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Growing up in Laguna Beach during the 1950s, Hobie Alter always knew he wanted to make life fun. But how could he have known that he would someday make a life out of fun? And in the process forever change the way people play in the water. It all began on a sunny day at Laguna's Main Beach, when a teenaged buddy of Hobie's asked "What are we going to do with our lives?" For Hobie the answer was simple. He looked out onto the waves, dug his toes in the sand and said, "Nothing where we have to wear shoes, or live on the east side of the Pacific Coast Highway." The solution was born in his...

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HOBIE Parts & Accessories - 3

ITEM PAGE Muía: Fimti'ni lit 'Ja-ildrz h nut ¡ndudad ¡n ¡jríshi'j. -imtjhi ciiür<j33 (sapaebiUy on l-injir items) may ba üüdUhuiúL No portion of this catalog may be reproduced without the express permission of the Hobie Cat Company. Printed in USA. All rights reserved. ®2008 Hobie Cat Company. Oceanside, CA 92056 'MERICAL PARTS LIST 34-37

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HOBIE Parts & Accessories - 4

HATS WITH "HOBIE FISHING" Flexfit 5022FK / 5022FO — Note: Flex-Fit hats "one size fits most" HOBIE HATS Hats with Hobie "H" in contrasting color and "Hobie" on the side. Mesh versions are breathable and made from 100% Polyester. Others are 100% Cotton Brushed Twill. All but Blue/Gold have embroidered logo raised and back shadowed LID LATCH Don't let that fancy new hat blow away. Secure it to your shirt or life vest with a Lid Latch. 5130XX Hobie Mirage Kayaking (Gray) 5129XX Hobie Mirage Kayaking (Black) 5131XX Hobie Mirage Fishing (Tan) HOBIE T" SHIRTS All shirts are 100% cotton with...

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HOBIE Parts & Accessories - 5

HOBIE SUNGLASSES Hobie® Polarized Sunglasses ^e designed to Improve your vision by eliminating glare, a problem that has been around since the first sunrjj^ Once you wear Hoble sunglasses you will want to be without them! By cutting all glare, our sunglasses make water, the fish In the water ancn obstacles In your way. When you put on Hobles It's like a vacation for your eyes! See the* complete line of Hoble Sunglasses at first sunrise^ f compiere une or nODie òungiasse HOBIE CROAKIES Keep your glasses In place! Made from wetsult fabric that will not stretch or lose shape when wet. Remains...

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HOBIE Parts & Accessories - 6

HOBIE WATER WEAR Be more comfortable and extend your kayaking / sailing season by dressing appropriately for the conditions. Mix and match layers to get the comfort you desire. Hobie water wear is designed for both kayaking and sailing needs. HOBIE SPRAY TOP Designed for active kayaking and sailing. Can be worn with swim trunks or over a wetsuit. Mix and match layers to get the comfort you desire. Spray and wind protection. Beautiful styling and extra durable construction. Construction Features: Neck and wrist seals, Neoprene waist seal, Breathable 5000cm3 nylon shell, Offset chest pocket,...

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HOBIE Parts & Accessories - 7

" Wetsuit Hobie "Full" Wetsuit 3mm/2mm For colder days. Add the Hobie Spray Top to further extend the cold weather comfort range. Add a rash guard for chafe protection. Vertical back zip entry. Features: Anti-choke neck, Armortex knees, Lumbar Flex Zone . Construction: 100% Dura Flex with mesh chest and back panels, Glued, Blindstitched seams. horty Hobie "S HOBIE FULL WETSUIT – 3/2 RED/BLACK 3854SM / 3854MD / 3854LG / 3854XL HOBIE FULL WETSUIT – 3/2 BLACK 3856SM / 3856MD / 3856LG / 3856XL " Wetsuit LL 86-93 91-98 6’0” - 6’2” 183 - 189 34-36 41-44 103-110 43-46 108-115 5’11” - 6’1” 179 -...

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HOBIE Parts & Accessories - 8

HOBIE LIFE VESTS ■This front entry vest was designed just for IHobie Kayaks! The flotation in the back fis up high and away from the seatback r (less bulk down low). Short length does not "ride up" around your neck when you are sitting. There is a mesh panel across the back. Front zip entry for easy on and off. A zipper keeper to prevent the zipper from slipping down when in use. Large mesh pockets on the front for easy BACK FLOTATION storage and access of small items. ABOVE SEATBACK Stretchy neoprene adjustable padded shoulders. Ventilated mesh J^L side panels. High waistline cut. Huge arm...

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HOBIE Parts & Accessories - 9

HOBIE SHORT-PROFILE VEST by Stohlquist This side entry design has set the standard for streamlined pfd fit. Cool mesh side panels and reflective accents. Stretchy neoprene adjustable padded shoulders. Roomy mesh pocket with "D" ring for keys. Ventilated mesh side panels. High waistline cut. Huge arm cutouts and a short waist allow excellent freedom of movement. Extra short length does not "ride up" around your neck when you are sitting. Adjustable side straps offer enough size variation for many layers underneath or none! SM / MD / LG / XL / XXL Sizes (Chest) STEARN'S CHILD/YOUTH VESTS Our...

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HOBIE Parts & Accessories - 10

ST FINS ...and you thought the Hobie MirageDrive was the most amazing propulsion system ever seen! Now you can make your Hobie MirageDrive a SUPER PERFORMER! Hobie Mirage kayak users report as much as 10% increase in speed and more using ST TURBO Fins. But its not all about speed, you can get top end speed and a slower cadence for cruising (Less pedals per mile). All achieved with these larger and more efficient fin designs. Increase your performance or increase your fitness routine, you choose the fin that is right for you: Standard, ST or ST Turbo... low, medium or a higher gear! The...

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HOBIE Parts & Accessories - 11

HOBIE BIMINI We all love the sun, but It can be a bit much at times. Protect yourself with a Hoble Blmlnl Sun Shade. The Blmlnl Is easily attached to any Hoble Kayak. With the Hoble mount Installed, a simple flick of a finger can attach, adjust or remove the Blmlnl. It can be easily folded out of the way or set up to block the sun. Simple adjustments can tilt the shade from side to side or to different heights and angles for best I protection from the sun's rays. Requires Hoble mount. The Hoble Mount will attach to just about any kayak. It extends or retracts for a perfect fit. 72710 Mount...

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HOBIE Parts & Accessories - 12

ADD SAILING TO YOUR HOBIE MIRAGE KAYAK EXPERIENCE! MIRAGE KAYAK SAIL RIG Add sail power to Hobie Mirage Kayaks! (Fits all current models of Hobie Mirage Kayaks). The Patented MirageDrive pedal system allows you to pedal while sailing which helps you to maintain forward motion through turns and obtain higher speeds. Sail with ease maintaining excellent speed with or without pedaling while sailing. Easily pedal out to sail or pedal home when the wind is too light. Add a SideKick ama kit for additional stability if desired. HOBIE MIRAGE KAYAKS... THE ONLY KAYAKS THAT Paddle kayaks do not have...

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