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HCE sailing collection 2017 - 3

FOUNDED ON INNOVATION Inspired by his passion for the water, Hobie Alter created a lifestyle around fun and the outdoors. Redefining limits through constant innovation, Hobie’s inspired designs make experiencing the water more accessible and enjoyable. A strong and unique heritage that lives on, rooted in decades of board shaping and boat building knowledge. Constructed with the finest quality materials, every detail demonstrating the craftsmanship forever associated with Hobie. Built to go far and to get you there fast, performance oriented products that wisk you away to your next...

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HCE sailing collection 2017 - 4

From beginners to experts, the Bravo delivers good times The Hobie Bravo is ideal for beginners on moderate days while still offering an entertaining ride for skilled hands on breezu days. Its unique hard deck attaches directly to the hulls. Sturdy rotomolded polyethylene construction makes the Bravo an ideal candidate for beach launchings and wind-day docking lessons, and its user-friendly, boomless mainsail twists off in puffs while remaining stiff enought to capture gentle breezes. Should the wind machine really start piping, the Bravo’s sail, which flies off of an easy-to-step A-frame...

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HCE sailing collection 2017 - 6

Easy to assemble and to sail, the Hobie Catsy was specially designed for beginners in the sport of catamaran sailing. STANDARD FEATURES: • White polyethylene hulls • Mast float • Colored Dacron Mainsail with reef points • Colored Dacron, jib with anti-UV strip • Mesh trampoline with pockets • Polyester rudder blades • Tendon connection kit • Standard blocks • Hawaiian righting kit Aluminium beach dolly

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HCE sailing collection 2017 - 9

Sporty, stable and speedy, the Wave offers impressive mission flexibility The minimal-maintenance Wave has earned its reputation as a fun and versatile beach cat thanks to its impressive buoyancy. While the Wave makes for a great social platform, it’s also a sporty, performanceminded catamaran that boasts symmetrically shaped keels that create lift, without the need for daggerboards. The boat’s rotomolded polyethylene hulls are safe, sturdy and encourage island exploration, while its sailplan can tackle everything from light airs to days when the wind is blowing dogs off chains....

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HCE sailing collection 2017 - 11

ROTOMOLDED MARTINIQUE A recreative simple yet performant cat With its international design, the Hobie T1 is simple and performant. Everything on board is meant for ergonomy and security : molded-in rear and front handles for easy transportation, crossbar attachments with ergonomid nuts with round smooth surface, 100 % waterproof crossbar and gudgeons inserts for easy assembly, anti-skid surface molded in the hulls on the deck and between the crossbars and the mast float. The fully battened colored Dacron loose-footed mainsail (“Catalina”) with reef points and the smaller sail set...

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HCE sailing collection 2017 - 12

Martin ique Fun with a friend - the Getaway is even better with the whole gang One of sailing’s greatest pleasures is sharing it with your loved ones, and the Getaway stands ready to help you mint indelible memories. While a shorthanded crew can handle the Getaway in modest breezes, this capable catamaran can carry up to six sailors, making it a versatile family pleaser. The boat’s newly redesigned rotomolded polyethylene hulls feature reverse bows and an additional six inches of length (15 cm), improving the Getaway’s playful performance. Enjoy impromptu picnic lunches, multi-boat...

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HCE sailing collection 2017 - 14

ROTOMOLDED Martin ique A rotomolded rocketship for sailors who want it all The can-do T2 matches a powerful sailplan and a double-trapeze rig with a pair of forgiving rotomolded polyethylene hulls to create a user-friendly, high-adrenaline rocketship. The T2’s symmetrically shaped keels eliminate the need for daggerboards, and the boat’s built-in righting line and “Hobie Bob” simplify righting maneuvers, should you accidentally discover the outside of the envelope. A square-topped mainsail, a Dacron jib, and an optional Gennaker make the T2 a perfect boat for sailors transitioning to...

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HCE sailing collection 2017 - 16

Adventure island BAHAMA Pedal, paddle or sail: the Hobie Adventure Island easily converts from a capable kayak to a nimble trimaran, depending on the day’s objective. Designed for singlehanded multi-sport fun, the Adventure Island sports a vertically battened, square-topped mainsail that can be roller-reefed in a breeze, as well as a pedal-powered Hobie MirageDrive® 180 that’s equipped with brawny ST Turbo fins for light-air conditions. The comfortable Vantage CT seat, cleverly designed cockpit, retractable centerboard and sturdy rotomolded polyethylene hulls inspire solo or multi-boat...

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HCE sailing collection 2017 - 19

Amplify your on-the-water fun with the oneor-two person Tandem Island TANDEM island BAHAMA When it comes to doubling down on the fun factor, it’s almost impossible to beat the Tandem Island, an expedition-worthy kayak that quickly shape shifts into a nimble, two-person trimaran. The “TI” features three durable, rotomolded polyethylene hulls that encourage shallow-water exploration and enough watertight hatches and on-deck storage for a proper saline sabbatical. High-octane features include a two-part carbonfiber mast, a roller-reefing mainsail, a fully retractable centerboard, Harken...

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HCE sailing collection 2017 - 21

Fun Social Competitive Exhilarating Hobie 16 Worlds Jervis Bay, Australia Iconic Hobie Cats have launched straight from the sand and flown hulls since 1968. Easy to set up, quick to learn yet ready to challenge the most aggressive sailor’s skills, Hobie boats forever transformed sailing. Gather your crew. Today, Hobie fleets sail six continents, racing with the hobieclass.com International Hobie Class Association.

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HCE sailing collection 2017 - 22

FIBERGLASS DRAGOON From initiation to performance racing with the Hobie Dragoon The Dragoon is the result of the collaboration between sailing schools and Hobie Cat. It has been specially designed to train sailors from initiation to performance racing. This catamaran is equipped to start sailing in regattas, then evolve into highly competitive competition. STANDARD FEATURES: • White fiberglass hulls • Neoprene anti-skid strip • Colored Dacron sails, radial cut, reef points in main sail and jib on furler • Mesh trampoline with pocket • Lexan rudder blades • TCM connection kit • Aluminium...

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