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Outboard engines

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l our development, allowing us to create new technologies ' * * and new ways of solving problems. So it’s not just clever 03 Honda Marine Innovation 05 Honda Marine Key Features 07 BF250 / BF225 / BF200 / BF175

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Honda Marine Innovation At Honda, we have always been passionate about new technology. By constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, we are able to give you more. More performance, more fuel efficiency, more control. Take a look at our latest innovations to see how you can get the most out of your outboard engine. 4-stroke In 1964, Honda were the first manufacturer to make all their marine engines 4-stroke, because they were quieter and cleaner than the existing 2-stroke technology. We have continued to develop and innovate our world renowned range over the last 54 years,...

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BLAST™ Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control System, is a unique innovation, originally designed for Honda cars. VTEC™ varies the lift and duration of the intake valves to provide optimum performance. Available on several Honda outboards, it delivers smooth and stable idling at low speed, whilst increasing valve lift at higher speeds to broaden the torque curve and top-end power. BLAST™ gets your boat up on to the plane in just a few seconds. The ECU (Engine Control Unit) automatically advances the ignition timing whilst increasing the air-fuel ratio to offer more thrust. This...

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Honda Marine Key Features Performance VTEC™ - Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control BLAST™ - Boosted Low Speed Torque Excellent holeshot performance Optimises engine performance throughout engine rpm range PGM-IG - Honda Programmed Ignition PGM-FI - Programmed Fuel Injection PGM-FI controls full optimisation of your engine performance and reliability Honda Programmed Ignition accurately controls ignition timing for optimum overall operation Power Intake Air System Superior fuel efficiency Unique system providing increased engine power and superior cooling Electric Start...

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REQUIRES OUCHING Honda. Trusted by professional and leisure users alike.

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BF250/BF225/BF200/BF175 BF250 PERFORMANCE TABLE SPECIFICATION RANIERI SHADOW 24 - BF250 Length 7.15m - Weight 2,100kg (as tested) Max power 300 hp 3 People - Calm sea Propeller (15 1 2" x 17", ENGINE TYPE Performance table measured by Honda - multiple factors can affect the results.

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Programmed Fuel Injection Power Air Intake System Electric Start Power Trim & Tilt Engine Protection & Security Counter Rotating Gearbox** *Only available on BF250/225. **Only available on BF250/225/200. V6 Marine engineering. Evolved. Honda iST (intelligent Shift & Throttle) for twin application. Our new V6 range has been developed with a unique blend of automotive and marine engine technologies that are engineered to deliver outstanding performance and fuel efficiency. These large displacement engines offer high-torque acceleration with impressive top-end speed and legendary Honda...

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Performance table measured by Honda - multiple factors can affect the results. SPECIFICATION BF150/135/115 BF100/80 ENGINE TYPE

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Programmed Fuel Injection Electric Start Power Trim & Tilt Engine Protection & Security + *Only available on BF150/100. **Only available on BF150/135. The power to perform Honda's 4 cylinder engines deliver the perfect balance of performance and economy, whether you've got a speedboat or a larger vessel. The sleek aerodynamic design is packed with exclusive Honda innovations. BF150 and BF100 are available with performance enhancing technology like BLAST™, PGM-F1 and VTEC™, plus ECOmo technology which maximises fuel efficiency. The BF80 and BF100 have been redesigned and developed for...

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BFP60 / BF60 / BF50 / BF40 BF40 PERFORMANCE TABLE SPECIFICATION BFP60/BF60 BF50/40 Ranieri Voyager 17 - BF40 Length 5.10m - Weight 380kg Max power 75 hp 2 People - Calm sea Propeller (11") ENGINE TYPE ENGINE TYPE 3 Cylinders12 VALVES 3 Cylinders6 VALVES Engine speed (rpm) DISPLACEMENT DISPLACEMENT 998cm3 808cm3 TRANSOM TRANSOM L, X X only available for BFP models S, L Available as an option, the multi function tiller handle for BFP60/BF60 incorporates all that you need: power trim-tilt switch, reversible shift lever, handle height adjustment and an engine alert panel WEIGHT WEIGHT ECOmo...

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Programmed Fuel Injection Multi Function Electric Tiller Handle* Start F Power Trim & Tilt Engine Protection & Security + PGM-FI *Available on specific models. Light, compact power Light in weight, not in power, these engines deliver a host of Honda innovations in a smooth aerodynamic design. Fully equipped with PGM-F1 and Honda’s unique BLAST™ technology, these lightweight three-cylinder engines are designed to offer greater performance in lower revs to get you up on the plane faster. Their excellent reputation for durability, combined with ECOmo technology for greater fuel efficiency,...

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Linder Sportsman 445 Basic - BF30 Length: 4.51m Width 1.75m Weight 178kg Two People - Calm sea Performance table measured by Honda - multiple factors can affect the results. ENGINE TYPE ENGINE TYPE ENGINE TYPE

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Honda Programmed Ignition Electric Start* Remote Control* Power Trim & Tilt** Engine Protection & Security + *Available on specific models. **Power Tilt only available for BF20/15. The strong quiet type Perfect for inflatable boats, RIBs, tenders and sailing boats, these lightweight engines are powerful and reliable. As with all Honda outboards, advanced 4-stroke technology means they are easy to start, quiet to run and achieve low emissions. They may be compact, but they are packed with innovative features that make every trip a joy. Their lightweight design and foldaway handle makes them...

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ENGINE TYPE ENGINE TYPE The BF6/5/4 can be easily carried with a convenient carrying handle. The BF6/5/4 engines have been specifically designed to incorporate a large internal fuel tank (1,5 L). Despite their small size, these engines offer strong torque and power.

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