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With a unique blend of automotive and marine engine technologies, the new BF250 is a showcase of Honda's engineering and technical excellence, making it truly worthy of flagship model status. The new BF250 incorporates Honda Marine's technologies of BLAST, for maximum hole shot performance, VTEC, for explosive mid-range torque, Lean Burn Control, for tremendous fuel economy at cruising speed, and NMEA 2000 certification for an open-architecture interface to a wide variety of name brand marine electronics. New technologies introduced on the BF250 include a unique air induction system, a new...

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The Most Comprehensive Warranty Available There is an important distinction when it comes to warranties. Many people confuse warranties with service contracts and vice versa. Warranties can only be offered by manufacturers. Service contracts are offered by third parties, such as insurance companies. Sometimes, manufacturers license their logos to insurance companies to underwrite extended service contracts. It can be confusing. Just remember, if an offer contains the words "service," "contract," or "extended," chances are, it's not a true factory warranty. Another important difference is...

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For Times When You Want That Extra Kick! BOOSTED LOW SPEED TORQUE Boosted Low Speed Torque, is Honda's patented air-fuel ratio linked ignition timing control. A quick movement of the throttle control activates the BLAST system, enriching the air-fuel ratio and advancing the ignition curve Hole shot is vastly improved as more horsepower gets the hull up on plane faster. The BF250 propels the boat to plane quicker than conventional engines and is designed for boaters looking for tremendous hole shot acceleration for applications such

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Max Power Through the Full RPM Range. Variable Valve Timing & Lift Electronic Control, uses a camshaft with 3 intake cam lobes. For low speed operation, the cam lobes, shown in red, open and close the intake valves. Under 4500 RPM, these cam lobes provide good low end torque for strong acceleration. When engine operation exceeds 4500 rpm, VTEC transitions to the high lobe, shown here in blue, to lift and hold the intake valves open for a longer period of time. This packs the high velocity air-fuel mixture into the combustion chamber to produce more power. Power when and where you want it,...

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Go Farther On Less Gas. R Lean Burn Control adjusts the air-fuel mix for optimal fuel economy. This is a critical cost saving feature for off shore boaters. Oxygen sensors in the exhaust communicate with the Electronic Control Module to adjust the ignition and fuel flow for maximum efficiency. This allows combustion to occur at a leaner air-fuel mixture during cruising speeds. The result is improved fuel economy.

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The New BF250 Is Wired For the Future. The new BF250 is NMEA 2000 Certified. The National Marine Electronics Association developed this open architecture electronic protocol to allow engine data to be interfaced with on-board systems and displays, such as SONAR and GPS. This means the BF250 operates without the added expense of additional proprietary gateway devices required by most other outboard manufacturers. In this illustration, engine functions are displayed at the helm on the SONAR and GPS displays. Lower cost and connectivity to a wide variety of open architecture name brand marine...

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Innovative Technologies... Better Boating. Separate Dual Air Circuits. Another industry-first advance in technology. A^k. The first circuit is used to cool the engine where air is drawn into the front of the hood and circulated around critical engine components. A top mounted cooling fan draws cooling air over the alternator. A cooler alternator simply generates more amps. mZ^^ The second intake circuit routes cool air from the upper intake vents, removes moisture, and then inducts it into the throttle body. This system provides for cooler, denser air for better combustion as compared to...

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Thoughtful Design & Tough Dependability. Nanow 60°shape fits standard mounts. In today's economy, it might be more economical to re-power your cunent twin-powered boat with Unlike many competitive 250s, the Honda mounting of twins on marine industry-standard, twenty six-inch centers. That means you can remove your old, worn-out motors and mount the BF250s in the same place without re-drilling mounting holes or modifying the transom, thus saving hundreds of dollars. A Gearcase that's tough & dependable. The BF250 features an all new high performance gear case designed to withstand the...

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Certified Honda Dealer Honda Marine Dealers. For the 8 th year in a row, they have earned the coveted CS I award from the National Marine Manufacturer's Association for excellence in customer Financial Services Ask your dealer about financing through Honda Financial Services. Always wear a personal flotation device while boating and read your owner's manual. All Honda outboards meet EPA and CARB emission levels. All images contained herein are either owned by American Honda Motor Co., Ine, or used under a valid license. It is a violation of federal law to reproduce these images without...

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