2013/14 hobie kayaking fishing collection brochure - 48 Pages

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2013/14 hobie kayaking fishing collection brochure

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HOBIE HISTORY The Hobie Float Cat marked the company’s first cast into angling. After ample hands-on R&D, Hobie introduced a lightweight, beachable sailing catamaran, the Hobie 14. Hobie Alter shaped his first surfboard in his parents’ Laguna Beach garage. Hobie teamed up with Grubby Clark to produce the world’s first fiberglassand-foam-core boards, revolutionizing surfing. Ladies love watersports, so Hobie delivered fashion-forward, functional women’s swimwear. Demand for Hobie’s boards spiked, so he opened his first Surf Shop in Dana Point, California. The Hobie Wave was designed and...

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The World is a Waterpark... and Since 1950 we’ve made the Best Rides Introduced the Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12, a more compact Pro Hobie landed a massive Angler with revolutionary strike with the Mirage Pro Vantage Seating. Angler 14, a feature-laden, angler-specific boat. Hobie MirageDrive® delivered “A New Way to Kayak,” by pedaling instead of paddling. The Hobie Bravo was easy to learn, fun to ride. The versatile Mirage Adventure Island offered the ability to sail, pedal, paddle and play. The Hobie Pursuit kayak ushered in a new generation of rotomolded polyethylene touring kayaks. The...

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HOBIE MIRAGE SERIES Hobie Kayaks— The Sweetest Ride Afloat At Hobie, helping people have unforgettable on-the-water experiences, ranks supreme. We believe that kayaking should be accessible, rewarding and—above all else—fun. This starts with locomotion. For many kayakers, long hours of 1. MirageDrive Hobie’s MirageDrive was born of the theory that it’s easier to push something with your legs (big muscles) than it is to pull it with your upperbody (smaller muscles). On Hobie Mirage Series kayaks, traditional paddles are included but optional. Instead, two pedals—fitted to levers just forward...

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2. Molded Carrying Handles In the real world, details are everything. Ergonomic handles fitted to stainless padeyes (bow and stern) make portaging easier and more comfortable. Harness the wind and your horizons expand infinitely. The optional Mirage Sail Kit’s mast securely steps onto a deck-mounted fitting. Enjoy added power without complication; Mirage Sail Kits make sailing fun and easy. 3. Large Covered Bow Hatch Enables easy access to the bow’s stowage compartment. A security strap with a detachable clip tethers the hatch; abovedeck, Bungee® cords secure extra gear. 5. Two-piece Paddle...

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MIRAGE SPORT SPECS: Crew: 1 Length*: 9' 7" / 2.92 m Width*: 29.5" / 0.75 m Capacity*: 225 lbs / 102 kg Fitted Hull Weight*: 53 lbs / 24.04 kg Fully Rigged Weight*: 66.3 lbs / 30.07 kg Hull Construction: Rotomolded Polyethylene Lowrance® Ready System included* *Refer to website for complete details The versatile Mirage plays to all Hobie Kayaking + Fishing Collection

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Looking for one kayak that can entertain most of the family? If so, meet the Hobie Mirage Sport, a do-it-all touring, fishing and sailing (with the optional Sail kit) kayak that’s as easy to use as it is to store and maintain. A lightweight, rotomolded polyethylene hull encourages fun on the water, easy beaching, and its movable seat accommodates kayakers of most heights. Hobie’s MirageDrive pedalpower delivers efficient primary propulsion to your favorite location.

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MIRAGE OUTBACK The Outback boasts the functionality, stability and utility to get the job done. Hobie Kayaking + Fishing Collection

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SPECS: Crew: 1 Length*: 12' 1" / 3.68 m Width*: 33" / 0.84 m Capacity*: 400 lbs / 181 kg Fitted Hull Weight*: 75 lbs / 34.02 kg Fully Rigged Weight*: 88.3 lbs / 40.05 kg Hull Construction: Rotomolded Polyethylene Lowrance Ready System included* *Refer to website for complete details All kayaks are created equal, right? Hardly. Peer closer at the Hobie Mirage Outback and the distinction between lesser kayaks becomes obvious. Stand-out features include a nearly indestructible rotomolded polyethylene hull, a MirageDrive for paddle-free touring, ample above- and belowdeck stowage, a Twist and...

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SPECS: Crew: 1 Length*: 11' 6" / 3.51 m Width*: 29" / 0.74 m Capacity*: 275 lbs / 125 kg Fitted Hull Weight*: 57 lbs / 25.85 kg Fully Rigged Weight*: 70.3 lbs / 31.89 kg Hull Construction: Rotomolded Polyethylene *Refer to website for complete details Modeled after the popular Hobie Revolution 13, the “Revo 11” sports a fast-yet-stable hull, Hobie’s innovative MirageDrive, generous belowdeck stowage, myriad on-deck lashing opportunities and an optional sailing kit, giving you the ability to go whenever the mood strikes. The Revolution 11’s lightweight hull rewards energy input with quick...

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Whether it’s a day of casting, sailing, or capturing your next shot, the Revolution 11 has you covered.

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SPECS: Crew: 1 Length*: 13' 5" / 4.09 m Width*: 28.5" / 0.72 m Capacity*: 350 lbs / 159 kg Fitted Hull Weight*: 69.5 lbs / 31.52 kg Fully Rigged Weight*: 82.8 lbs / 37.56 kg Hull Construction: Rotomolded Polyethylene Lowrance Ready System included* *Refer to website for complete details Some kayaks are specialists, others generalists. The Hobie Revolution 13 is both. Whether you’re seeking a floating SUV or a dragster, the “Revo 13” stands ready. Featuring a lightweight, rotomolded polyethylene hull form, the Revo 13 maintains pace with minimal effort—key for trips of all varieties. The...

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Kayaking form and function intertwine with the

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HOBIE MIRAGE SERIES 1a. Anchor Kit 3.5 lb folding anchor, 50 feet of line and a storage bag. [Connect to Hobie Anchor Trolley Kit for best results.] Why fish from a Hobie Mirage? 1b. Stake-Out Pole Easily maintain your position in shallows and currents with Hobie’s Stake-Out Pole. The fiberglass pole is equipped with a metal tip, a rubber grip and an attachment-line system. [Connect to Hobie Anchor Trolley Kit for best results.] Serenity. If you ditch the noisy outboard, you avoid telegraphing your presence to resident fish; when you trade a heavy, bulky fishing boat for a nimble, svelte...

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