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Honda Marine 2009 - 2

Solid reliability that'll move you over a liquid world. Honda Advanced Robotics, Asimo Honda FCX Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle The Honda name is legendary. With engines forged and tested on racetracks and roadways around the globe, Honda is the world's largest engine manufacturer. But the world is two-thirds water. So it only makes sense to trust that same leadership and attention to detail when terra firma dissolves into waves of escape. Honda offers more four-stroke marine experience than anyone, with engines inspired by our automotive technology and conceived for water from the ground up....

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Honda Marine 2009 - 4

Honda. A history of leadership. First Honda four-stroke outboard introduced. First Honda outboard introduced in the U.S. Honda has the first full line of four-strokes for customers to choose from. Our BF45 wins the IMTEC Innovation Award. Our BF90 prototype wins the IMTEC Innovation Award. The BF90 wins Popular Mechanics "Design and Engineering Award." Honda Marine is the only marine engine manufacturer offering over 15 models of four-strokes to choose from. The world's first 225 HP four-stroke is introduced. VTEC Technology is also introduced in a marine engine. Hundreds of BF225s are put...

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Honda Marine 2009 - 6

Sometimes the best things about a legend are the facts. Honda's True 5 Limited Warranty It's the best warranty in the business. It is not a 3rd party "extended service" contract. There is a legally defined difference. This transferable five year factory-direct, non-declining warranty is the same on the first day as it is on the last. When you buy any new Honda 2 to 225 HP outboard you get a true warranty straight from Honda, with no strings attached. With service available at over one thousand Honda Marine Dealers nationwide, you can't go wrong. After all, isn't this what you expect from...

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Honda Marine 2009 - 7

HondaMarine_disclaim_Txt_0809 5/15/09 2:05 PM Page 5 The Honda Story Smoker Craft 172 Ultima/Honda BF90 5

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Honda Marine 2009 - 8

Look for these fine boats powered by Honda. A Honda outboard enhances any boat. But if you're in the market these manufacturers. Many come fully rigged with Honda engines, props and gauges to ensure your quality time on the water. Why Choose Honda and then Boatbuilder Partners for their newest models. ALUMA MARINE AMERICAN SKIFF AQUA PATIO BLUE WAVE BRISTOL HARBOR CAROLINA SKIFF CUSTOM WELD DESTINATION YACHTS EAST CAPE CANOES ALUMINUM BOATS HARRIS FLOTEBOAT JUDGE YACHTS LAKE ASSAULT LEISURE KRAFT MARITIME SKIFF MISTY HARBOR NAUTIC STAR NOMAD HOUSEBOATS PALM BEACH PLAY CRAFT POLAR KRAFT POND...

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Honda Marine 2009 - 10

Our best salespeople are our customers. "If Honda's 225s are good enough for the U.S. Coast Guard to run for thousands of hours, they're certainly good enough for my bass boat'' — Charlie Ingram Producer & Host, Fishing University TV Show "For my TV series, I fish a ht of big water - like Lake of the Woods for Walleye & Musky or Lake Superior for Trout & Salmon. My 225 Honda trolls all day & when the day ends it gets me back -fast. Safe & Sound!" — Butch Furtman Producer & Host, Sportsman's Journal/Notebook "With the concern of high fuel prices these days, my Honda 4-stroke enables me to...

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Honda Marine 2009 - 12

Experience begets innovation. Not to mention peace of mind. Just from a glance at their sleek aerodynamic lines, you can see that Honda outboards don't look like anything else out there. As attractive as they are, however, it's what's on the inside that counts. As you review these features, look for the word "Exclusive." It means that you won't find that particular feature anywhere else. VTEC" Technology EXCLUSIVE Smooth Acceleration and Power. Honda's Variable Valve Timing & Lift Electronic Control (VTEC) system gives you a broader, flatter torque curve and smooth power delivery throughout...

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Honda Marine 2009 - 13

HondaMarine_disclaim_Txt_0809 5/15/09 2:05 PM Page 11 H o n d a Te c h n o l o g y a n d I n n o v a t i o n Honda Technology continues on the following pages. 11

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Honda Marine 2009 - 14

3-V\fay Cooling System EXCLUSIVE Cool-Running Durability. Three separate cooling systems keep the cylinder heads running cooler for long- "On Demand" Alternator EXCLUSIVE More Charging Power. Our belt-driven system will make sure batteries stay charged and electronic equipment keeps humming. In fact, largest amount of recreational All engines have different amperage. Torsion Dampener Improved Handling. Sometimes called the flywheel, this component is located near the base of the powerhead. The design lowers the center of gravity for improved handling, hull maneuverability and minimal...

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Honda Marine 2009 - 15

Dual Overhead CAM (DOHC) High Horsepower, Low Maintenance. A powerful, compact 24-valve DOHC design creates more valve lift to pull in more air for increased horsepower. Low-maintenance design allows easy adjustment of the rocker arms. No multiple shims or trial-and-error Multi-Port Programmed Fuel Ignition Powerful Performance. Honda Multi-Port Programmed Fuel Injection (PGMFI) delivers the precise amount of air/fuel to each cylinder under all operating speeds and conditions. The result is quick FUEL INJECTION starts, instant throttle response, powerful performance and low fuel Autostart...

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Honda Marine 2009 - 16

When power and reliability merge, you ve got a pair of silver bullets. Whether you pilot a center console or cuddy cabin, two of your most powerful choices for safe returns and BF200. Both feature a Large valve SOHC design without the bulk and weight of long intake runners superior performance, great fuel economy and durability inspired automotive engineering excellence. Then there's our patented 4-FRONT Corrosion Protection. It includes a "Double Sealed" multi-layered paint process that protects against the elements. Both engines also have Fresh Water Flushports for flushing debris and...

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Honda Marine 2009 - 18

A great day on the lake begins with Honda. Bass fisherman, multi-purpose and deck boat owners will appreciate the powerful possibilities you get with the award winning Honda BF225 and BF200. They're the perfect blend fresh water enthusiast. Besides the sleek, slim looks that boat from bowriders to runabouts, the BF225 offers Honda's exclusive VTEC™ Technology. Our Variable Valve Timing & Lift Electronic Control (VTEC) gives you a broader, flatter torque curve and smoother acceleration and power throughout the engine's operating range. Meaning you get peak performance and maximum fuel...

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