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As the largest engine manufacturer in the world, we know quite a lot about how to make a great engine for any purpose. In fact, over two thirds of the 5 million engines we make every year are for our competitors and other manufacturers, so they obviously think so too. Our engines are trusted by millions of users everyday, all over the world, for countless tasks and applications. With over 50 years of innovation, testing, refining and testing again, we know what makes a great engine, and we inject all of that knowledge into our outboard range. CONTENTS 03 Why Honda? 05 Honda Marine...

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BF350 - 5

There’s an incredible depth of There’s nothing like the freedom We make the most reliable and feeling that flows through every to choose your own course. With trustworthy engines in the world. person who owns, and works with engines designed and built for It sounds impressive, but what it a boat. This joy, this relentless, everyone’s needs, embrace every really means is that we’re there overwhelming passion for a life on adventure, every trip and every when it matters. And when it the water, fuels everything we do Saturday afternoon jaunt, without matters, people choose Honda, and every...

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BF350 - 6

HONDA MARINE INNOVATION At Honda, we have always been passionate about new technology. By constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, we are able to give you more. More performance, more fuel efficiency, more control. Take a look at our latest innovations to see how you can get the most out of your outboard engine. EVERY ENGINE FOR ANY ADVENTURE From 2.3 HP to the all-new V8 BF350 you’ll find the perfect outboard motor to match the power, performance, and practicality you need. Seek out your sweet spot between the advanced technology features, ease of use, optimal fuel...

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BF350 - 7

PERFORMANCE BLAST™ - BOOSTED LOW SPEED TORQUE Excellent holeshot performance VTEC™ - VARIABLE VALVE TIMING AND LIFT ELECTRONIC CONTROL Optimises engine performance throughout engine rpm range PGM-FI - PROGRAMMED FUEL INJECTION PGM-FI controls full optimisation of your engine performance and reliability PGM-IG PGM-IG - HONDA PROGRAMMED IGNITION Honda Programmed Ignition accurately controls ignition timing for optimum overall operation ECOmo Superior fuel efficiency POWER INTAKE AIR SYSTEM Unique system providing increased engine power and superior cooling HONDA i S T Intelligent shift and...

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BF350 - 8

OUTBOARD ENGINE RANGE THE V8. REDEFINING HIGH-PERFORMANCE OUTBOARD ENGINES Now you can have it all on the water - ultimate comfort combined with high-powered performance. Our first V8 offers a technically advanced outboard engine allowing you to explore further, experience more, and take your time on the water to whole new levels. Enjoy the precision of rapid acceleration, the reassurance of intelligent fuel efficiency and, most importantly, the backing of years of proven Honda engineering. PERFECT FOR LONGER, COMFORTABLE ADVENTURES AND EFFORTLESS LEISURE FUEL CONSUMPTION Ranieri Next 330...

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BF350 - 9

RANGE BENEFITS BUILT FOR SPEED This V8 engine offers the most formidable power yet amongst our outboard engines. At low speeds, BLAST™ offers instant and powerful acceleration, then for the extra power at cruising speeds, initiate VTEC™ to boost peak power to provide a positive surge of acceleration. DESIGNED FOR EFFICIENCY The new distinctive design - a slim, one-motion silhouette enveloped in Aquamarine Silver or Grand Prix White - adapts to various hull shapes and environments, while an improved gear case shape reduces underwater drag. Underneath built-in technology like ECOmo, Trim...

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BF350 - 10

OUTBOARD ENGINE RANGE SPECIFICATIONS AT A GL ANCE BF250/225/200/175 ENGINE TYPE 6 CYLINDERS The very same manufacturing excellence that powers Honda motor racing, will power you to explore further, play harder and live freer than ever before. The advanced V6 range encapsulates the exhilaration of being out on the water. Enjoy the precision of rapid acceleration, the reassurance of intelligent fuel efficiency and, most importantly, the backing of years of proven Honda engineering. PERFECT FOR LARGER CRAFTS AND POWER SEEKERS FUEL CONSUMPTION Engine speed (rpm) Speed (knots) RANIERI SHADOW 24...

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BF350 - 11

RANGE BENEFITS POWER TO TAKE YOU ANYWHERE Whether you’re working or cruising, you want a smooth and stress-free ride. The V6 range ensures exactly that, with innovative technologies including VTEC™ control, BLAST™ acceleration, and iST which enables precise electronic engine response. BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT Enjoy impressive power output without an increase in fuel consumption. PGM-FI electronic fuel injection increases the air to fuel ratio when you accelerate, whilst ECOmo ensures the fuel efficiency continues when you reach optimal cruising speed. OHC - 6 cylinders 60° V6 VTEC™, 24...

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BF350 - 12

OUTBOARD ENGINE RANGE BF150/BF135/BF115/BF100/BF80 THE POWER TO PERFORM Designed with large inflatables and sports boats in mind, this range was inspired by the pure rush of feeling you get when you cut through the blue at top speed. With Intelligent Shift and Throttle (iST) technology, PGM-FI electronic fuel injection, and VTEC™ to optimise engine performance, you get a small, finely tuned engine that promises a smooth and exhilarating ride for tenders, touring and anything in between. SPECIFICATIONS AT A GLANCE BF150/135/115 BF100/80 4 CYLI NDERS PERFECT FOR SPEEDBOATS AND ENTHUSIASTS...

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BF350 - 13

RANGE BENEFITS VERSATILITY ON THE WATER High performance means complete versatility. Honda’s BF80-150 outboard offers the perfect balance for those who use a boat all day or for just a few hours of play. RELIABILITY AND EFFICIENCY Renowned for quality, reliability, and engineering that lasts, we make engines you can count on for work, rest, or play. Each model is packed with our clever fuel-efficient technology, making it as innovative as it is durable. OHC - 4 cylinders VTEC™ 16 valves (100) 16 valves (80) DOHC - 4 cylinders 16 valves VTEC™ (150) Full Throttle RPM Range Rated Power [kW...

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