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HOBIE Kayaking Collection 2009 - 2

Growing up in Laguna Beach during the 1950s, Hobie Alter always knew he wanted to make life fun. But how could he have known that he would someday make a life out of fun? And in the process forever change the way people play in It all began on a sunny day at Laguna's Main Beach, when a teenaged buddy of Hobie's asked "What are we going to do with our lives?" For Hobie the answer was simple. He looked out onto the waves, dug his toes in the sand and said, "Nothing where we have to wear shoes, or live on the east side of the Pacific Coast Highway." The solution was born in his parents'...

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HOBIE Kayaking Collection 2009 - 3

In the late 60's Hobie started messing around in boats. With head designer Phil Edwards, Hobie developed a prototype for a lightweight, fast and easy-to-sail playboat based on the Polynesian twin-hulled catamaran. History soon repeated itself. What the foam Hobie surfboard did for surfing the Hobie Cat did for sailing, introducing a whole new way to have fun in the sun and revolutionizing the industry in the process. In the past four decades more people have taken to the water on a Hobie Cat than almost any other sailboat design. The Hobie Cat models are still the world's best selling cats...

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HOBIE Kayaking Collection 2009 - 4

H flELU UJHV TO HHVHH As a nimble, efficient watercraft the kayak's basic design has remained unchanged for centuries—until now. Hobie's MlrageDrive™ achieved a real stroke of genius by eliminating the stroke and introducing the step. Here's how it works: alternating pedal steps drive two underwater fins that work much like a penguin's flippers, propelling the Mirage with surprising speed and ease. With minimum effort, coming up to plane and reaching top speed are a snap. In a match race between a single Hobie Mirage and a conventional tandem kayak, the Hobie Mirage won hands-down (pun...

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HOBIE Kayaking Collection 2009 - 5

The MirageDrive'" is simple and easy to use. It inserts into the well and the "Click & Go" secures it into position. Your feet rest naturally on the pedals and you push each pedal effortlessly forward, just like walking. With each step the MirageDrive'" "flippers" flex and take the shape of a propeller blade. The larger muscles in our legs produce more powerful propulsion versus arms using a paddle. The MirageDrive"" is quiet, creates no splash, and leaves your hands free for fishing, photography or holding a drink. 8. Twist & Seal Hatches Allow you to access additional storage below deck....

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HOBIE Kayaking Collection 2009 - 6

Carrying Handle Here's a boat that can adjust to your every need—and size. With its movable seat mount, this lightweight pedaling kayak can be adapted to fit paddlers from age six to eighty, from four feet to over six and everyone in between. Pedal it, paddle it or sail it—if you're looking for the boat that can do it all—for all—the Mirage Sport is 6" Twist & Seal Hatch Sail Mount Two Piece Paddle w/ On-Hull Storage 8" Twist & Seal Hatch w/ Mid-Boat Carrying Handle Rudder Control Utility Trays Adjustable High Back Padded Cargo Area w/ Bungee Tie-Downs Carrying Handle Twist & Stow

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HOBIE Kayaking Collection 2009 - 8

Don't call it a work boat—it's just too much fun. But whether you're fishing, hunting, shooting photos or simply on a lunch break, the Outback's stable, almost hands-free configuration definitely gets the job done. It comes with four molded-in fishing rod holders, storage hatches and large on-deck cargo area. And for total versatility try the popular optional Sail Package, Bimini, Dodger and Plug-in Cart. Talk about having it all. Carrying Handle . Large Covered Bow Hatch . Sail Mount. Mesh Covered Stowage Pocket. 8" Twist & Seal Hatch w/ Mid-Boat Carrying Handles Rudder Control_ Utility...

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HOBIE Kayaking Collection 2009 - 10

Carrying Handle _ Now by popular demand comes the hybrid... the Hobie Revolution has nearly the speed of the Adventure, loads of utility like the Outback and a lot of the Sport maneuverability. It provides an easy-to-use, stable, efficient alternative to traditional kayaking. It will enhance your on-the-water experience with a deluxe cockpit and speed to get you to the best spots quickly. Full of style, lots of storage and ready to go. Large Covered Bow Hatch Sail Mount. Two Piece Paddle w/ On Hull Storage Mesh Covered Stowage Pockets 8" Twist & Seal Hatch w/ Rudder Control_ Mid-Boat...

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HOBIE Kayaking Collection 2009 - 12

Carrying Handle. With its innovative design features (patents pending), and building on the success of the Hobie Mirage Outback, the Mirage Outfitter is the kayak everyone has been asking for. Built for two but also perfect for the solo user, the Outfitter was designed so everything you need is precisely where you want it; Handles, Hatches, Stowage Pockets, Drink Holders, Rod Holders and more. Have a great time with your favorite friend on the Hobie Outfitter. Forward Cargo Area w/ Bungee Tie-Downs - Mesh Covered Stowage Pocket 8" Twist & Seal Hatch Utility Trays Adjustable High Back Padded...

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HOBIE Kayaking Collection 2009 - 14

Carrying Handle Experience the Power of Two! With both patented MirageDrive pedal systems engaged, the Hobie Mirage Oasis is the fastest kayak in the fleet. Stable but sleek, with plenty of room for gear, the Oasis is the perfect craft for sharing your next excursion. It's loads of fun whether pedaling, paddling, or sailing. You can also 6" Twist & Seal Hatch. Mesh covered stowage pocket 8" Twist & Seal Hatch . Adjustable High Back Padded Sail Mount Mid-Boat Carrying Handles On-Hull Storage_ 8" Twist & Seal Hatch w/ Rudder Control_ Mesh covered stowage pocket Adjustable High Back Padded...

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HOBIE Kayaking Collection 2009 - 16

Carrying Handle The name says it all. This model features everything you want in a fast touring boat: speed, tracking ability, comfort and enough room for gear. If a totally self-sufficient adventure is your destination, then this is the boat to take you there. It also lets you add the optional Sail Package, Bimini, Dodger, and Plug-in Cart. Where will you go on your next Adventure? Large Covered Bow Hatch Sail Mount. Daggerboard Well. Mesh Covered Stowage Pockets - 8" Twist & Seal Hatch w/ Rudder Control_ Mid-Boat Carrying Handles_ Adjustable High Back Padded Seat Two Piece Paddle w/ on...

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