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HOBIE Sailing Collection 2009 - 2

Growing up in Laguna Beach during the 1950s, Hobie Alter always knew he wanted to make life fun. But how could he have known that he would someday make a life out of fun? And in the process forever change the way people play in It all began on a sunny day at Laguna's Main Beach, when a teenaged buddy of Hobie's asked "What are we going to do with our lives?" For Hobie the answer was simple. He looked out onto the waves, dug his toes in the sand and said, "Nothing where we have to wear shoes, or live on the east side of the Pacific Coast Highway." The solution was born in his parents'...

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HOBIE Sailing Collection 2009 - 3

In the late 60's Hobie started messing around in boats. With head designer Phil Edwards, Hobie developed a prototype for a lightweight, fast and easy-to-sail playboat based on the Polynesian twin-hulled catamaran. History soon repeated itself. What the foam Hobie surfboard did for surfing the Hobie Cat did for sailing, introducing a whole new way to have fun in the sun and revolutionizing the industry in the process. In the past four decades more people have taken to the water on a Hobie Cat than almost any other sailboat design. The Hobie Cat models are still the world's best selling cats...

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HOBIE Sailing Collection 2009 - 4

ROTOmOLDED SERIES The Bravo is Hobie's contribution to sailing simplicity. Its large sail area makes it responsive in light winds, while the roller-furling main and square-top sail design allow for controlled sailing in all wind conditions. Hobie Cat has a patented unique furling Bravo Sail Rig. With its unmatched ease of use, comfort and stability, the Hobie Bravo is ideal for new sailors and experienced sailors of all ages. And of course—since it's a Hobie—it looks great! STHRDHRD FEHTURES: Seamless Super Linear II Rotomolded Polyethylene hull construction Light, stiff, super durable and...

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HOBIE Sailing Collection 2009 - 5

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HOBIE Sailing Collection 2009 - 6

ROTOmOLDED SERIES Sail solo or with a friend and discover the Wave's remarkable quickness and agility. Bring the whole family and experience the Wave's great carrying capacity and stability. The Wave is quick to assemble, fast, and exciting to sail. Hobie's Rotomolded polyethylene manufacturing process makes the Wave catamaran lightweight, yet durable. Also available as the Wave Club Edition—perfect for resorts, clubs, rentals, STRRDRRD FEHTURES: • Super durable, impact-resistant Rotomolded Polyethylene two-shot hulls, with positive buoyancy • Special keel shape eliminates daggerboards for...

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HOBIE Sailing Collection 2009 - 7

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HOBIE Sailing Collection 2009 - 8

ROTOmOLDED SERIES The Hobie Getaway is the "social boat" ofHobie Cat's Rotomolded catamaran line. With significantly more hull volume than the ever-popular Hobie Wave, plus huge carrying capacity, the Hobie Getaway comfortably accommodates six adults. Or take the whole family out for a comfortable evening cruise. A lot of boat at a tremendous value, the Hobie Getaway is designed to withstand rigorous use and provide years of sailing enjoyment for the entire family. The Hobie Getaway... serious performance in a very playful, manageable boat. STHRDHRD FEHTURES: • Super durable,...

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HOBIE Sailing Collection 2009 - 9

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HOBIE Sailing Collection 2009 - 10

The Hobie Mirage Adventure Island is the newest addition to the Hobie Fleet. A 16' Trimaran "Sail/yak" that incorporates the patented Hobie MirageDrive into a unique sailing machine unlike any other craft on the water. Polynesian style Amas provide uncompromising stability and the roller furling main offers a wide range of sailing power. This is just too STHRDHRD FEHTURES: Hobie Mirage Adventure Kayak hull with MirageDrive Deck mounted crossbars Fiberglass daggerboard Patented Roller-Furling sail with battens Two-piece mast Full length mast/sail storage bag Harken blocks Oversized "Twist...

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HOBIE Sailing Collection 2009 - 11

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HOBIE Sailing Collection 2009 - 12

With its legendary design and induction into the Sailing Hall of Fame, the Hobie 16 is truly in a class of its own. Over thirty years of racing and going stronger than ever. Powerful enough to challenge veteran sailors yet easy enough for beginners, the Hobie 16 is the perfect all-around cat. Asymmetrical hulls eliminate the need for daggerboards. This makes for easy launching and beaching. The Hobie 16... the ultimate STHRDHRD FEHTURES: • White asymmetrical hulls eliminate daggerboards for easy beaching • Hobie's kick-up rudders allow easy beaching • Colored, race-ready Dacron sails •...

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HOBIE Sailing Collection 2009 - 13

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HOBIE Sailing Collection 2009 - 14

A high performance import from Hobie U.S.A. 's sister company, Hobie Cat Europe. The FX One is a finely tuned cat that can be raced as a single hander or provide an exciting ride with some friends. The wave piercing hulls are fast, easy to control and track well. Common components from the Hobie Tiger assure a strong but fast ride on and off the wind. STRRDRRD FEHTURES: • White hulls • Mesh trampoline w/ pocket • Square top Pentex Mylar® main sail • 8:1 Harken malnsheet system • Adjustable mast rotation • Carbon reinforced rudders and daggerboards • Hobie klck-up rudder system • Adjustable...

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HOBIE Sailing Collection 2009 - 15

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HOBIE Sailing Collection 2009 - 16

Another high performance import from Hobie Cat Europe, the Hobie Tiger has become one of the most exciting and fastest growing catamaran one- design racing fleets in the world. The Tiger is raced with a crew of two and a spinnaker for increased downwind performance. Designed to conform to Formula 18 racing rules, the Hobie Tiger is an ISAF recognized class. Its fittings, hull design and sail shape are results of the latest developments in sailing technology. STHRDHRD FEHTURES: • White hulls • Mesh trampoline with pocket • Square-top Pentex Mylar main sail • Fully-battened Pentex Mylar jib •...

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HOBIE Sailing Collection 2009 - 17

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