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Fortens Range brochure

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HYSTER FORTENS RANGE 04 06 Product Features Overview Maximum Dependability and Uptime Industry Leading Ergonomics Enhanced Productivity Simplified Serviceability Product Overview Hyster FortensTM – The Solution to your Application Needs Available Options

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HYSTER FORTENS - THE SOLUTION TO YOUR APPLICATION NEEDS As the first choice materials The Hyster FortensTM range represents are included in the truck. In addition, handling partner for the world's a breakthrough in how lift trucks are investments have been made in demanding operations, Hyster designed, built and acquired. It starts state-of-the-art manufacturing systems delivers value added solutions and with a commitment to quality and and processes to ensure unmatched dependable products through the dependability, incorporating proven Hyster quality. As you would expect strongest...

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Product Features Overview The FortensTM range of forklift trucks feature industry leading innovations that deliver what matters most - maximum uptime, Powertrain, Engines & Brakes The drivetrain is fully isolated through the use of elastomeric mounts for the engine and transmission. The Fortens™ series features a range of patented transmission designs, which improve performance while reducing operating costs. Oil-immersed Brakes The brakes are housed in and protected by a sealed unit, preventing contaminants and damage, so protecting them in dirty environments.This contributes to reduced...

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Maximum Dependability and Uptime Hassle-Free Electrical DuraMatchTM - The World’s Most High-performance In-tank & Hydraulic Systems Advanced Powershift Transmission Hydraulic Filter The CANbus system ensures reliable Superior filtration system increases operation of the truck, providing DuraMatch™ transmissions provide life span of all hydraulic components reduced wiring complexity and keeps smoother directional changes to such as hoses and pumps. them away from heat sources. Non- eliminate shock loading and extend mechanical, Hall-Effect sensors and the life of the clutch packs. These...

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Low Cost of Ownership Significant savings in ownership costs per lift truck – each year The Hyster FortensTM has been operating consumable costs, such as This delivers increased responsiveness designed to help you lower your fuel efficiency, longer tyre life, reduced and acceleration, which helps to ownership costs in all types of brake wear and decreased service maximise productivity and lower applications, through offering a wide time, which results in the lowest cost fuel consumption, reducing overall range of engine and transmission operating costs. For example, the available Load This,...

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Industry Leading Ergonomics Easy-to-Use 3-Point Entry Design The adjustable armrest that horn button,optimally placed on the Enables easy entry and exit and overhead guard leg. A full-suspension reduces muscle and joint stress. controls moves with the seat and seat is standard, with an optional The truck features an open non-slip telescopes forward. swivel seat mechanism. step with an optimised height and A 30cm diameter, infinitely adjustable Swing-out, Drop-down steering wheel with spinner knob Optimum Location and Design of improves steering response, The swing out LPG bracket reduces...

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Enhanced Productivity Increase Throughput and Sales Volume While Reducing Ownership Costs. Productivity means moving more of your loads in less time with less cost. The development of the Hyster Fortens range has focused on boosting performance to increase PRODUCTIVITY HIGHLIGHTS Choice of Configurations productivity and meet application requirements. A wide choice of engines, transmissions, hydraulic controls The FortensTM has, through independent testing, been proven application needs and maximise productivity. to lead the industry in productivity, in terms of the number of loads moved...

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Simplified Serviceability Complete Cowl-to-Counterweight Service Access: Comprehensive Warranty: A rear opening one-piece hood, a one piece floor plate, fast, One year / 2,000 hours on full truck or two years / 4,000 colour-coded daily checks, (conveniently located for quick hours on DuraMatch™ powertrains. ID) and the simplified layout of wiring and hydraulics all contribute to facilitating servicing, decreasing service time for unscheduled repairs as well as regular maintenance. Experienced & Extensive Dealer Network: Over 150 dealer locations in Europe, Middle East & Africa. Dealers...

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Product Overview The Hyster FortensTM range is available in several truck 2-speed, features the above with the model packages packages, depending on the model series. Furthermore with additional functionality of two speeds - a lower first gear multiple powertrain combinations to choose from, you’re for extended drawbar pull and a higher second gear for top assured of finding the right solution for your application speeds on long runs. Powertrain* Configuration Each configuration offers improved efficiency, advanced dependability and simple serviceability. Depending on the model range, there...

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Available Options Dependability Powertrain protection E-hydraulic controls EZXchange™ swing-out, drop-down Premium monitoring High air intake with pre-cleaner Swivel seat E-hydraulic controls Full-suspension swivel seat Keyless start EZXchange™ swing-out, drop-down Traction speed limiter Impact sensor Fleet Care Package n Operator password Productivity Package Keyless start Premium Monitoring Powertrain protection system Powertrain Protection System Traction speed limiter Full suspension swivel seat Return to Set Tilt (with mini levers only) start with operator password Return to Set Tilt...

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STRONG PARTNERS. TOUGH TRUCKS. FOR DEMANDING OPERATIONS, EVERYWHERE. Hyster supplies a complete range of warehouse equipment, IC and electric counterbalanced trucks, container handlers and reach stackers. Hyster is committed to being much more than a lift truck supplier. Our aim is to offer a complete partnership capable of responding to the full spectrum of material handling issues: Whether you need professional consultancy on your fleet management, fully qualified service support, or reliable parts supply, you can depend on Hyster. Our network of highly trained dealers provides expert,...

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