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BF200A • BF225A • BF250A Premium Top Mount Control Heads Offered in single and multiple engine applications, these control heads feature master trim control on the throttle handle, and individual controls on the head unit for dual engines. They also offer 'Slow' mode for increased throttle control while maneuvering at slow speeds and 'Trolling' mode for incremental RPM adjustments at any speed. Station Cables Trim Switch Panels Communicate data between the control head and outboard engine. Single Engine Control Head Station Cable, 15 feet main harness. These auxiliary panels are required to control individual trim adjustments when installing iST engines in triple or quadruple configurations. Connect directly to each engine key switch and Terminating Resistor Completes the communication circuit between the control head(s) and outboard engine. Dr. H iST T-Harness Required to enable the connection and use of the DR. H diagnostic system with Honda Marine engines equipped with iST. This is a dealer use special tool, and is not required for regular use. Terminating Resistor

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