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Hyster Empty Container Handlers H16.00-22.00XM-12EC container handler container handler container handler Increased All specifications and capacities are valid for trucks equipped with a Hyster empty container handling spreader for handling ISO containers. «Safety: This truck conforms to the Note: Specifications are affected by the condition of the vehicle and how it is equipped, as well as the nature and condition of the operating area. If these specifications are critical, the proposed application should be discussed with your dealer.

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Ast = Practical 90 degrees Stacking aisle = V (theoretical stacking aisle) + a (total operating clearance) t Gradeablllty figures (lines 5.7 & 5.8) are provided for comparison of ♦ Bottom of forks 03 tractive performance, but are not Intended to endorse the operation of a YVIth non-sjdesnjft carriage the vehicle on the stated Inclines. Follow Instructions In the operating manual regarding operation on inclines. ' '

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Models, stacking heights and capacities The Hyster Empty Container Handlers range H16.00-22.00XM-12EC consists of following models: > H16.00XM-12EC Empty Container Handler, maximum 7000 kg, > stacking 6 x 8'6" high or 5 x 9'6" high single containers. > H18.00XM-12EC Empty Container Handler, maximum 7000 kg, > stacking 7 x 8'6" high or 6 x 9'6" high single containers. > H22.00XM-12EC Empty Container Handler, maximum 9000 kg, > stacking '2 on 5' x 8'6" high or '2 on 4' x 9'6" high double containers, > and also: 6 x 8'6" high or 5 x 9'6" high single containers. > H22.00XM-12EC Empty Container...

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The H16.00-22.00XM-12EC series benefit from Hyster's long experience in designing and building high-stacking empty container handlers. These EC handling machines offer fastest handling, reliable proven components, and give an excellent return on your investment. Increased handling flexibility is provided by Hyster's empty container handling spreader, featuring 'reefer correction' as standard, and a choice of four different container engagement systems, for fast handling of single or double containers. This will ensure that Hyster continues to meet your needs for increased productivity and...

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Extra Value Features The H16.00-22.00XM-12EC range offers impressive extra value, in an all-in-one package: > Lifting speeds are class leading: The practical 4- mode average speed is a fantastic 0.51 m/sec, and this even when handling double containers! > The unique Hyster '1 to 4' lift ratio mast contributes to the high lift speeds, and features short and stable lift cylinders. > Stable machine with a weight of 32 to 36 tons, a > Rear-mounted cab for a more comfortable view angle during high stacking of containers. > Hyster 'Vista' cab is state of the art in driver comfort, ergonomics, low...

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Strength & Durability > The frame is immensely strong with 16 mm thick frame members and massive front axle supports. The tilt cylinder anchors are tied directly into the rear frame. > The AxleTech drive axle is ultra-wide (4.12 m over tyres) and provides stability and durability; whilst the oil immersed (wet) disc brakes reduce maintenance transmission has APC200 Soft-shift automatic gear shifting, a protective forward-reverse shifting lock-out, and a transmission protection device. Hyster's 'sandwich' type steer axle, with a single cylinder and non-adjustable tie rods is renowned for its...

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Power & Performance Clean engine power is provided by the 6.7 litre 6- cylinder Cummins QSB6 industrial diesel, with turbo- charger and charge air cooler. > The low exhaust emissions conform to the EC Tier 3 emissions standard for NRMM (Non-Road Mobile > The industrial rating offers extra durability for long periods of peak power operation. > Engine protection system, with initial engine derating and finally engine stop function. > Equipped with a two-stage heavy-duty air filter, plus a maintenance-free cyclonic pre-cleaner, suitable for dusty operating environments. > Fuel tank 367 litres....

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> The H16.00-22.00XM-12EC machines have a tropical cooling system which makes them suitable to work in > The unique 'side-by-side' 3-piece radiator cooler block for engine (water and intercooler) and transmission is efficient and easy to clean. A 'puller' type fan draws in cleaner air from the top of > A triple hydraulic system cooler, for the brakes and the hydraulic system is mounted at the front of > Lifting speeds are class leading: The practical 5-mode average lifting speed is a fantastic 0.51 m/sec. And this also when handling double containers. Average of five lifting modes: unladen...

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Ergonomie Design The EC series features the Hyster Vista' cab, which gives the optimum ergonomie operator maximising driver comfort and visibility for maximum productivity. > The large windows, fitted with tinted safety glass, offer excellent all-round visibility. This is further enhanced by a filtered fresh air inlet, sliding windows, an effective heater and defrosters, wipers with washers on front, top and rear screens, especially in poor weather conditions into the heating and ventilation system, with manual temperature control. Sunshade screens rear windows. > Newly designed joystick...

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Outstanding Visibility machine, for a comfortable view angle during high stacking of > Operator visibility during high stacking from the rear-mounted cab position, is also enhanced by the curved front window, the strong yet slim line cab construction, the 'wave pattern' overhead guard, plus wipers on the front, top and rear screen (with double blade at the front). between inner channels) adds to the excellent overall visibility. > The lift cylinders are also uniquely rear-mounted (behind the mast channels) for optimum visibility. > Indicator lights for the container also conveniently placed...

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Unique '1 to 4' Hyster 'Vista' Mast Ultra-wide mast construction, for torsional rigidity and also excellent visibility (distance of 1260 mm in between the inner mast channels). This stable Hyster 'Vista' mast has a unique '1 to 4' lift ratio. On these EC trucks with their extremely high lift heights, the Hyster '1 to 4' design results in halving the length of the lift cylinders, thereby offering excellent durability of the cylinder bearings and seals. The tilt cylinders are high-mounted on the mast for added rigidity and truck stability. A hydraulic accumulator in the hoist system, to...

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