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HOBIE INNOVATION Building high quality, high performance boards is something we have done for over 60 years. Hobie Alter’s genius and innovation has helped shape and change an entire global culture of water sports enthusiasts. From sailing to surfing to kayaking, Hobie Alter’s creations have made being on the water easier and more enjoyable. As an industry leader in board manufacturing since 1950, Hobie has established an innate knowledge of what it takes to make a high quality product and the right combination of materials to do it. With established production facilities in Dana Point,...

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Stand Up Paddle Collection - 3

BOARD CONSTRUCTION A board's construction is almost as important as its shape and is selected based on strength, weight, price and most importantly performance. From our molded constructions that ensure strength and consistency of shape to our high-performance light weight gravity laminations. We look at each board series independently, and select the best suited construction. BOARD TECHNOLOGY EPOXY BAMBOO COMPOSITE EPOXY 4 PHASE HIGH PRESSURE MOLDED LAMINATION BCX4-S2-W3 $$$ HOBIE INTEGRATED HANDLE STRENGTH-WEIGHT-PRICE RATIO (S-W-PR) Below is our S-W-PR scale that will help you find the...

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Stand Up Paddle Collection - 4

A board designed for any occasion Classic and approachable, the ATRv3 series is one of the best all-around recreational boards. In its third generation, this series showcases versatility, form, and function. Novice or expert, child or adult, the ATRv3 provides an unforgettable experience for everyone. VENTURE SERIES True multi-use boards that deliver in all conditions Experience the thrill of these multi-use boards—racing, touring, surfing and distance; you will never have to choose just one. The Touring Series, designed for the all-around paddler, handles it all. Whether you’re headed...

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Stand Up Paddle Collection - 5

Incorporating many of the same technical design aspects from the rest of the Hobie SUP line, the Hobie Inflatable Series makes stand up paddling easy, fun, and portable. Perfect for families or travelers on the go, the entire Hobie Inflatable Series stores neatly and compact, and can be ready to go in a matter of minutes. High Pressure Spring Valve INFLATABLE FEATURES: • Diagonal dot pattern drop-stitch construction • Inflatable to 18 PSI • Rigid under foot plates for added board stiffness • High pressure spring valve for quick and easy inflation and deflation • ¾ length EVA foot pad...

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Stand Up Paddle Collection - 7

COLIN McPHILLIPS SERIES A high performance series for serious SUP surfing The Colin McPhillips Series of boards are designed to perform when and where you need it the most. The designs promote responsiveness in the pocket and speed in the flats when the time is right. From the high performance pulled in shape of the Pro models, to the more forgiving longboard inspired shape of the CMLB Comp. The Colin McPhillips series of boards will never leave you short of thrills. wava?: Nosara, Costa Rica 9° 58’ 47.04’’ N 85° 38’ 55.05’’ W

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Stand Up Paddle Collection - 8

CORKY SERIES A performance surfing SUP designed by Corky Carroll The Corky Series of boards are performance surfing SUPs. With extra width for added stability, these high performance boards are designed to be ridden by anybody, beginner to expert. The best of both worlds, these SUPs surf like a mid-size surfboard but with the flexibility of a full size SUP. La Saladita, Mexico 17° 54’ 34.16’’ N 101° 53’ 41.13’ W Corky Carroll - US Surfing Champion 1966, 67, & 69

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Stand Up Paddle Collection - 9

WHERE CREATIVITY AND DESIGN MEET INNOVATION AND PERFORMANCE The Hobie Performance Lab is where we push the boundaries of what is possible. Drawing from decades of board shaping and laminating experience, combine that with modern day material and computer aided design technology. The lab produces some of the highest performing custom boards on the market today. Each board that is produced in the lab is a handcrafted high performance work of art, that has an identity all its own. HOBIE QUICKBLADE MATCHSTICKS Collaborations are important in an ever changing high performance world. It's where,...

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Stand Up Paddle Collection - 10

Webbing Lift Handle Bravo Electric Pump Hobie Fins Hobie Belt Pack PFD Hobie- Master of Water, Wind and Waves Race Buoy 8" diameter x 14". This bag is built of tough materials. Seals tight to keep your stuff dry. 71703001 Protect your paddles with the Hobie 3 EXP paddle bag. Holds up to three paddles up to 85" comfortably, durable nylon fabric, ¾ length zipper for easy access to your paddles, center carrying handle with additional shoulder strap for easy transportation. 486380-28 Heavy duty nylon, side wall padding, suitable for airline transport, integrated mesh fin storage 460314-22...

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Stand Up Paddle Collection - 11

Diagonal Drop Stitch Diagonal Drop Stitch Diagonal Drop Stitch Diagonal Drop Stitch Diagonal Drop Stitch XHL EXPERIENCE/ RIDER WEIGHT* / 170 lbs I / 205 lbs ! / 225 lbs EXPERIENCE/RIDER WEIGHT: Suggested skill level for each board based on the rider's weight. ^ ^ ^ BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED NOTES: -All colors, graphics, and specifications of all models are subject to change without notice. -Published board dimensions are estimated and may deviate slightly due to unavoidable manufacturing variables.

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HOBIE CAT COMPANY Holding Company Oceanside, CA, U.S.A. 1-800-HOBIE-49 HOBIE CAT AUSTRALASIA Subsidiary Huskisson, NSW, Australia 1-800-4-HOBIE HOBIE CAT EUROPE Subsidiary Toulon, France +33 (0) 494 08 78 78 HOBIE CAT BRASIL Independent Distributor Porto Belo, Santa Catarina, Brasil +55 (47) 3369 6096 PRINTED ON RECaYCLED PAPER

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