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2019 / 2020 catalog - 2

IT’S MORE THAN AN ENGINE, IT’S YOUR TIME ON THE WATER. You own a boat because you love spending time on the water. Choose the outboard that allows you to make the most of it. Honda’s legendary reliability, durability, ease-of-maintenance and powerful performance keep you going strong. So you can spend more time fishing, swimming, skiing, diving, exploring, or just relaxing in that special spot you love so much. All backed by the peace-of-mind protection of the industry’s best warranty. It’s what you expect from the world’s largest manufacturer of engines. The company whose engines lead the...

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2019 / 2020 catalog - 3

Honda Marine. A Proven Record, Worldwide. There’s a reason why consumers have faith in the Honda name. Our high-performance engines are tested on racetracks and roadways across the globe, year after year. When it comes to choosing power for your new boat or repowering your current one, consider the experience that will take you over the water with quiet, efficient operation and reliability only Honda can deliver. Did you know Honda was the first marine manufacturer in the world to offer four-stroke options in the industry? We were the first to deliver a full line of dependable four-stroke...

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2019 / 2020 catalog - 4

Honda Marine. A History of Leadership. The BF90 wins “Design and Engineering Award” from a popular science and technology publication. Honda introduces BF4 and BF5 portable outboards. The all-new lightest-in-class BF90 and BF75 four-strokes are introduced. We won our third consecutive NMMA CSI award and received a customer satisfaction award for four-stroke outboards from a leading consumer publication. Introduced the best-inclass BF115 and won our seventh consecutive NMMA CSI award. The BF90 prototype wins the IMTEC Innovation Award. We won our second consecutive NMMA CSI award and ranked...

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2019 / 2020 catalog - 5

The Facts are What Make a Honda Outboard Legendary. Honda’s True 5 Warranty Environmental Responsibility This transferable, five-year, factory-direct, non-declining warranty is simply the best warranty you will find. It is not a third-party, “extended service” contract. The warranty is the same on the last day of ownership as it is on the first day and is supported by a robust network of expertly trained Honda Marine dealers across the nation. Fleet Warranties Honda Marine provides expanded warranties for commercial, rental, and government customers that doubles the previous coverage from...

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2019 / 2020 catalog - 6

LARGE ENGINE SERIES 8 / Large Engine Series All boaters shown are wearing personal flotation devices.

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2019 / 2020 catalog - 7

Honda’s Powerhouses, Redesigned and Ready for Action.

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2019 / 2020 catalog - 8

Making The Best Even Better We’ve redesigned our flagship BF250, BF225, and BF200 models inside and out, adding features, updates and improvements that make these acclaimed V6 outboards better than ever. From easier maintenance to tougher corrosion resistance, the new BF250, BF225, and BF200 outboards take legendary Flonda performance into new waters. Aerodynamic Design, Real World Benefits The BF250, BF225, and BF200 feature the sleek styling of our Progressive V Form design.This new, aerodynamic exterior increases engine cover durability, improves safeguards that help prevent water...

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2019 / 2020 catalog - 9

Tougher Corrosion Resistance Components such as the oil pan, thermostat cover, upper mount cover, water pump housing, timing belt tensioner base, water jacket cover, and prop shaft holder now use a higher corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, resulting in a more durable engine and gear case. Bolts and brackets are treated with a new HI-M coating that delivers improved surface finishing and superior corrosion resistance. The number of anodes on each engine block has been doubled, from two to four, for longer anode life and improved corrosion protection. The Technologies Honda Owners Demand Of...

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2019 / 2020 catalog - 10

Honda /ST® — Simple, Effortless Control The Honda BF200 /STf BF225 /STf and BF250 /ST0 are designed to take full advantage of Honda’s optional Intelligent Shift and Throttle0 [/ST10] command and control, drive-by-wire system. All configurations deliver effortless shift and throttle control, with fine tuning of throttle settings at any speed, slow-speed control, and return-to-port capability. You get it all in one simple, easy-to-understand user interface. /ST10 really shines in multi-engine installations. It provides one-switch trim control on the throttle handle, trimming all...

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2019 / 2020 catalog - 11

BF150 BF135, BF115 Performance-Designed Peace of Mind and Endless Adventures. Whether you're chasing horizons, sportfishing, or pontooning with friends & family, three choices that deliver optimum performance are the BF150, BF135, and BF115. All three engines feature advanced Dual Overhead Cam, in-line four-cylinder 16-valve architecture, originally developed for the Honda Accord and CR-V Honda's exclusive Dual-Stage Induction* delivers top performance at every rpm range. Lean Burn Control automatically adjusts the air-fuel mix to maximize power and fuel efficiency, and the BF150 features...

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2019 / 2020 catalog - 12

All boaters shown are wearing personal flotation devices.

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2019 / 2020 catalog - 13

MID-RANGE ENGINE SERIES 22 / Mid-Range Engine Series All boaters shown are wearing personal flotation devices.

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2019 / 2020 catalog - 14

BFIOO BF90, BF75 Quality Time Ahead with Advanced Technology Behind You. We’ve raised the bar on what boaters can expect from a mid-size engine with the BFIOO. This best-of-class outboard offers superior powerfrom initial blast to top end speed with remarkable fuel efficiency. Along with the BF90 and BF75, they’re some of the lightest 4-strokes in their class and offer a host of Flonda exclusives, such as Flonda’s VTEC@Technology on the BFIOO and BF90. The BFIOO, BF90, and BF75 offer PGM-FI [programmed fuel injection) for instant throttle response and optimized fuel consumption. All three...

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2019 / 2020 catalog - 15

BF60 BFP60 Unmatched Maneuverability and Convenience. The BF60 is all about being the best.The best maneuverability and highest speed in its class. The best fuel efficiency. Best in class high output charging. And of course, best time out on the water. Available in two versions, the BF60 and the BFP60 PowerThrust offer powerful performance and exhilarating acceleration. The BFP60 offers a unique gear case and larger propeller that’s ideal for pontoons and larger hulled boats. The BFP60 offers Easy Dock" Steering. This exclusive Flonda feature has a full 50° of rudder angle to port and again...

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