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Common to all R series models are spacious deck areas and a wider steering console. This space solution makes moving around on the boat easier. The R models are ideal for fishing, transporting freight, commuting or as a general use boat. The features of the Bowrider models include an open bow, a wide windshield that opens in the middle, ample st orage space and shelt er ed and comf or t able r oom f or all passengers. These boats are ideal for transpor ting passengers, water spor ts, commuting or as a general use boat. A t y pic al Daycr uiser model f ea t ur e is t he large open af t space...

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A PIONEER OF 30 YEARS In 1986, the boat and motor division of Finland’s largest cent r al w holesaler ask ed A imo Mus t onen t o es t ablish a boat factory for designing and manufacturing a proprietary boat range f or the company. T he central w holesaler had had its proprietary brand for years, and the range available at t he time mainly consist ed of pr oduc t s f r om dif f er ent boat manufacturers, marketed under the wholesaler’s own brand. T he new range was t o be designed and manuf ac t ur ed t o be competitively priced even though t he distri bution chain was one link longer than...

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T O T A L LY F I N N I S H T he A M T boats are as Finnish as they come, designed and manufactured by Finnish professionals. A M T was the first boat brand to receive the “key flag” award by the Association f or Finnish Work in recognition of the domestic origin of the pr oducts. T he A M T boats ar e manuf actur ed in t wo mo der n f ac t or ies in K on t iolah t i in t he Nor t her n K ar elia r egion, with capacit y t o build up t o 1 600 boats per year. A M T is also a significant expor t er, selling boats abr oad, in e.g. Nor way, S weden, UK , Ger many, Russia Denmar k, Est onia,...

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MODERN DESIGN AND PRACTICALITY Fr om the ver y beginning, A M T ’s philosophy in boat manuf ac t uring has been t o build t op qualit y boat s at a cust o m e r -f r ie n dl y p r ic e. T h a t ’s w h y t h e c o s t - q u ali t y r a t io of t he A M T boa t s must always be t he best in it s class. You of t en hear t ha t design and pr ac tic alit y do no t mix. A M T p r o v es t his c o m ple t el y u n t r u e b y c o m bining m o d ern, str eamlined design with practicalit y int o a seamless w hole in w hich meticulously planned structural solutions and carefully designed details...

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CUSHIONS St ylish gr ey, made-t o-fit seat cushions give the final t ouch t o comf or t able boating. E A S Y T O M A I N TA I N A N D SAFE DECK SURFACE T he st ylish gr ey, r oughened deck sur f ace is easy t o keep clean and pr ovides good traction in any weather. Alt ernatively, high-qualit y t eak sets ar e available f or the boats. FIRE EXTINGUISHER A fir e ex tinguisher appr oved by the authorities is mount ed t o an easy-t o-r each place. F A C T O R Y- I N S T A L L E D HONDA INSTRUMENTS AND REMOTE CONTROL DEVICES CANOPY STORAGE T he canopy comes with a st orage syst em that pr ot...

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An entry model, that brings the high AMT quality to the 4.5-meter class. This easy-to-use, multipurpose boat with high sides and a deep V hull is ideal as both a summer cottage boat and a stylish city cruiser. Thanks to its safety, the model suits well for independent younger boaters as well. The steady and easy-to-clean construction makes this model an excellent choice for fishing and commuting. Due to its light weight, AMT 150 R requires less engine power. In addition, it is low-priced, so its total cost of usage remains reasonable. AMT 150 R features an unsinkable "always to shore”...

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AMT BROCHURE 2018 - 11

Extremely spacious in its size class, the AMT 160 R is a stable 4.70 metre starboard console boat for general use. The boat’s sturdy construction and high sides make it safe to operate even in rougher than usual waters. The well-organised interior layout and meticulous use of space leave 2 plenty of room for both passengers and their belongings. The AMT 160 R offers luxury and comfort matching that of larger boats, not previously available in this size class. 3 1 Roomy and convenient rope boxes in the bow and aft. Individual storage for the ropes and the anchor provide quick and easy...

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AMT BROCHURE 2018 - 13

This center console boat is easy and fun to drive even 1 in rougher waters. It is perfect for fishing and people moving. The large console protects the pilot while driving, offering excellent visibility in all directions, and driving is easy and safe in a standing position as well. The space 2 arrangements make it very easy and safe to move around onboard, to fish and transport goods. Storage capacity exceptionally spacious for a center console boat makes 3 the model a practical choice. Excellent seaworthiness, safe construction, and Honda’s powerful and economical four-stroke engine...

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AMT BROCHURE 2018 - 15

A boat for general purpose and day cruising, suitable for the whole family. The space arrangements ensure a pleasant ride for the entire family thanks to the protection provided by the windscreen and canopy. All space details have been carefully planned in the layout, and this boat truly has the feel of a boat one size class bigger. The deep v-shaped hull offers a smooth ride through the waves, directing the splashing water to the sides. Boating is safe and comfortable even if the waters get a bit rough. 1 Roomy and convenient rope boxes in the bow and aft. Individual storage for the ropes...

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AMT BROCHURE 2018 - 17

T he all new A M T 190 BR is the first model t o unveil the new A M T design. T he A M T 190 BR has a spor t y hull that r u n s s m o o t h in all c o n di t i o n s. T h e w alk t h r o u g h la y o u t makes it safe and easy to board the boat both from the bow and the af t. Good f uel economy, excellent maneuverabilit y, vast st orage spaces and ex tr eme spaciousness ar e some of A M T 190 BR’s points of f ocus. High-qualit y mat erials and components, as well as a modern new design, gives 190 BR t hat ex t ra f eel of luxur y and comf or t. H ydraulic st eering, f ixed f uel t ank,...

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