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An evolution in RIB design Highfield inflatables have evolved from over 25 years of development in some of the toughest conditions in the world - the Great Barrier Reef of tropical Northern Australia. As direct descendants of the aluminium hulled Australian Swift range of commercial RIBs, they’re tough, reliable and thoroughly tested. Aluminium has long been the hull material of choice in many parts of the world due to its strength, ease of repair, versatility and above all its weight saving characteristics. Remember, because aluminium won’t soak up water, your Highfield will weigh the same...

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Highfield brochure 2018 - 3

Highfield’s preferred engine partner is Honda Marine. Both companies have a shared dedication to quality, design improvement, reliability and service that deliver an unbeatable package. All Highfield hulls have been specifically designed to work with the Honda engine range to deliver the best performance possible. Just speak to one of our expert dealers to find the right boat and engine combination for you. Honda are pioneers in 4-stroke technology on the water, drawing on years of expertise in automotive engineering to bring you the most responsive, reliable and efficient outboard engines...

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Highfield brochure 2018 - 4

Standard equipment – Valmex ® PVC tube fabric – Welded seams – Flush mount non-return valves – High tensile chromated & powder coated aluminum hull – Self-draining deck – Removable seat – Lifting points and towing eyes – Tow bridle points – Anti-slip deck – Rubbing strake – Full length keel guard – Under seat bag – Highfield dry bag Drawing upon all of Highfield’s vast experience in producing inflatable boats, this light weight, single deck dinghy was created with a very simple motto in mind – ‘weight does matter ’. As their name suggests, the Ultralite’s weight make them a real alternative...

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Highfield brochure 2018 - 5

HON! UL240 Weighing just 29kg the UL240 is the smallest model in the range - ideal for shorter trips or family fun on the water. UL290 The UL290 is built to handle an 8hp engine, to take you and up to three others passengers a little further. UL340 The largest model in the Ultralite range has room on-board for up to 6 people, and can be powered by a 15hp engine. Ultralite Range Specifications UL260 Being slightly larger than the UL240 model, the UL260 can carry up to four people and can be powered by a 6hp engine. UL310 With a dry weight of 44kg, the UL310 model remains light and easy to...

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Highfield brochure 2018 - 6

Standard equipment – Valmex ® PVC tube fabric – Welded seams – 5 Year structure and tube warranty (leisure use only) – Flush mount non-return valves – Integrated transom supports – Anchor well (up to CL310) – Bow locker (CL340 upwards only) – Removable seat – Davit lifting eyes and towing points – Tow bridle points – Anti-slip deck – Heavy duty rubbing strake – Full length keel guard – Foot pump CLASSIC RANGE Called the Classic because these really are the perfect all-rounder. Strong, lightweight and dry riding – all the things a good tender should be. The high quality finish and luxury...

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Highfield brochure 2018 - 7

Integrated bow locker / fuel tank storage (CL340 and above) CL260 CL310 CL360 This compact 2.6m model still has capacity for four people, making it ideal for short tendering trips or just having fun. Our easy handling 5-man 3.1m craft is a great all-rounder. The aluminium hull features three lifting points. The optional bow locker is great for storing equipment safely. CL290 CL340 This agile and strong 4-man model offers slightly more room with up to 480kg payload and 10hp engine. This versatile 6-man RIB can be fitted with an optional console to make it even easier riding. The bow...

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Highfield brochure 2018 - 8

Standard equipment – Valmex ® PVC tube fabric – Welded seams – 5 Year structure and tube warranty (leisure use only) – Choice of internal layout – Integrated under-deck fuel tank – Flush mount non-return valves – Anti-slip deck – Integrated transom supports – Bow step mooring cleat – Bow locker with seat cushion – 4x Davit lifting eyes – Heavy duty rubbing strake The Ocean Master range continues to set the standard as the toughest, most capable and seaworthy RIBs for their size on the market. From the compact 3.5m to a spacious new 7.0m model, the flexibility and adaptability of the Ocean...

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Highfield brochure 2018 - 9

OCEAN MASTER RANGE An ideal compact yacht tender or small runabout. This 3.5m model is lightweight, agile and capable with superb handling, perfectly suited to an efficient Honda BF20 engine. Versatile enough to be a great family RIB, club boat or yacht tender. The lightweight yet strong build with self-draining deck also makes this a very capable offshore sea boat. OM390 This 3.9m model makes an ideal yacht tender, runabout or club boat. Capable and responsive handling. An offset console gives plenty of room to move about. OM350 shown (internal layout can be specified) Built to go anywhere...

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Highfield brochure 2018 - 10

iasy towing, launch and recovery with model-specific trailers available OM590 OM590 DL OM640 OM640 DL Ocean Master Range Specifications This 5.9m model offers great onboard space as well as ensuring a soft and dry ride for large families or groups. Long range 140L fuel tank. For those looking for a large capacity yet highly capable off shore cruiser. Long range fuel tank enables long distance cruising in comfort with up to 150hp engine. OM640DL shown (internal layout can be specified) Make it yours A range of options, accessories and commercial-specific features can be included with your...

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Highfield brochure 2018 - 11

Engine shaft X-Long Under-deck fuel tank capacity 100L Self-draining deck Standard MCA commercial rating t Optional The Harbour Master offers even greater practicality with added weather protection. The addition of the semi pilot house transforms the already versatile Ocean Master range into a truly practical RIB or family cruiser that keeps you sheltered from the worst of the weather. Available in 5.4m, 5.9m, and 6.4m models with comfortable standing room and excellent all-round visibility, this also makes an ideal fishing craft - especially when combined with the optional...

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