 & 4.34.2) is based on the VDI standard calculation as shown on illustration. The British Industrial Truck...

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PRODUCT PACKAGES The Hyster Fortens™ range has been designed to match the vast range of application requirements and business objectives that customers demand. The H8.0-9.0FT Series is available in several truck packages, with multiple powertrain combinations to choose from, to best match operational demands. Each conguration offers improved efciency, advanced dependability, lower cost of operations and simple serviceability. Model / Bundle Fortens Advance Fortens Advance+ DuraMatch™ Plus 3 Speed DuraMatch™ Plus 3 Speed DuraMatch™ Plus 3 Speed Model / Bundle Fortens Advance Fortens Advance+...

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PRODUCT FEATURES The new Hyster Fortens H8.0-9.0FT Series represents a powerful, compact materials handling solution for a wide range of demanding applications. Response Management feature, the rate of deceleration can be further ne-tuned according to the rate at which the driver releases his foot from the accelerator pedal. These trucks are ideally suited to match the a variety of application needs, including those with attachment usage in the paper, manufacturing, recycling, beverage, metals or construction industries or where space is tight. Auto-Speed Hydraulics with Automatic Inching...

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STRONG PARTNERS. TOUGH TRUCKS. FOR DEMANDING OPERATIONS, EVERYWHERE. Hyster supplies a complete range of warehouse equipment, IC and electric counterbalanced trucks, container handlers and reach stackers. Hyster is committed to being much more than a lift truck supplier. Our aim is to offer a complete partnership capable of responding to the full spectrum of material handling issues: Whether you need professional consultancy on your eet management, fully qualied service support, or reliable parts supply, you can depend on Hyster. Our network of highly trained dealers provides expert,...

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