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Aero Cleats­ Cleats rigged on a rope ABC Allow aluminium cleats to be rigged on a rope, for higher loads or demanding conditions. Easy to rig. The position of cleat on the rope can be adjusted without using tools. CL826 Aero base instructions This is CL826-11 (with CL211 Mk2 silver) CL826-11AN (with CL211 Mk2 hard anodised) 35gm. 1.2oz. CL223W / CL223 CL230 / CL230AN CL234W / CL234 CL253 / CL253AN - with nylon spacer A Cleats for ropes to ­­­­8mm Other hand is CL826-17 (with CL217 Mk2 silver) CL826-17AN (with CL217 Mk2 hard anodised) 3 Rig like this CL826 0.8x length of 1.5x length of CL826 mm CL223W / CL223 Nylon 3 - 6 A52 B- C18 18 CL230 /CL230AN Aluminium 3 -6 A82 B66 C18 35 CL234W / CL234 Nylon 6 - 12 A78 B- C2 45 Aluminium 4 - 8 A89 B- C10 46 Aluminium 4-6 A118 B- C28 47 Print this page as PDF, CL264AN / CL264 then crop to 210 high x 148 wide. 1 Aero Cleats­ mm Ø CL253 / CL253AN with nylon spacer This is CL826-18 (with CL218 Mk2 silver) CL826-18AN (with CL218 Mk2 hard anodised) 37gm. 1.3oz. Material B C mm Ø CL264AN / CL264 (Crop 87mm off bottom, 62mm off right side) 4 2 3 - 6mm a-s CL826-11AN / CL82611 CL827-11AN / CL827-11 A Aero Cleats mm Ø mm CL826-11 Aero cleat with CL211 Mk2 CL826-11AN Aero cleat with CL211 Mk2AN 3-6 A72 B- C17 CL827-11 Aero cleat with CL211 Mk1 CL827-11AN Aero cleat with CL211 Mk1AN 3-6 A112 B- C19 CL828-68 Aero cleat with CL268 CL828-68 Aero cleat with CL268AN 2-4 A60 B- C13 B C Three sizes of Aero base can be fitted with a variety of cleats. 34 The aero base allows alloy cleats to be rigged in on a rope. Please ask for details. Suitable for high loads and extreme conditions that require weight (g) 60 an alloy cleat. 19 CL253AN Link Lok CLAM CLEATS 4 sizes CL260 CL266 CL271 CL276 A Link Loks mm Ø mm CL260 2-5 A31.2 B- C18.5 CL266 0-3 A21.6 B- C6.6 0.5 CL271 4-8 27 CL276 3-6 When precise holding power really counts 2.2 9.4 57 B C weight (g) 58

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INSERT CLEATS FOR ROPES TO 6MM 1/4” Windsurfing Cleats The CL712 has been designed to snap-fit into a plastic moulding to combine the strength of an alloy cleat with the lower cost of a moulded component. CL244 CL247 CL248 CL244L CL250 POWER GRIP CLEATS CL710 CL712 CL716 A Insert Cleats for ropes to 6mm CL244L Aluminium Insert Cleat with Fairlead Cl825CKC allows you to add an extra cleat without drilling more holes. Just remove the CL211 MK1 and fit the CL825CKC, using the same fastenings. Ideal for training and club use on Laser dinghies. The cleat flips up to release the rope when a set...

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