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Hobie ®  Mirage ®  Sail Kit

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Hobie® Mirage® Sail Kit Step 3: Insert mast base into the kayak sail mount and attach the shock cord to the hook at the base of the Congratulations on purchasing the Hobie Mirage Sail Kit. Follow these simple instructions and you’ll be out and sailing in minutes. Step 1: Connect mast poles together. (A) Tip: A little tape around the mast connection helps hold the mast poles together when removing them from sail. Step 2: Slide the mast into the sail sleeve. (B) Step 4: Run the mainsheet through the rear molded carrying handle pad-eye and up to the right mid-boat carrying handle. This configuration allows you to steer with your left hand while controlling the sail with your right hand. (D) Tip: Tie the end of the mainsheet line to the right side carrying handle (or something else close to you) to help keep the end of the line from falling into the water, should you happen to lose your grip. (E) B. Tip: Check to see that the batten cap is over the end of the batten and lace the line through the cap. Make sure to pull tension on the line and cleat it off to hold on the cap and retain batten pressure into the pocket.

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SAILING TIPS Sailing with Hobie’s patented MirageDrive® adds a whole new dimension to sailing. For the best performance, continue pedaling while sailing. You will notice that with very little effort pedaling, the kayak will respond with a surprising amount of performance. If you sail without pedaling, the pedals should be together; this will align the fins in the straight down position so they will act as a daggerboard to reduce side slip. “Close hauled”: The kayak will heel or lean most when sailing close hauled. Shift your weight to the side of your seat to counter the lean of the kayak....

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