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HOBIE SUPPORT PAGES CONTENTS ITEM PAGE WING SEATS / BACK RESTS 8 SAIL TRIMMING / HARDWARE 20-25 TRAILER ACCESSORIES / MAST STEPPING 29 BEACH WHEELS / CARTS 30 STICKERS / TOOLS / REPAIRS / MAINTENANCE 32-33 MISC. ACCESSORIES / HOBIE BOOK 34-35 APPAREL / HATS / ACCESSORIES 38-39 Note: Freight to dealers is not included in pricing. No portion of this catalog may be reproduced without the express permission of the Hobie Cat Company. All rights reserved. ©2019 Hobie Cat Company. Oceanside, CA 92056 Pricing subject to change. Printed in USA SAILING PARTS & ACCESSORIES

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LIFE VESTS / SAFETY LIFE VESTS & PFDs FISH GREEN HOBIE INFLATABLE PFDS HOBIE MIRAGE PFD This PFD was designed for Vantage high back seats on Hobie Mirage Kayaks. The flotation in the back is thin for more comfort while seated and helps to prevent the vest from riding up as you pedal. A vent along the spine adds to the comfort. Front zip entry for easy on and off. Large pockets on the front for easy storage and access of small items. High waistline cut so the vest does not ride-up while pedaling. Huge arm cutouts and the short waist allow excellent freedom of movement. Adjustable side straps...

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TRAPEZE - GLOVES HOBIE PET PFDS You can now take your best friend with you safely and in Hobie Style! Added flotation as a swim assist and grab handles, so you can help them back aboard more easily. Adjustable fit, leash attachment, side pockets, grab handles and soft foam undercarriage support. Happy days for dogs! FEATURES: Tri segmented soft foam design; Foam supported Ripstop-nylon collar; Dual cargo pockets (S, M, L, XL); Dual integrated grab handle design (M, L, XL); Soft foam undercarriage support chasis; Integrated leash attachment S9000XS PET PFD XS MANGO <12# S9000SM PET PFD SM...

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DOUBLE ADJUSTABLE TRAPEZE COATED TRAP WIRE SETS Highest quality aircraft stainless wire coated with UV tolerant black or white vinyl coating for all of our wire products. Molded nylon handles are installed at the right place for easy in and out maneuvering. Also available in kits which include the trapeze shock cord. H16,17,SPORT PAIR-WHITE ABOVE w/ SHOCKCORD (16 only) H16,17,SPORT PAIR-BLACK ABOVE w/ SHOCKCORD (16 only) H18 PR (1 SIDE)-WHITE H18 PAIR (1 SIDE)-BLACK ABOVE w/ SHOCKCORDS H14 PAIR-BLACK ABOVE w/ SHOCKCORD GETAWAY PAIR-BLACK Adjust the level of the entire system, ring and...

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HOBIE SAILS PERFORMANCE COMFORT H16 CAYMAN Bravo MARTINQ GETAWAY WING SEATS These are perfect for lazy day sailing, relaxed hiking out on your Hobie Getaway or for high performance fun. Turquoise vinyl mesh covers aluminum extrusions that are contoured to make a very comfortable back rest or seat. Remove two quick pins per side and they rotate in for trailering. 37001000 WING ASSEMBLY WITH TURQ SEAT COVER <=2016 37001030 WING ASSEMBLY WITH GREY SUS SEAT COVER 2017+ 37971058 REPLACEMENT COVER - (PRE SUS) TURQ MESH <=2016 37977058 REPLACEMENT COVER - (PRE SUS) GREY MESH 2017+ 10990010 SAIL,...

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SPINNAKER KITS TECH TIP! ROLLER FURLING JIBS: Just roll the jib up when you come into the beach or de-power if it gets too windy. Want to fly a spinnaker? The furling systems work great for easy spinnaker flying. A roller furling jib system can increase the life of your jib by avoiding flogging the jib material while on the beach or between races. Allows you to store the boat without lowering the jib (jib “snorkle” cover suggested). Kits available for the Hobie 20, 17, 16, 14. HOBIE JIB FURLER SYSTEMS HOBIE WAVE JIB KIT Bring your Wave sailing up a level. More sail area (Jib adds 25 sq ft)...

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SAIL ACCESSORIES UNIVERSAL BATTENS Availability of the correct batten has often been a problem. The various models of Hobie Cats all use different batten and taper lengths. In earlier years, each model Hobie used a different color batten. The battens were all the same specification, just a different color. We now stock only white sail battens for all models. Complete battens sets, cut and tapered to specification length are available for some models. Individual battens are filled from stock as shown in the following table. Batten numbers start from the bottom batten in each sail (#1)....

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CM7703 ® TECH TIP!. WIND INDICATORS: When sailing downwind, without a bridle fly, you can't gauge apparent wind direction without looking up and taking your attention off the action (boats crossing) on the water. The light weight indicators are most suitable in moderate and stronger wind conditions. Not severely affected by wave action, they work well tacking downwind. They are both durable and sensitive. The heavier Telo Cat is the most durable. It stands up to crashing waves sailing in rough conditions. A bridle fly is very effective when sailing off the wind, especially in light and...

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RIGHTING SYSTEMS RIGHTING SYSTEMS TECH TIP! RIGHTING YOUR HOBIE: On that reach...flying through the air and water then...WHAM!!! Your Hobie Cat has forced you to swim instead of sail. Not really what you had in mind? if you have planned ahead you will be up and sailing again quickly. Whether sailing single handed or with a few friends, righting your boat can be quick and easy... First, preventing your mast from becoming one with the bottom, or “turtling” is a priority. We at Hobie have designed mast floats to help keep your Hobie Cat from becoming a ‘mudhen’. The floats attach to the top of...

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STEERING SYSTEMS EPO3 RUDDER BLADES This third generation rudder the EPO3 combines the original shape of the EPO2 rudder with an improved trailing edge. We developed the EPO3 rudder blade as the next generation performance rudder blade for the 14, 16, 17, 18 and 20. With this proven foil shape and a fine trailing edge, the EPO3 offers reduced cavitation with smoother, more forgiving control. The EPO3 rudder is stiff where it counts due to its hand laid fiberglass construction incorporating extra cloth for longitudinal stiffness. We have placed extra glass in all the right places to ensure...

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