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Weights and axle loadings (lines 2.1 - 2.3) are based on the following specifications: H10.00-12.00XM-12EC - Complete truck with fully equipped cab with 6 920 mm or 9 910 mm BOF 2-stage Vista mast, dedicated carriage and 20'-40' telescopic empty container attachment. (Note: Truck weight with open operator module instead of fully equipped cab is 400 kg less. For axle loadings with open operator module: Deduct 50 kg from the rear axle loadings and deduct 350 kg from the front axle loading).

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Truck dimensions Specifications are affected by the condition of the vehicle and how it is equipped, as well as the nature and condition of the operating area. If these specifications are critical, the proposed application should be discussed with your dealer. O Including 10% operating clearance. ■ Standard, non-reefer container. For rating with reefer containers contact t Gradeablllty figures (line 5.7) are provided for comparison of tractive endorse the operation of the vehicle on the stated inclines. Follow Instructions In the operating manual operation on + Noise level based on the...

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Mast tables: ▲ +/-600 mm sideshift (reefer correction) is NOT available on H10.00XM-12EC. Select model H12.00XM-12EC Instead when handling reefer containers. V +/-600 mm sideshift (reefer correction) is available as an option on H12.00XM-12EC. This option Is mandatory when handling reefers. Values shown are for standard equipment. When using non- standard equipment, these values may change. Please contact your Hyster dealer for information. Built with Experience and the Latest Technology The latest generation of the Hyster empty container handlers is a market leader, building on the unique...

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The H10.00-12.00XM-12EC range is available with a Cummins Diesel engine that meets the stringent Tier 3 NRMM emissions legislation. The Cummins QSB 6.7 diesel engine features: > 6-cylinder-in-line industrial engine, with 6.7 litre capacity and charge-air cooling and waste gate offering extra durability for long periods of peak power operation. > Smooth torque of 597 Nm at 1500 rpm provides excellent acceleration and lugging power. > Engine protection system, acting on low oil pressure and high coolant temperature. The system initially derates the engine power and finally shuts down the...

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> The transmission incorporates adjustable parameters for engine and travel speed, as well as featuring extremely smooth shifting and torque controlled inching for the best overall truck performance > Transmission protection system, acting on high oil temperature (warning light, buzzer and initial derate, followed by shut down) Drive Axle The wide AxleTech drive axle offers: > Excellent sideways stability > Long term durability thanks to the fitment of strong end-reduction shafts and gears > Multiple oil-immersed brakes on the drive axle feature oil cooling for durability and are virtually...

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The H10.00-12.00XM-12EC series features the Hyster "Vista" cab, now common across the Hyster Big Truck > The cab has been designed to offer an industry leading ergonomie operator environment, and focuses on maximising driver comfort and visibility for maximum levels of productivity during the operating cycle > Access is easy, thanks to wide opening doors with low mounted running boards > Optional air-conditioning is integrated into the heating and ventilation system, with manual temperature control. Sunshade screens are fitted on the top and rear windows > The fully adjustable armrest...

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Superior Visibility The Vista Cab also contributes to providing the driver with excellent all-round visibility, featuring: > Large curved front window, fitted with tinted safety glass > Curved rear window with one-piece glass > Minimum use of steel parts, providing the maximum possible glazed area > Upward visibility is virtually free from obstruction, thanks to a clever overhead guard design: The overhead bars curve outwards to create a panoramic upward view > Wide-view rear view mirrors are fitted inside the cab > The dash display is mounted to the right hand side of the driver, so...

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Rugged Front-End Construction Matches Application Requirements All Hyster H10.00-12.00XM-12EC empty container handling trucks are equipped with heavy duty Vista masts. > Designed with the modern FEM (Finite Element Modelling) system > Equipped with rollers and side bearing blocks for excellent lateral rigidity > Generous overlap of the mast channels for maximum durability > Proven design, with thousands of trucks built and operating today

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The dedicated Hyster 20'-40' side lift empty container handling spreader is suitable for 8' to 9'6" high and The spreader is available with a choice of two engagement systems: Vertical Twistlocks or Suspended The spreader features a unique mast over-lowering interrupt system, which prevents further lowering of the mast when the spreader is landed on a container. This is signalled by a blue warning light in the cab and serves to protect the spreader, the header hoses, header cable and lift chains. (Not applicable to 'Suspended Hooks' system). A lift counter on the spreader enables the number...

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Fast Machine for Maximum Productivity To achieve maximum productivity, Hyster has equipped the H10.00-12.00XM-12EC series with high performance hydraulics and a powerful powertrain. The hydraulic system is highly efficient, and features 'Power on Demand' and Two-Speed Lift' functions. > The result is lifting speeds that are class leading: The practical 4-mode average lifting speed with a Diesel engine is a fantastic 0.41 m/sec. #) Strength & Stability Excellent stability boosts operator confidence and truck versatility, making the H10.00-12.00XM-12EC series ideally suitable for container...

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The Hyster H10.00-12.00XM-12EC series is renowned for its ease of maintenance. The truck is easy accessible with unobstructed access to the engine compartment and conveniently located service check > Equipped as standard with either a manual or electric tilting cab, to ensure easy access to major > Gas-spring assisted gull wing hoods for convenient access to engine compartment, reducing downtime > Low running boards, providing mechanics an excellent vantage point to work from > Window washer refill bottle located next to cab for quick, easy access > Clean electrical and hydraulic routings >...

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