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INVENTOR. INNOVATOR. CHAMPION SURFER. PERENNIAL KID. MEET HOBIE ALTER. THE HOBIE CAT COMPANY’S FOUNDING FATHER. Hobie’s story starts on a sun-bleached Southern California beach in the late 1940s. Surfing was the underground thing and a wave-obsessed Hobie dreamt of combining his two loves, woodworking and surfing. He started by designing and building Balsacored surfboards in 1950 in his parents’ Laguna Beach garage at the age of just 16, and by 1954 he had opened Hobie Surfboards—SoCal’s first surf shop—in nearby Dana Point. Business was good, but Hobie’s first serious breakthrough didn’t...

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ITEM CLOTHING BOOKS / VIDEO ACCESSORIES LIFE VESTS WET WEAR TRAPEZE WING SEATS SAILS BATTENS WIND INDICATORS TRAMPOLINES RIGHTING PAGE 2 3 3 4-5 6 7-9 10 11-13 14-15 16 17 18-19 RUDDERS TILLERS HARDWARE LINE 20 21 22-27 28 TRAILERS, STORAGE MAST STEPPING BEACH WHEELS COVERS / BAGS / PORTS GLOVES ACCESSORIES TOOLS / REPAIRS 30 31 32 32-35 36 37 36-38 SUPPORT / WARRANTY PART GUIDES PART LIST 40 41-57 58-65 Note: Freight to dealers is not included in pricing. Freight charges (especially on larger items) may be additional. No portion of this catalog may be reproduced without the express...

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HATS / SHIRTS HOBIE HATS 5018BL Blue 5018GM Gray Mesh 5018TG Tan Green 5019BK 6 Panel Low Pro 5018BK Black 5018RM Red Mesh HOBIE MICROFIBER HAT With NECK FLAP 5025MF HOBIE BEANIE 5026BW (Women’s White) 5026BM (Men’s Black) HOBIE AUSSIE Hat 5024LG (23.6” - 60cm) 5024MD (22.8” - 58cm) LID LATCH Don’t let that fancy new hat blow away. Secure it to your shirt, life vest, or harness with a Lid Latch. 1553L Back Back Sleeve 5126xx Longitude 33 (White) 5127xx Regatta (Black) HOBIE “T” SHIRTS All shirts are 100% cotton with screened graphic designs. (xx = size) md, lg, xl 2 Sailing 5128xx Sunset...

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SUNGLASSES HOBIE SUNGLASSES Hobie® Polarized Sunglasses are designed to improve your vision by eliminating glare, a problem that has been around since the first sunrise. Once you wear Hobie sunglasses you will never want to be without them! By cutting all glare, our sunglasses make it easier to see the wind on the water, the fish in the water and any obstacles in your way. When you put on Hobies it’s like a vacation for your eyes! See the complete line of Hobie Sunglasses at hobiepolarized.com 1562BLK - PLAYA LICENSE FRAMES 3041 “Fly A Hobie Cat” 3042 “I’d Rather Be Sailing” 3043 “HOBIE”...

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HOBIE HI-BUCK MESH by Stohlquist This front entry vest was designed just for Hobie Kayaks! The flotation in the back is up high and away from the seatback (less bulk down low). Short length does not "ride up" around your neck k when you are sitting. There is a mesh panel across the back. Front zip entry for easy on and I off. A zipper keeper to prevent the zipper from slipping down when in use. Large mesh pockets f on the front for easy storage and access of small items. Stretchy neoprene adjustable padded shoulders. Ventilated mesh side panels. High waistline cut. Huge arm cutouts and a...

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WATER WEAR HOBIE WATER WEAR Be more comfortable and extend your kayaking / sailing season by dressing appropriately for the conditions. Hobie water wear is designed for both kayaking and sailing needs. Hobie Spray Top Designed for active kayaking and sailing. Can be worn with swim trunks or over a wetsuit. Mix and match layers to get the comfort you desire. Spray and wind protection. Beautiful styling and extra durable construction. Construction Features: Neck and wrist seals, Neoprene waist seal, Breathable 5000cm3 nylon shell, Offset chest pocket, Arm patch pocket. HOBIE SPRAY TOP 3850SM...

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Full “Auto” Harness TRAPEZE For those looking for added back support and comfort while on the trapeze. Great for spending lots of time on the wire. New spreader ratcheting feature allows easy adjustment of harness around hips as well as quick release feature to get out of harness quickly. Crotchless design with neoprene leg straps, adjustable lumbar support, neoprene covers over side buckles. and reinforced patch on the seat. Comes with 10” stainless spreader bar that can only be used with this harness. Colors may vary. 1376xx Full “Auto” Harness (xx = size) (SM,MD,LG,XL) FULL “AUTO”...

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TRAPEZE J & H HANDLES Open design combination dogbone/ trapeze handle makes getting hooked and unhooked very simple. Choose a different color for the skipper and crew for easy identification. 2004BLK Pair-Black 2004WHT Pair-White COATED TRAP WIRE SETS Highest quality aircraft stainless wire coated with UV tolerant black or white vinyl coating for all of our wire products. Molded nylon handles are installed at the right place for easy in and out maneuvering. Also available in kits which include the trapeze shock cord. 1471W H16,17,SPORT Pair-White 1472W Above w/ Shockcord (16 only)...

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RAIL RUG TRAPEZE Provides excellent footing when out on the trapeze. Kit includes a high quality grade of carpeting which absorbs less water, keeping weight down and reducing mildew. Also included in each kit; industrial grade contact cement (much better than the hardware store variety), brush and easy to follow instructions. For all catamarans. 1671BLK  H14/16–Black 16703  Contact Cement–Pt FOOT STRAPS / CARRYING HANDLES  Stop that unexpected “JOURNEY TO THE BOW.” Add foot straps for the skipper and crew for security on those screaming reaches. Also, just right for lifting the boat instead...

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PERFORMANCE AND COMFORT! GETAWAY WING SEATS SEATS/WINGS These are perfect for lazy day sailing, relaxed hiking out on your Hobie Getaway or for high performance fun. Turquoise vinyl mesh covers aluminum extrusions that are contoured to make a very comfortable back rest or seat. Remove two quick pins per side and they rotate in for trailering. 37001000  Wing Assembly with seat cover 37971058  Replacement Cover - Turq Mesh HOBIE GETAWAY WAVE BACK RESTS These simple to install Back Rests are perfect for lazy day sailing on your Hobie Wave. The last word in sailing comfort. They plug into the...

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