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The Leader in 4-Stroke Engine Technology for 50 Years. The Leader in 4-Stroke Engine Technology for 50 Years.

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It’s the Honda of Outboards. Literally. Honda Advanced Robotics, Asimo Honda Accord EX-L V-6 Coupe The Honda name is legendary. With high performance engines tested on racetracks and CARB emission standards. The first to introduce a 225HP four-stroke. and roadways around the globe, Honda is the world’s largest engine manufacturer. This innovation partnered with our strong dealer network makes it no surprise So when it comes to choosing power for your time on the water it makes sense to that we’ve received the National Marine Manufacturers Association CSI Award trust that same leadership and...

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All boaters shown are wearing personal flotation devices.

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Honda. A history of leadership. 1964 First Honda four-stroke outboard introduced. 1967 First Honda outboard introduced in the U.S. 1985 Honda has the first full line of four-stroke outboards. 1990 Our BF45 wins the IMTEC Innovation Award. 1994 Our BF90 prototype wins the IMTEC Innovation Award. 1995 The BF90 wins Popular Mechanics “Design and Engineering Award.” 1998 Honda Marine is the only marine engine manufacturer offering over 2001 2002 2004 2005 2006 2012 The Leader in 4-Stroke Engine Technology for 50 Years. 15 models of four-strokes from which to choose. The world’s first 225 HP...

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Sometimes the best things about a legend are the facts. 2011 IBEX Innovation Award Environmentally Responsible It’s the best warranty in the business. It is not a 3rd party “extended service” contract. There is a legally defined difference. This transferable five year factory-direct, non-declining warranty is the same on the last day as it is on the first. When you buy any new Honda 2.3 to 250 HP outboard you get a true warranty straight from Honda. With service available at over one thousand Honda Marine Dealers nationwide, you can’t go wrong. After all, isn’t this what you expect from...

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Experience begets innovation. Not to mention peace of mind. Just from a glance at their sleek aerodynamic lines, you can see that Honda outboards don’t look like anything else out there. As attractive as they are, however, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. As you review these features, look for the word “Exclusive.” It means that you won’t find that particular feature anywhere else. Instant Acceleration. EXCLUSIVE A quick movement of the throttle control activates the BLAST ™ system, advancing the ignition curve aggressively. “Hole Shot” is vastly improved as more horsepower gets the...

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Honda Technology continues on the following pages.

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Power And Economy Through Superior Combustion. Dual Stage Induction Honda’s unique variable intake system maximizes combustion efficiency for increased torque and superb fuel economy. While most four-strokes use long manifolds to deliver air into the Defy The Elements. 4-Front Corrosion Protection™ EXCLUSIVE Your Honda can continue to look and perform like new with our protection system that includes a patented double-sealed, multi-layered paint process, sacrificial anodes, stainless steel components and waterproof connectors. All engines. Painted Cooling Passages BF250, BF225, BF200,...

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throttle and steering friction allow for easier control, convenient up-front shifting, fingertip-starting, PTT switch and engine alert lamps provide added safety and convenience. Variable Trolling Control is available on the BF60 and BFP60. BF90, BF75, BF60, BFP60, BF50, BF40, BF30, BF25. Superior Maneuvering For Pontoons. Easy Dock™ Steering Easy Dock™ Steering helps take the anxiety out of maneuvering your pontoon into the marina. Available on the Power Thrust BFP60, Easy Dock™ Steering has a full 50° of rudder angle to port and again to starboard. BFP60. Powerful Yet Compact. Narrow 60°...

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Powerful, dependable & efficient; that’s the BF250. air-fuel linked ignition control. A quick movement of the throttle control activates the BLAST™ system, enriching the air-fuel ratio and aggressively advancing the ignition curve. The result is vastly improved hole shot as more horsepower gets the boat up on plane faster. VTEC® Technology (Variable Valve Timing & Lift Electronic Control, or VTEC®) uses With a unique blend of automotive and marine engine technologies, the award-winning BF250 is a showcase of Honda’s engineering and technical excellence, making it truly worthy of flagship...

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An outing with a reliable Honda is always a round-trip ticket. you want it, that’s VTEC®, the modern replacement for displacement. intake vents, removes moisture, and then inducts it into the throttle body, thus producing more horsepower. Lean Burn Control™ uses oxygen sensors in the exhaust and communicates that data to the electronic control module (ECM). The ECM adjusts the air-fuel mix at cruising speeds for optimal fuel economy; up to 21% better than competitive outboards. With current gas prices, especially at the gas dock, Lean Burn Control exemplifies Honda’s commitment to low cost...

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When power and reliability merge, you’ve got a pair of silver bullets. Even when it comes to dual mounting, the BF255 and BF200 were designed with your needs in mind. Either can be mounted on a standard 26" center-to-center distance. Meaning, they’ll fit any dual design boat without expensive transom modifications. Get the complete technological story on pages 4 through 7. From bay boats, to walk arounds, to catamarans, you can depend on these silver bullets. You can’t beat their value, either. They’re the best engineered, best backed outboards on the market today. Whether you pilot a...

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SAFE Boats International RB-S/Honda BF225s

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A great day on the lake begins with Honda. Pontoon, fishing and deck boat Valve Timing & Lift Electronic owners will appreciate the powerful Control (VTEC®) gives you a broader, possibilities you get with the award flatter torque curve and smoother acceleration and power throughout They’re the perfect blend of the engine’s operating range. Meaning you get peak performance fresh water enthusiast. and maximum fuel efficiency Besides the sleek, slim looks that whether you're at low or high RPM. Another Honda exclusive boat from bowriders to runabouts, you’ll find on both models is our the...

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