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Hobie Alter shaped his first surfboard in his parents’ Laguna Beach garage. After ample hands-on R&D, Hobie introduced a lightweight, beachable sailing catamaran, the Hobie 14. Hobie teamed up with Grubby Clark to produce the world’s first fiberglassand-foam-core boards, revolutionizing surfing. Introduced the Hobie Hawk remote controlled glider. Reading the water is tricky, but Hobie tamed reflected light with its line of polarized sunglasses. Demand for Hobie’s boards spiked, so he opened his first Surf Shop in Dana Point, California. After witnessing the birth of skateboarding, Hobie...

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INNOVATING NEW WAYS TO PLAY ON THE WATER SINCE 1950 1997 Hobie MirageDrive® delivered “A New Way to Kayak,” by pedaling instead of paddling. The Hobie Float Cat marked the company’s first cast into angling. A design ahead of its time, the Hobie TriFoiler dropped jaws with its staggering speed. The versatile Mirage Adventure Island offered the ability to sail, pedal, paddle and play. Hobie Alter’s epic biography. The Mirage Outback introduced kayak fishing in an SUV package. Building on 50 years of industry-leading board design, Hobie SUPs propelled surf sports off the beach to nearly any...

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S TA N D A R D F E AT U R E S : • Seamless rotomolded polyethylene hull • Light, stiff, super durable and impact-resistant build • Fully battened, multi-colored, square-top Dacron mainsail (available in Seabreeze color) • A-frame mast support eliminates shrouds and makes rigging easy • Powerful yet manageable sailplan • Elliptical sailplan twists off in strong puffs or gusts for power control • Unique angled battens allow for easy reefing and furling/unfurling of sail • One-pull sail reefing and furling system • Boomless rig • Non-conductive Comptip mast • EZ Loc Rudder System simplifies...

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Fun for the family and exciting for the juniors while forgiving enough for the newly initiated, the Hobie Wave is the ideal must-go-sailing-now catamaran. Its symmetrically shaped hulls and keel design provide lift while eliminating the need for daggerboards, and its rotomolded polyethylene construction is nearly indestructible. A large, fully-battened, boomless mainsail is powerful in the light stuff, but is designed to reduce power in an unexpected gust. The Hobie Wave is ideal for sailing solo or with a friend, while the Wave Club edition can also be used for schools, organizations or...

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S T A N D A R D F E AT U R E S : • Super durable, impact-resistant rotomolded polyethylene two-shot hulls, with positive buoyancy • Fully-battened, multi-colored square top Dacron mainsail (available in Seabreeze color) • Dacron jib with anti-UV strip • Mesh trampoline with pocket • EZ Loc Rudder System and tiller extension • Aluminum mast with Comptip • Jib sheet fixed on front crossbar • Replaceable keel skid • Integrated traveler track on rear crossbar • Ball-bearing main traveler • Double trapeze • Jib furler kit • Righting line and “Hobie Bob” mast float for easy righting OPTIONS:...

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When the agenda involves sailing with friends and family, the Hobie Getaway is a surefire ticket to multihull fun. Stir in the boat’s performance-minded symmetrically shaped hulls, its efficient, mainsail-driven sailplan and its roller-furling jib and you quickly discover a sailing pedigree that leaves others stalled out. With the Getaway, there’s no worry about impromptu raft-ups, beaching or docking; its impact-resistant, rotomolded polyethylene hull provides years’ worth of family fun. But most impressive is the Getaway’s awesome value—expect great times for a modest price tag. • Super...

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ADVENTURE ISLAND A. I . BREEZ E An absolute joy on the water, the Hobie Mirage Adventure Island is impressively approachable. Ride the wind: A roller-furling, vertically battened mainsail provides lift, a retractable centerboard prevents lateral slip, and the larger amas tuck parallel against the rotomolded polyethylene hull for docking. Multiple hatches, on deck stowage and Vantage CT Seating encourage multi-day adventures, and the MirageDrive with Glide Technology offers paddle-free locomotion when the wind scatters, making it easy to get home. The “AI” is also an exceptional...

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• Two MirageDrives with Glide Technology and Turbo Bluefins • Two-piece carbon composite mast • Roller-furling, boomless mainsail • Easily retractable/removable, color-coordinated amas • Deck-mounted aka crossbars • Built-in, fully retractable, kick-up centerboard • Kick-up Island rudder • Fingertip steering control at both cockpits • Sheets lead to both cockpits • Two 4-way adjustable Vantage CT seats • Two 2-piece paddles with on-aka storage • Harken blocks, all lines and sailing hardware • Rear cargo compartment with Bungee tie-downs • Large forward storage hatch • Three 8" “Twist and...

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• Asymmetrical hulls eliminate daggerboards, facilitating beaching • Kick-up rudder system • Race-ready, brightly colored Dacron sails (available in either Seabreeze or Hot Tamale colors) • Elevated trampoline platform provides a dry ride and allows for easy trapezing • EPO3 carbon-fiber rudder blades • Double-trapeze rig • Harken blocks • Comptip mast provides safety and heavy air performance • Black anodized spars The Hobie 16 was unleashed on the Southern California beach scene in 1970 and sailing was instantly transformed. The beach-launched Hobie 16 brought the sport to legions of...

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Simply put, speed is addictive. Savor some windy-day trapeze time and your brain quickly acclimates to quick closing times, and rapidly advancing horizons. The Wild Cat, a no holds barred class killer, is designed to efficiently feed your adrenaline addiction. Elegant, functional touches include wave-piercing bows, an integrated wing-mast section, high-aspect ratio daggerboards and rudders, dual trapezes, a spinnaker launching-and-retrieval system and seriously fast fiberglass hulls. Weight the trapeze wires and the Wild Cat immediately delivers real-world lessons in “evolving”...

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