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TELESCOPIC­VANGS Blocks included, rope not included Part No. Internal Boat Length A Ratio (ft) (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) Sail Area (m2) Weight (g) SWL (kg) HT91342 2:1 1140 200 10 25 2.4 150 35 6 300 24-32 1340 HT91330 3:1 29-37 1800 1550 150 13 HT91334 4:1 38-44 2150 1900 250 16 45 7 450 HT91338 5:1 45-55 2350 2150 350 16 60 12 450 TELESCOPIC­VANGS FITTINGS V ANG M A S T   F I T T I N G S Part No. Description A (mm) B (mm) Dia (mm) Fixing size HT91343 Mast fitting for HT91330 & HT91342 110 50 10 M6 x 20 HT91332 Mast fitting for HT91330 & HT91342 138 65 13 M6 x 20 HT91336 Mast fitting for HT91334 148 70 16 M6 x 20 HT91340 Mast fitting for HT91338 173 90 16 M6 x 20 A (mm) B (mm) Fixing size ­ V ANG  B O O M F I T T I NG S Part No. Description HT91344 Boom fitting for HT91342 160 67 M6 x 15 HT91333 Boom fitting for HT91330 210 80 M6 x 15 HT91337 37 Boom fitting for HT91334 250 97 M6 x 15 HT91341 Boom fitting for HT91338 320 123 M6 x 15

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FURLERS SYSTEMS SAIL TRIM HT91189.10 Swivel Only­­­ Part No. HT91189 Drum only HT4904LZ Description SWL (kg) Break Load (kg) Weight (g) HT91189.10 Dinghy Top Swivel 250 500 136 HT4904LZ Dinghy Integral Bow/Chute Furler 400 800 212 HT91189 Dinghy Furler 250 500 110 PRO-FEEDER The Pro-Feeder is made of 316 stainless steel and like other similar products, has a catch and a hinge that means it can be opened easily with a quick positive tug when required. It has rolling balls to reduce friction and aid in the smooth running of hoists and drops. This product is designed with real time racing in...

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WIND INDICATORS W IN D  I N D I C A T O R S HT.167 HT.168 HT.169 HT5166 HT4066 Colours Flag Size (mm) Shaft Length Weight (mm) (g) 10 Racing Pro-Flag HT.167ASS*10 Assorted 110 x 120 410 30 10 Racing Short Shaft Pro-Flag HT.168ASS*10 Assorted 110 x 120 270 26 10 Cruising Pro-Flag HT.169ASS*10 Assorted 170 x 120 410 30 Burgee Clip for mast HT4066 - - - - Solid mast front mount Wind Vane for Oppy, Laser HT5166 Orange - - -­ Pennant wind vane HPN300 Red Arrow wind vane Now available to order as single colours Part No. HNP301 Red WIND INDICATORS W IN T EC • Strong & sturdy Framework in hard...

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NYLON SNAP HOOKS S NAP   H O O K R A N GE 57MM Hole Centres 57MM Hole Centres HPN004 HPN013A HPN005 HPN022 HPN022A HPN033-WHITE HPN021 HPN013B HPN056 HPN045-WHITE HPN021A HPN056B HPN092­ Part No. 59 snap hook small - black 45 HPN021-White thread on snap hook large 59 HPN021A-White thread on snap hook small 36 HPN022-White shockcord hook, 6mm 50 HPN022A-White shockcord hook, 5mm 35 closed leech line cleat - grey - HPN025-GREY open leech line cleat - grey - HPN032-BLACK lacing buckle - black - HPN033-BLACK lacing eye - black - HPN033-WHITE lacing eye - white - HPN045-BLACK deck hook - black -...

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NYLON TUBE CLIPS NYLON  CLIPS RANGE Lies flat on deck when not in use LAY DOWN PADDLE CLIP HPN036B - 32MM HPN036C - 27MM-29MM 32 single screw lacing eye black 32 HPN036C-BLACK lay down paddle clip 27mm-29mm 27-29 HPN043A-BLACK tube clip 50mm - black 50 HPN043A-WHITE tube clip 50mm - white 50 HPN043B-BLACK tube clip 40mm, in black 40 HPN043B-WHITE tube clip 40mm, in white 40 HPN043C-BLACK tube clip 30mm, in black 30 HPN043C-WHITE tube clip 30mm, in white 30 HPN043D-BLACK tube clip 25mm, in black 25 HPN043D-WHITE tube clip 25mm, in white HPN043C lay down paddle clip 32mm HPN036-BLACK HPN043B...

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ROPE STOPPERS RO P E S T O P P ER R A NG E Description HPN070-BLACK tie ball, 50mm black HPN070-GREEN tie ball, 50mm green HPN070-RED tie ball, 50mm red HPN070-WHITE tie ball, 50mm white HPN070-BLUE tie ball, 50mm blue HPN070-GREEN tie ball, 50mm green HPN070-RED tie ball, 50mm red HPN070A-BLACK tie ball, 32mm black HPN070A-BLUE tie ball, 32mm blue HPN070A-GREEN tie ball, 32mm green HPN070A-RED tie ball, 32mm red HPN070A-WHITE tie ball, 32mm white HPN070B-BLACK tie ball, 25mm black HPN070B-BLUE tie ball, 25mm blue HPN070B-GREEN tie ball, 25mm green HPN070B-RED tie ball, 25mm red...

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POLE LAUNCHER USAGE CAST CHASIS Mast mounted spinnaker pole launcher suitable for Squibs, 505’s and Fireballs Cast aluminium chasis with tolerence to fit popular mast sections (minor fairing may be required). SEALED BEARING SYSTEM Sealed stainless thrust bearings reducing friction when launching and recovering the spinnaker pole DELRIN® SHEAVE Hard wearing and greater UV stability Code: HT.932 HIGHFIELD LEVERS HIG H F I EL D  L EV ER­­  R A NG E HT4260 HT4160 (MELGE) HT4260-1 Part No. Adjust (mm) Back Plate No. of Size (mm) Adjust. Weight (g) HT4160 70 – 16 x 2 – 100 HT4260 STAINLESS HOOKS...

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­­TRAPEZE EQUIPMENT DYNAMIC BEARING SYSTEM - Allow precise adjustment when loaded. PRO-STRAP Shockcord kind cold forged strap to allow shockcord attachment­­ WIDE ENTRY Making it easier to connect with trapeze harness hook T R A P EZ E EQ U I PM ENT HT..60 CL253AN HT6180 CL253 Part No. Length (mm) Line Dia. Shackle Pin (mm) Dia. (mm) Safe Working Load (kg) Weight (g) HT4261 4-6 – 350 69 54 - – - 13 CL253AN 89 4-8 5 150 46 CL253 HPN196B 175 HT..60 89 4-8 5 150 46 HT6180 2 - 3.5 5 300 15 40 2.5-3 - - 8 HPN196B HPN196R 38 HPN196R 40 2.5-3 - - 8 Part No. HT4041 Width (mm) Fix Hole Size (mm)...

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TILLER EXTENSIONS & FITTINGS Extendable Carbon Fibre Tiller Extension CARBON FIBRE Manufactured from 100% carbon fibre ultra light tube FOAM GRIP CARBON FIBRE Non-slip giving fingertip control Manufactured to exact specification. Lighter and stiff for ultimate powered steerings TWIST LOCK Extendable twist lock mechanism provides fast firm operation that won’t slip­­ C AR B O N  T I L L ER  EXTENSIO N R A NG E Carbon Extendable Tiller Extensions - Suitable for: Part No. Length (mm) Length (ft) Weight (g) 2’5” - 4’3” 169.5 Sports Boats, Racing Dinghies HT5508-13 800 - 1300 470, 420, B14, F18...

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HOLT PERFORMANCE ROPE RO P E R A N GE Holt Pro-Sheet Holt Pro-Line Holt Ultra-Line 12 Strand Dyneema® Core with lightweight high wearing polyester cover. 12 Strand SK75 Dyneema® UV Protective Coating 12 Strand Vectran® UV Protective Coating USAGE: Easy to splice Suitable for Sheets, control lines, halyards, vangs, cunninghams & backstay systems­­ H ­ olt Performance Rope Description Code Dia. (mm) Colour Ave Break Length on Load (kg) Reel (m) 2.5mm Pro-Line Red HPR..1 2.5mm Red 569 100 2.5mm Pro-Line Blue HPR..2 2.5mm Blue 569 100 3.5mm Pro-Line Red HPR..3 3.5mm Red 995 100 3.5mm Pro-Line...

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