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SAIL SHACKLES Description SAI L   SL I D E   RAN GE HPN014A-BLACK sail hank medium - black HPN014A-WHITE sail hank medium - white HPN014-WHITE sail hank small - white HPN014-BLACK sail hank black - white HPN016-WHITE sister clip large (flag clip) - white HPN016B-WHITE sister clip small - white HPN016A-WHITE sister clip medium - white HPN017-WHITE sail slug, 12mm - white HPN018-WHITE sail slug, 10mm - white HPN027-WHITE sail slide, 16mm - white HPN028-WHITE sail slide, 22mm - white HPN028A-WHITE sail slide, 19mm - white HPN029-WHITE sail slug 8mm - s/s - white HPN047-WHITE sail slide, 22m external white HPN065 sail slug, 10mm HPN088A-WHITE piston hankl - white HPN102-WHITE sail slug / wire bale, 9mm - white HPN103-WHITE S AIL  S H A C KL ES ­Part No. sail slug / wire bale, 11mm - white HPN104-WHITE sail slug, wire bale, 12mm - white HPN149-BLACK sail slide with wheels, 22mm - black HPN150-BLACK sail slug with wheels, 11mm - black HPN016 HPN063-white HPN016B HPN017 HPN081B-white HPN018 HPN027 HPN028 HPN106-white HPN064-white Part No. Description Length (mm) HPN028A HPN029 HPN047 HPN063-WHITE snap on shackle, large - white 47 HPN177-WHITE leech line cleat, 1-2mm white (not shown) HPN065-WHITE snap on shackle, large - white 47 HPN178-WHITE leech line cleat, 2-4mm white (not shown) HPN081A-WHITE snap on shackle, small - white 33 HPN203-BLACK sail slide/ s.s. insert - black HPN081B-WHITE snap on shackle, medium - white 35 HPN204-BLACK sail slug / s.s. insert - black HPN106-WHITE screw on shackle, large - white 47 HPN209-BLACK­ rotating sail chaff guard - white HPN107-WHITE screw on shackle, long - white 40 HPN209-WHITE­ rotating sail chaff guard - white HPN108-WHITE screw on shackle, large - white 46 HPN272-WHITE sail slide selden, 11mm - white HPN273-WHITE sail slide selden, 14mm - white HPN273-BLACK sail slide selden, 14mm - black HPN274-WHITE sail slide selden, 15mm x 40mm - white HPN275-WHITE sail slide selden, 19mm - white HPN280A-BLACK sail slide, 22mm - black HPN280-BLACK sail slide, 2mm - black HPN280-SILVER sail slide, 2mm HPN281A-BLACK sail slug slide, 22mm - black HPN290-GREY HPN081A-white 31 HPN064-WHITE HPN107-white screw on shackle, small - white sail slug, lubricated 7.5mm HPN291-GREY sail slug, lubricated 7.2mm HPN292-GREY sail slug, lubricated 11.5mm Max Luff Wire (mm) HPN293-GREY sail slide, lubricated 16mm HPN294-GREY sail slide, lubricated 19mm HPN065 HPN102 HPN103 HPN108-white SAIL HANKS HPN104 HPN149 HPN150 Lazy Jack Snap Block HPN203 Part No. Description HPN204 HPN209 HPN088A HPN295-GREY sail slide, lubricated 22mm ­­HPN014 sail hank nylon 3.5 HPN296-GREY sail slide, lubricated, selden HPN014A sail hank nylon w scr 5 HPN297-WHITE sail slug, 7.5mm - white Sail snap block - max line 4mm - HPN298-WHITE sail slug, 9mm - white sail slug, 11.5mm - white HPN304 lubricated slide, selden 19mm x 50mm HPN490A-GREY sail slide, lubricated HPN491A-GREY sail slide, lubricated HPN492A-GREY sail slide, lubricated HPN493A-GREY sail slide, lubricated, 16mm HPN494A-GREY sail slide, lubricated, 19mm HPN495A-GREY HPN088A 6 HPN299-WHITE HT.886 piston hank HT.886 HPN014 HPN014A SAIL TRIM SAIL SLIDES sail slide, lubricated, 22mm HPN496A-GREY sail slide, selden type HPN272 HPN273 HPN274 HEAD BOARDS HE AD B O A R D R A N G E HPN275 Part No. HPN280 HPN290 Description HPN247-WHITE 75mm x 100mm headboard HPN248-WHITE 100mm x 115mm headboard HPN291 HPN292 HPN293 +HPN591A HPN247 45 HPN248 HPN294 HPN295 HPN296­ HPN297-white HPN298-white 46

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BATTEN FITTINGS BAT T EN F I T T I N G   RA NG E Part No. HPN083-WHITE batten pocket protector 20mm HPN105-WHITE batten pocket protector 30mm HPN143-GREY batten pocket protector, 40mm HPN145-WHITE batten pocket protector, 40mm HPN146-WHITE batten pocket end, 40mm HPN148-BLACK batten pocket ptotector HPN155-BLACK HPN105 batten pocket protector HPN087-WHITE HPN087 Description adjustable batten end, 25mm HPN162-BLACK adjustable batten end, 25mm - 10mm thread HPN162-WHITE adjustable batten end, 25mm - 10mm thread HPN163-BLACK batten pocket end, takes 10mm HPN170-GREY batten pocket end, 30mm...

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