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Specification data is based on VDI 2198 * Standard / Wide tread ** 60 minute rating *** 5 minute rating **** 30 minute rating EQUIPMENT AND WEIGHT: Weights (line 2.1) are based on the following specifications: Complete truck with 3360 mm 2 stage LFL mast with standard carriage,1000 mm forks and load backrest, DIN battery configuration, manual hydraulics, pneumatic shaped solid drive and steer tyres

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^ = Center of gravity of the unladen truck = Wa + x + R + a (see lines 4.34.1 & 4.34.2) = minimum working space (according to VDI as recommended BITA = 300 mm) = load length NOMINAL CAPACITY Load center of gravity Distance from front of forks to center of gravity of the load. Rated load Based on vertical masts up to 3 800 mm at the top of the forks !-I-I-' — NOTE: Specifications are affected by the condition of the vehicle and how it is equipped, as well as the nature and condition of the operating area. If these specifications are critical, the proposed application should be discussed with...

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Values shown are for standard equipment. When using non-standard equipment these values may change. Please contact your Hyster dealer for information A1.3-1.5XNT - Capacity Chart in kg @ Vista/Vista Plus NOTE: To calculate truck capacities with alternative truck specifications to the ones shown in the above tables, please consult your Hyster dealer. The rated capacities shown are for masts in a vertical position on trucks equipped with standard or sideshift carriage, and nominal length forks. Masts above the maximum fork heights shown in the mast table are classified as high lift, and...

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The A1.3-1.5XNT has been designed to manoeuvre in the tightest of spaces, to load and unload lorries in the most efficient manner and to move pallets in containers and warehouses, delivering a cost effective solution to meet the requirements of light/medium duty applications. This series offers many functions and features, including eLo and HiP performance settings and a high mounted multi feature dash display, which are standard across the range of Hyster electric forklift trucks. DEPENDABILITY ■ Strong chassis construction provides excellent durability and stability, boosting driver...

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ERGONOMICS ■ The optional adjustable mini-lever module armrest with built in hydraulic controls, integrated directional control, emergency off switch and horn offers the ultimate in comfort and control. ■ A 'Heads-up' display keeps the driver's field of vision clear but provides him with 'at a glance' information on truck operating conditions or performance settings and also allows for maximum storage space in the dash. ■ Available options, which enhance ergonomics include; high backrest seat with lumber support and headrest, telescopic steering column with memory tilt, Monotrol...

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■ 11 standard mast offerings ■ Wide tread (front) for wide load handling ■ Load backrest and forks ■ Integral sideshift ■ Non-marking tyres ■ High backrest seat with lumbar support and headrest ■ Telescopic steering column with memory tilt ■ Monotrol ■ LED light packages with visible alarm strobe ■ Audible back up alarm ■ 12V power outlet ■ Batteries and chargers ■ Extended Warranty (36 months / 6000 hours) ■ Dual internal and Panoramic mirror ■ Load weight indicator ■ Impact sensor ■ Keyless start with Operator ID ■ Daily Operator checklist ■ System Monitoring ■ TouchPoint™ Mini levers ■...

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STRONG PARTNERS. TOUGH TRUCKS. FOR DEMANDING OPERATIONS, EVERYWHERE. Hyster supplies a complete range of warehouse equipment, IC and electric counterbalanced trucks, container handlers and reach stackers. Hyster is committed to being much more than a lift truck supplier. Our aim is to offer a complete partnership capable of responding to the full spectrum of material handling issues: Whether you need professional consultancy on your fleet management, fully qualified service support, or reliable parts supply, you can depend on Hyster. Our network of highly trained dealers provides expert,...

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