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Holt Cleats & Clutches Catalogue - 2 Pages

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Holt Cleats & Clutches Catalogue

Catalog excerpts

XR CLUTCHES Xtreme Release function Clutch Engaged Clutch Disengaged Clutch Position closed Held shut with the stop clip Clutch still holding rope with lever in release position, ready to give maximum leverage Clutch cam open with rope able to run free Hole fixing centres match other brands, allowing easy upgrade to the XR Clutches­ Part No. Line Size Max SWL Hole (mm) Centres (kg) (mm) Line Size Max SWL Hole (mm) Centres (kg) (mm)

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MAINSHEET & SWIVEL JAMMERS 38MM ALUMINIUM CLEAT ANGLE Cleat angle can be altered using a 27mm angled wedge (HT91018)­ WIRE COMPOSITE SWIVEL Stainless base insert to avoid entry wear Hard Anodised & PTFE Coated Optimum jaw profile PIN STOP SWIVEL Rotation can be set using a pin stop giving the option of 360/45/60 or 80 degrees rotation Glass Nylon body gives a lightweight rigid structure to give precise cleating without play Wire fairlead continues under cleat giving improved strength LINE CONTROLS WIRE CORE STRUCTURE Advanced metal replacement resin. Greater resistance to heat and ­ UV...

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