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HOBIE KAYAKING & FISHING COLLECTION The World’s Best-Selling Pedal Kayaks For 20 Years And Counting

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1950 FIRST SURFBOARD Hobie Alter shapes his first surfboard in his parents’ Laguna Beach garage 1950 1954 HOBIE SURF SHOP The doors to the first Hobie Surf Shop open in Dana Point, CA 1968 HOBIE 14 A lightweight, beachable catamaran sails into the spotlight 1960 1958 NEW GENERATION OF SURFING Invents Fiberglass/foam-core boards with Grubby Clark 1970 HOBIE 16 Classic. The two-person, double trapeze catamaran 1982 HOBIE 33 The Hobie 33 was the fastest, sleekest monohull in its class 1980 1982 HOBIE POLARIZED Visibility for the best experiences on the water 68 YEARS OF NON –STOP INNOVATION...

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PREMIUM PLUS LINE REDEFINING KAYAKING SINCE 1997 For 20 years and counting, Hobie has been the undisputed world leader in pedal-propelled kayaks, with an R&D laboratory and patent portfolio that remains second to none. Proudly handcrafted in Oceanside, CA using only the highest quality materials curated from around the world, our fleet of Premium Plus kayaks is light-years ahead of anything else on the market. Powered by the revolutionary and patented MirageDrive 180 with ARC Cranks, the Premium Plus Line is powerful, efficient, stealthy, and easily adjustable. When first introduced in...

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In 1997 Hobie revolutionized kayaking forever. Experience 20 years of innovation perfected. The most significant technological innovation in modern kayak history, the MirageDrive, immediately and permanently revolutionized the sport of kayaking upon its introduction in 1997. Hobie has been innovating ever since. As the unquestioned leader in pedal-propulsion for over 20 years, more kayakers have purchased a Hobie than all other pedal brands combined. Today, the patented MirageDrive 180 with ARC Cranks sets a new standard for pedal drives, offering more versatility, speed, and simplicity...

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VANTAGE SEATING Unparalleled adjustability for the utmost comfort, a drier ride, and longer days on the water. The patented Vantage Seat represents a pinnacle achievement in our efforts to maximize your on-water comfort, making for a luxurious ride so you spend every moment focused on your adventure and the environment around you. Our ergonomic Vantage Seats take adjustability and breathability to a whole new level, with features and materials that provide unrivaled support and comfort for a full day on the water. All Vantage seats provide a kick stand for an even higher Vantage point and...

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MIRAGE OUTBACK: FISHING WE ACCOMPLISHED THE IMPOSSIBLE – WE IMPROVED THE WORLD’S #1 PEDAL FISHING KAYAK TO MAKE IT TRULY LEGENDARY With the first major redesign of the best-selling Mirage Outback in over a decade, Hobie has single-handedly advanced the sport of kayak fishing. This fully-loaded fishing machine is built for every conceivable fishing expedition, whether you’re prowling the ocean for monster gamefish or stalking bass in your favorite freshwater fishing hole. The extra-wide standing deck offers an improved casting platform and convenient vantage point for sight fishing, allowing...

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MIRAGE OUTBACK: RECREATION THE WORLD’S MOST POPULAR PEDAL KAYAK JUST GOT EVEN BETTER Hobie took the world’s best-selling pedal kayak for the past 20 years and revolutionized it. Featuring a wider and more stable platform, a faster and quieter hull, dual steering, additional storage, and so much more. The Mirage Outback is a feature-rich platform designed for comfort, speed, stability and extreme versatility. The sleek new hull design is ultra-quiet and stable, providing a faster, smoother ride in any water condition. The patented MirageDrive 180 with Arc Cranks + Turbo Fins powers the...

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MIRAGE OUTBACK 3 Notched MirageDrive Well 2 MirageDrive 180 with ST Turbo Fins Hobie’s hands-free, forward-reverse pedal system is tough and time-tested. ST Turbo fins provide all the power you’ll need. 5 Vertical Rectangular Hatch Recess for MirageDrive on bottom of kayak for better shallow water protection. Vertical orientation for more standing area, includes bottle opener and rubber mesh pocket. 4 EVA Floor Standing Pads Advanced EVA pads for a better grip and increased stability. A new, wider base and seat for increased comfort and stability. 9 Large Rear Handle For ease of transport,...

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MIRAGE REVOLUTION SERIES WHEN SPEED MATTERS MOST... The Revolution Series is the true combination of speed and power. The Revos’ sleek design makes them so fast and stable that no wave, wake, or wind can slow them down. The Revo 11 is an ideal mix of size, speed and maneuverability, easily transported to remote bodies of water. Of the three Revo models, the Revo 13 hits the sweet spot in terms of stability, speed, and tracking performance. Its 28.5” beam enhances stability and maximizes capacity without slowing you down, so you can hit the water with friends and always stay in the lead....

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MIRAGE OASIS DOUBLE THE PEDAL, DOUBLE THE POWER The Mirage Oasis is a long and spacious tandem kayak featuring a high-performance hull with extra waterline designed to carry two passengers and their gear. The cockpit comes fully loaded with highlyadjustable Vantage CT seating, easy-access storage compartments, and more than enough elbow room for all-day comfort on the water. Three Twist and Seal hatches and a roomy bow compartment offer enough below deck storage for twice the amount of gear. Dual MirageDrive 180s with ARC Cranks power the Oasis to impressive speeds allowing you and your...

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MIRAGE SPORT SMALL IN SIZE, BIG ON FUN Powerful, transportable, and agile define the Mirage Sport. At 9’7” from bow to stern, the Sport is an impressively compact platform smartly equipped with essential features for next level performance and all-day fun. Designed for adults and kids alike, the Sport features the patented MirageDrive 180 with ARC Cranks and the patented Twist and Stow Rudder for improved tracking and portability. You’ll enjoy a smooth, nimble ride that keeps you in complete control even when water conditions get rough. Weighing in at just over 60lbs, the Sport is the...

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