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About Us "The Cat That Flies" February 6, 1970 Maximimum fun, minimal drag— for us, that’s always been the program, both from a boat-design perspective and as a guiding philosophy. It began with our founder Hobie Alter, an avid surfercum-sailor-cum-inventor who revolutionized two sports (and their related cultures)—surfing and sailing—and continues today with our innovative kayaks that are purposebuilt to make you smile. While the kayak shape is one of humanity’s most basic water-borne craft, they were traditionally built for hunting, fishing and locomotion—not recreation. Recent centuries...

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redfish. Plus, they featured less drag through the water than anything else afloat. Taking the lessons we learned about powering through surf from sailboats and surfboards, Hobie’s designers combined beaching-friendly rotomolded polyethylene technology with a low-drag, stable hull form to create the Hobie Pursuit (1996), our first kayak. After some careful R&D, we realized that our arms and shoulders often burned-out before we were ready to head ashore. The breakthrough came in 1997 with a simple-yet-revolutionary idea: Instead of paddling, why not mount fins under the hull and connect them...

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The Hobie Mirage Series ® What makes Hobie Kayaks the Best Ride At Hobie, maximizing good times is always the goal. We believe that kayaking should be accessible, rewarding and—above all else—fun. This starts with how you power yourself through the water. For many kayakers, the chore of paddling for long hours can threaten their fun factor. Plus, paddle splashes can scare fish or birds and distract from your peaceful, on-the-water experience. Why struggle to pull with your arms when it’s way more efficient to push with your legs? Hobie’s team figured out a better solution: lose the paddle...

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1. MirageDrive Hobie’s MirageDrive was born of the theory that it’s easier to push something with your legs (big muscles) than it is to pull something with your upper body (smaller muscles). On Hobie Mirage series kayaks, traditional paddles are included but not needed. Instead, two pedals, mounted on levers just forward of your seat, are attached to powerful underwater fins via the MirageDrive’s sleek, lightweight design. When pedaled, these flexible fins assume the shape of a propeller blade, providing forward motion with each pedal stroke. And because the fin inverts its shape on the...

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Mirage Series Standard Features: Carrying handle When it comes to delivering multi-sport adventures, the versatile Hobie Sport plays to all audiences. The key is its moveable seat, which can be positioned fore or aft to accommodate kayakers of all statures and ability levels. Hobie’s MirageDrive system is standard, and the boat’s stable design facilitates a variety of activities, from a leisurely afternoon pedal to a relaxing evening of catching zephyrs using the optional Sail Package. 6" Twist and Seal hatch Sail mount MirageDrive Two-piece paddle w/ on-hull storage Specs: Options: Length:...

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Mirage Series Standard Features: Carrying handle Regardless of the day’s agenda, the Outback’s can-do utility and allaround functionality allow you to get the job done in style. A wide hull provides form stability, allowing you to cast—or reel in the big one— without rocking the boat. The Outback features plenty of cargo and stowage space, and, thanks to its MirageDrive system, your hands are free to tend to your photography, casting, or whatever else is on the day’s “work list”. Large covered bow hatch Sail mount Two-piece paddle w/ on-hull storage MirageDrive Rod holders Specs: Options:...

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Mirage Series Standard Features: Carrying handle Modeled after the bigger Revolution 13, the “Revo 11” features a fastyet-stable hull form, Hobie’s innovative MirageDrive system, generous stowage and lashing configurations and an optional sailing kit, giving you the ability to go. The Revo 11’s featherweight hull accelerates quickly and its nimble-minded design and impressive turning radius allows you to adroitly stalk fish and confidently negotiate persnickety shoals or currents. Large covered bow hatch Sail mount MirageDrive Specs: Options: Length: 11' 6" / 3.51 m Plug-in cart, Sail...

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Mirage Series Standard Features: Carrying handle Kayaking form and function intertwine with the Revolution 13. Whether you’re seeking a nimble kayak, a floating SUV, or an all-out dragster for settling friendly dockside wagers, the “Revo 13” stands ready. Featuring a lightweight, low-drag hull shape, the Revo 13 accelerates quickly and maintains speed with minimal effort; abovedeck, it’s designed for maximum hauling capacity. Three enclosed stowage spots (bow, midships and stern) and a generous stern cargo area facilitate everything from an evening paddle to a multi-day excursion. Large...

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The Hobie Mirage Series Why Fish from a Hobie Mirage? Peace and quiet. When you ditch the engine, you command the element of surprise; when you trade a heavy fishing boat for a kayak, shallows and reefs become casual casting grounds. Pedal instead of paddle and you liberate your hands to net your catch. Combine these factors and chances are excellent that you’ll catch more fish—and have more fun doing it—than you ever thought possible. Innovative, experienced design defines every Hobie kayak: Rod holders where you want them; ample stowage and cargo space; comfortable, ergonomic seats and...

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10 7 6 5 8 4 9 8. Rod Leash Replacing a lost rod is no trivial purchase; safeguard your investment with Hobie’s Rod Leash. The quick-connect hook and heavyduty, elasticized webbing are effective and unobtrusive. 4. Gear Buckets This drop-in tackle box is specially designed to integrate with Hobie’s 8" Twist and Seal hatch to keep you organized. Keep your kit handy with a Gear Bucket. 6. Hobie Livewell The quiet-yet-capable Hobie Livewell is both efficient and effective. Features a highflow, self-priming Attwood pump, a six-volt gel cell battery and charger, an adjustable drain, and a tank...

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