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Sail Maker’s Hardware - 2 Pages

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Sail Maker’s Hardware

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SAIL SLIDES Part No. SAIL SHACKLES sail hank medium - black sail hank medium - white sail hank small - white sail hank black - white sister clip large (flag clip) - white sister clip small - white sister clip medium - white sail slug, 12mm - white sail slug, 10mm - white sail slide, 16mm - white sail slide, 22mm - white sail slide, 19mm - white sail slug 8mm - s/s - white sail slide, 22m external white piston hankl - white sail slug / wire bale, 9mm - white sail slug / wire bale, 11mm - white sail slug, wire bale, 12mm - white sail slide with wheels, 22mm - black sail slug with wheels, 11mm - black leech line cleat, 1-2mm white (not shown) leech line cleat, 2-4mm white (not shown) sail slide/ s.s. insert - black sail slug / s.s. insert - black rotating sail chaff guard - white SAIL TRIM rotating sail chaff guard - white sail slide selden, 11mm - white sail slide selden, 14mm - white sail slide selden, 14mm - black sail slide selden, 15mm x 40mm - white sail slide selden, 19mm - white sail slide, 22mm - black sail slide, 2mm - black sail slug slide, 22mm - black sail slug, lubricated 7.5mm sail slug, lubricated 7.2mm sail slug, lubricated 11.5mm sail slide, lubricated 16mm sail slide, lubricated 19mm sail slide, lubricated 22mm sail slide, lubricated, selden sail slug, 7.5mm - white HEAD BOARDS HEAD BOARD RANGE sail slug, 9mm - white sail slug, 11.5mm - white lubricated slide, selden 19mm x 50mm sail slide, lubricated sail slide, lubricated sail slide, lubricated sail slide, lubricated, 16mm sail slide, lubricated, 19mm sail slide, lubricated, 22mm HPN496A-GREY sail slide, selden type

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