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Colour stripe Dacron ® Repair Patch 8 Large repair patch - ideal for reinforcing spreader points on mainsails. Part number Colour Width x length P072437010 White 24x37 P072437020 Black 24x37 P072437030 suggested shortcodes? Red 24x37 P072437040 Royal Blue 24x37 P072437041 Dark Blue 24x37 Coveline tapes 8 Tough and weatherproof to enhance any coveline. 8 Eleven standard colours and gloss gold. 8 Obtainable carded sizes 15mm, 19mm & 25mm x 15m. 8 Coveline application kit available. Ask Holt sales team. Part number Colour Width x length Heavy duty sail repair tape 8 self-adhesive polymide fabric tape for semi-permaA nent sail repair. Seawater and weather resistant with very high ageing resistance. 8 This tape is supple yet exceptionally strong. 8 Available in white only. 8 50mm x 2m rolls for the larger repair. S161515010 White 15mm x 15m S161515020 Black 15mm x 15m S161515030 Red 15mm x 15m Part number Colour Width x length S161515031 Burgundy 15mm x 15m P035002010 White 50mm x 2m S161515041 Dark Blue 15mm x 15m P039902010 White 100mm x 2m S161515042 Mid Blue 15mm x 15m S161515043 Light Blue 15mm x 15m S161515044 Turquoise 15mm x 15m S161515050 Green 15mm x 15m S161515060 Yellow 15mm x 15m S161515070 Orange 15mm x 15m S161515081 Beige 15mm x 15m S161515092 Matt Gold 15mm x 15m S161515099 Charcoal 15mm x 15m S161515100 Silver 15mm x 15m S161915010 White 19mm x 15m S161915020 S161915030 Go-fast tape 8 Gives a professional finishing touch to powerboats. 8 Three different coloured stripes on each tape with a void between the colours. 8 12mm, 21mm, 27mm, 40mm x 10m rolls. 8 Also available in 50m rolls. Part number Colour Width x length P181210bx3 3 Blues 12mm x 10m P181210dgd Dark blue/matt gold/dark blue 12mm x 10m P181210dsd Dark blue/silver/dark blue 12mm x 10m Black 19mm x 15m P181210roy Red/orange/yellow 12mm x 10m Red 19mm x 15m P181210rwb Red/white/mid blue 12mm x 10m S161915031 Burgundy 19mm x 15m P181210swc SWC’Coal 12mm x 10m S161915041 Dark Blue 19mm x 15m P182110bx3 S161915042 Mid Blue 19mm x 15m P182110dgd Dark blue/matt gold/dark blue 21mm x 10m S161915043 Light Blue 19mm x 15m S161915044 Turquoise 19mm x 15m S161915050 Green 19mm x 15m S161915060 Yellow 19mm x 15m S161915070 Orange 19mm x 15m P182710dgd Dark blue/matt gold/dark blue 27mm x 10m S161915081 Beige 19mm x 15m P182710dsd Dark blue/silver/dark blue 27mm x 10m S161915092 Matt Gold 19mm x 15m P182710roy Red/orange/yellow 27mm x 10m S161915099 Charcoal P182710rwb Red/white/mid blue 27mm x 10m S161915100 Silver 19mm x 15m 1 9mm x 15m White 25mm x 15m S162515020 Black 25mm x 15m S162515030 Red 25mm x 15m S162515031 Burgundy 25mm x 15m S162515041 Dark Blue 25mm x 15m S162515042 Mid Blue 25mm x 15m S162515043 Light Blue 25mm x 15m S162515044 Turquoise 25mm x 15m Dark blue/silver/dark blue 21mm x 10m P182110roy Red/orange/yellow 21mm x 10m P182110rwb Red/orange/yellow 21mm x 10m P182110swc SWC’Coal 21mm x 10m 3 Blues 27mm x 10m P182710swc SWC’Coal 27mm x 10m P184010bx3 3 Blues 40mm x 10m P184010dgd Dark blue/matt gold/dark blue 40mm x 10m P184010dsd Dark blue/silver/dark blue 40mm x 10m P184010roy Red/orange/yellow 40mm x 10m P184010rwb Red/white/mid blue 40mm x 10m P184010swc SWC’Coal 40mm x 10m Waterline/hull tape 8 Similar to Go-Fast Tape, this has different coloured stripes to each tape without a gap between the colours. 8 27mm and 39mm x 10m rolls. 8 Also available in 50m rolls. S162515050 Green 25mm x 15m S162515060 Yellow 25mm x 15m S162515070 Orange 25mm x 15m S162515081 Beige 25mm x 15m Part number Colour Width x length S162515092 Matt Gold 25mm x 15m P202710dgd Dark blue/matt gold/darkblue 7mm x 10m 2 S162515099 Charcoal 25mm x 15m P202710dsd Dark blue/silver/dark blue 27mm x 10m S162515100 Silver 25mm x 15m P202710roy Red/orange/yellow 27mm x 10m P202710rwb Red/white/mid blue 27mm x 10m P202710bx3 3 Blues 27mm x 10m P203910bx3 3 Blues 39mm x 10m P203910dgd Dark blue/matt gold/darkblue 9mm x 10m 3 P203910dsd Dark blue/silver/dark blue 39mm x 10m P203910mar Mariner 39mm x 10m P203910roy 65 Red/orange/yellow 39mm x 10m P203910rwb Red/white/mid blue 39mm x 10m Part number T1 White 19mm x 10m T1 Black 19mm x 10m T1 Red 19mm x 10m T1 Burgundy 19mm x 10m T1 D/Blue 19mm x 10m T1 M/Blue 19mm x 10m T1 L/Blue 19mm x 10m T1 Turquoise 19mm x 10m T1 Green 19mm x 10m T1 Yellow 19mm x 10m T1 Orange 19mm x 10m T1 Gold 19mm x 10m T1 Charcoal 19mm x 10m T1 Silver 19mm x 10m White 20mm x 10m Black 20mm x 10m Red 20mm x 10m Burgundy 20mm x 10m Dark Blue 20mm x 10m Mid Blue 20mm x 10m Light Blue 20mm x 10m Turquoise 20mm x 10m Green 20mm x 10m Yellow 20mm x 10m Orange 20mm x 10m Gold 20mm x 10m Charcoal 20mm x 10m Silver 20mm x 10m White 21mm x 10m Black 21mm x 10m Red 21mm x 10m Burgundy 21mm x 10m Dark Blue 21mm x 10m Mid Blue 21mm x 10m Light Blue 21mm x 10m Turquoise 21mm x 10m Green 21mm x 10m Yellow 21mm x 10m Orange 21mm x 10m Gold 21mm x 10m Charcoal 21mm x 10m Silver 21mm x 10m White 40mm x 10m Black 40mm x 10m Red 40mm x 10m Burgundy 40mm x 10m Dark Blue 40mm x 10m Mid Blue 40mm x 10m Light Blue 40mm x 10m Turquoise 40mm x 10m Green 40mm x 10m Yellow 40mm x 10m Orange 40mm x 10m Gold 40mm x 10m Charcoal 40mm x 10m Silver 40mm x 10m White 44mm x 10m Black 44mm x 10m Red 44mm x 10m Burgundy 44mm x 10m Dark Blue 44mm x 10m Mid Blue 44mm x 10m Light Blue 44mm x 10m Turquoise 44mm x 10m Green 44mm x 10m Yellow 44mm x 10m Orange 44mm x 10m Gold 44mm x 10m Charcoal 44mm x 10m Silver 44mm x 10m Colour Width x length B325066080 Buff 50mm x 66m Colour Width x length P171910010 P171910020 P171910030 P171910031 P171910041 P171910042 P171910043 P171910044 P171910050 P171910060 P171910070 P171910092 P171910099 P171910100 P172010010-T3 P172010020-T3 P172010030-T3 P172010031-T3 P172010041-T3 P172010042-T3 P172010043-T3 P172010044-T3 P172010050-T3 P172010060-T3 P172010070-T3 P172010092-T3 P172010099-T3 P172010100-T3 P172110010-D1 P172110020-D1 P172110030-D1 P172110031-D1 P172110041-D1 P172110042-D1 P172110043-D1 P172110044-D1 P172110050-D1 P172110060-D1 P172110070-D1 P172110092-D1 P172110099-D1 P172110100-D1 P174010010-D3 P174010020-D3 P174010030-D3 P174010031-D3 P174010041-D3 P174010042-D3 P174010043-D3 P174010044-D3 P174010050-D3 P174010060-D3 P174010070-D3 P174010092-D3 P174010099-D3 P174010100-D3 P174410010-T2 P174410020-T2 P174410030-T2 P174410031-T2 P174410041-T2 P174410042-T2 P174410043-T2 P174410044-T2 P174410050-T2 P174410060-T2 P174410070-T2 P174410092-T2 P174410099-T2 P174410100-T2 Part number Deckstrip 8Safety tread die cut into ten strips suitable for applying to steps, etc. 8 isplayed in a hanging sachet. D 8 hite and black only. W 8 0 strips each 19mm x 300mm. 1 Part number Colour Width x length P271900010 White 19mm x 300mm P271900020 Black 19mm x 300mm Fluorescent tape Part number Colour Width x length P255002075 Red/Orange 50mm x 2.5m P255005075 Red/Orange 50mm x 5m B255045075 Red/Orange 50mm x 45m P252502075 Red/Orange 25mm x 2.5m P252505075 Red/Orange 25mm x 5m B252545075 Red/Orange 25mm x 45m Kevlar sail repair tape 8 Manufactured from a Kevlar scrim, encapsulated in a Mylar film, then coated with a high coat-weight of U.V. resistant acrylic adhesive. Ideal for repairs to Kevlar and high performance sails. 8 75mm x 1.5m rolls. Part number Description Width x length P027501000 Kevlar Repair 75mm x 1.5m Duck tape 8 Duck tape is a self-adhesive, high quality waterproof cloth tape suitable for numerous repair jobs on all boats and canoes. 8 Available in seven colours in hanging sleeves. 8 50mm x 5m rolls. 8 Also available in 50m rolls. Part number Colour Width x length P065005000 Clear 50mm x 5m P065005010 White 50mm x 5m P065005020 Black 50mm x 5m P065005030 Red 50mm x 5m P065005040 Blue 50mm x 5m P065005050 Green 50mm x 5m P065005060 Yellow 50mm x 5m P065005100 Silver 50mm x 5m PSP TAPES S162515010 3 Blues 21mm x 10m P182110dsd P182710bx3 Buff packaging tape 8 Five different combinations of double and triple striping. 8 Available in all our standard colours. 8 Available in 10m and 50m rolls. UV Removable Duck Tape 8 Peels off after long periods in the sun. Part number Colour Width x length P155005100 Light Grey B155025100 Light Grey 50x25 50x5 Teflon Anti-Chafe Patch NEW 8 U.V Resisitant pads for deck rotects gel coat, paint % P varnish from chips/scratches Part number Colour Width x length PTEFLONACP Clear 4 sheets 66

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