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BUILT ON EXPERIENCE H16-18XM(S) DEVELOPMENT STORY The H16-18XM(S)-12 Series benets from Hyster’s long experience of designing and building high capacity forklift trucks. This is the 5th generation machine, since the H360A of 1951, and offers fast handling, reliable proven components, high productivity and represents an excellent return on investment.

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EXTRA VALUE FEATURES The H16-18XM(S)-12 range represents impressive value, in a high-specication package: COMPACT H18XM-12 model features the same 3.75 m wheelbase as the H16XM-12. The compact “S” (short) H16XMS-12 and H18XMS-12 models, feature a shortened wheelbase of only 3.50 m, ideal for applications where operating space is restricted. PRODUCTIVE Lifting speeds (with the 172kW / 230hp Stage IIIA engine) are class leading: The practical 4-mode average speed is a fantastic 0.36 m/sec. Extremely stable machine with a weight of 26 to 31 tonnes, and a wheelbase of 3.75 m (3.50 m for ‘S’...

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STRENGTH & DURABILITY The H16-18XM(S)-12 features an immensely strong frame, with 16 mm thick members and massive front axle supports. The drive axle provides stability and durability; whilst the oil-immersed (wet) disc brakes reduce maintenance requirements. The S.O.H. TE13 or TE17-series 3-speed powershift transmissions feature the APC200 Soft-shift automatic gear shifting system, a transmission protection system and a protective forward-reverse shifting lock-out, which engages at above 5 km/h & 1400 rpm. Hyster’s ‘sandwich’ type steer axle, with a single cylinder and nonadjustable tie...

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POWER & PERFORMANCE FAST HANDLING Lifting speeds are class-leading. The practical 4-mode average lifting speed (with the 172kW / 230hp Stage IIIA engine) are a fantastic 0.36 m/sec.* *Average of four lifting modes: › Unladen lift speed = 0.38 m/sec. › Fully laden lift speed = 0.33 m/sec. POWER PACKAGES STAGE IIIB ENGINE: For use mainly within EU (European Union) countries, trucks with Stage IIIB diesel engines have signicantly reduced exhaust gas emissions. Also by applying Hyster Intelligent Design criteria, these trucks are not only cleaner running but also more economical, achieving up...

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ERGONOMIC DESIGN The H16-18XM(S)-12 series features the now familiar Hyster ‘Vista’ cab, which offers the optimum ergonomic operator environment, and focuses on maximising driver comfort and visibility for maximum productivity. Large windows, tted with tinted safety glass, offer excellent all-round visibility. This is further enhanced in poor weather conditions by a fresh air inlet, sliding windows, an effective heater and defroster and wipers (with intermittent wipe function) and washers on front, top and rear screens. Responsive, fully hydraulic brakes and automotive type pedal layout...

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OUTSTANDING ALL-ROUND VISIBILITY The state-of-the-art operator compartment is mounted in a mid-high forward position for outstanding overall visibility. Operator visibility is also enhanced by the curved front window, the strong yet slim-line cab construction, the ‘wave pattern’ overhead guard, plus wipers on the front, top and rear screens. Wide-view rear view mirrors are tted inside the cab. The truck is available with a comprehensive set of road and work lights and an orange ashing beacon. See full details under Lights. The mast lift cylinders are rear-mounted (behind the mast channels)...

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OTHER FEATURES HIGH PERFORMANCE HYDRAULICS Leak-free ORFS (O-ring) type ttings are used throughout the truck. Hydraulic tank capacity is 320 litres. Extensive cooling system with a triple cooler, for the brakes and the hydraulic system is ideally mounted at the front of the truck. BRAKES Service Brake: Front, oil-immersed (wet) disc brakes, with large oil cooler and a separate 10 micron brake oil lter. The brake system is fully hydraulic and charged by an accumulator (no air system). Parking Brake: Spring actuated and hydraulically released, on the driveline, automatically applied when...

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ELECTRICAL SYSTEM 24 V system, 70 A alternator, Battery 94 Ah (20 hr). Battery master switch. CANbus connection in the cab, for engine, transmission, and instruments cluster. LIGHTS A range of lights can be tted, which are available in kit form, comprising of: 2 front work lights mounted on the mast, 2 front drive lights on the front fenders, 2 rear work/ drive lights on the cab, 2 combination tail- & stop- & rear driving lights on the rear fenders, 4 direction indicators with warning switch, orange ashing beacon on the cab roof. INSTRUMENTS & DISPLAYS Warning Lights: Engine oil pressure,...

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EASE OF SERVICING The hydraulic oil tank features a gauge for oil level as well as magnetic drain plugs. The cab tilts to the right-hand side and can be electrically powered. A hand lever pump is provided as standard. In combination with the gas-spring assisted ‘gull-wing’ type engine hoods and the rear opening hood, this provides truly excellent access for more extensive maintenance work. STANDARD EQUIPMENT Available with 3.75m wheelbase, or with ‘S’ (short) 3.50m wheelbase. Ample cooling system capacity, suitable for tropical conditions. Full suspension seat, seat belt, reading light,...

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OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Application-specic masts, carriages and forks or coil ram. Special colour(s) RAL paint. Radial pneumatic tyres or solid (pneumatic shaped) tyres. Hydraulic accumulator in the hoist system, recommended for uneven ground conditions. Spare wheel, with bias diagonal or radial tyre. Lifting eyes (two on the mast, two on the rear counterweight). A range of lights can be tted, which are available in kit form. Stage IIIA extra power package for H16XM(S)-12 models: 172 kW / 230 Hp engine and TE-17 transmission, instead of standard 145 kW / 195 Hp engine and TE-13 transmission....

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Drive: electric (battery or mains), diesel, petrol, fuel gas Operator type: hand, pedestrian, standing, seated, order-picker Rated capacity / rated load Load centre distance Load distance, centre of drive axle to fork Unladen weight Axle loading with load, front/rear (900mm LC) Axle loading with load, front/rear (1200mm LC) Axle loading without load, front/rear DISTINGUISHING MARKS Manufacturer’s type designition Manufacturer (abbreviation) TYRES / CHASSIS Tyres: L = pneumatic, V = cushion, SE = Pneumatic Shape Solid Tyre size, front Tyre size, rear Number of wheels, front / rear (X =...

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