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TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE ITEM LIFE VESTS / PFD SAFETY / WATER WEAR / GLOVES MIRAGEDRIVE ACCESSORIES SAIL KITS SIDEKICK / DODGER / TRAMPOLINES eVOLVE / BIRDING / PHOTO Kayak Carts / Beach Dollies Trailers / Rack Pads / Straps Hatch Liners / Gear Buckets Hatches / Dry Bags / Tackle Boxes H-Bar / Hobie Rod Holders Accessory Mounts Electronics Mounts Stake Out Pole / Drift Chute / Anchor Kit Rod Leash / Anchor Trolley Hardware / Line / Maintenance Misc Accessories / Tools Sunglasses / Stickers / Media Shirts / Hats Kayak Support Parts Warranty Info Livewell Parts Parts Diagrams Note: Freight to...

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BACK FLOTATION ABOVE SEAT BACK HOBIE HI-BACK MESH by Stohlquist This front entry vest was designed just for Hobie Kayaks! The flotation in the back is up high and away from the seatback (less bulk down low). Short length does not “ride up” around your neck when you are sitting. There is a mesh panel across the back. Front zip entry for easy on and off. A zipper keeper to prevent the zipper from slipping down when in use. Large mesh pockets on the front for easy storage and access of small items. Stretchy neoprene adjustable padded shoulders. Ventilated mesh side panels. High waistline cut....

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LIFE VESTS / SAFETY HOBIE HI-BACK FISHERMAN by Stohlquist SMD / LXL / XXL (Cactus / Mango) S6149xxx Hi Back Fisherman Cactus (xxx = size) S6148xxx Hi Back Fisherman Mango (xxx = size) (UL - Approved) for use in USA Only HOBIE Inflatable Belt Pack PFD NOTE: AIR SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS CO2 / DANGEROUS GOODS Light weight and comfortable. Ready when you need it, manual CO2 inflation or buy mouth inflator allows for swimming, wading and intentional immersion. Available in Mango, Tan/Gray or Red/Gray. S6779MG MANGO S6779TG TAN / GRAY S6779RG RED / GRAY S6779R PFD INFLATABLE REARM KIT • Buoyancy: 26...

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SAFETY SAFETY FLAG The VISICarbon Pro™ The Visicarbon Pro combines a high visibility light and safety flag with a light weight, low drag, and portable style. Insert foam base into molded-in or Live Well rod holders. Features: The ultra thin mast and redesigned flag combine to offer excellent performance with low wind drag. Main mast section designed with carbon fiber tubing for high strength and ultra light weight. The VISICarbon Pro™ weighs in at just 14 ounces, complete with 3 AA batteries. The 48” long VISICarbon Pro™ breaks down to 14” long in seconds. Place into a molded-in rod holder...

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WETWEAR / GLOVES HOBIE WATER WEAR Be more comfortable and extend your kayaking / sailing season by dressing appropriately for the conditions. Hobie water wear is designed for both kayaking and sailing needs. Designed for active kayaking and sailing. Can be worn with swim trunks or over a wetsuit. Mix and match layers to get the comfort you desire. Spray and wind protection. Beautiful styling and extra durable construction. Construction Features: Neck and wrist seals, Neoprene waist seal, Breathable 5000cm3 nylon shell, Offset chest pocket, Arm patch pocket. HOBIE SPRAY TOP 3850SM / 3850MD /...

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HOBIE  MIRAGE SPEEDO Removable, “pitot tube” speedometer measures your pedaling speed. Fits MirageDrive systems with plastic spine on drive serial number 16054 - Winter 2013 production. Latest version spines are not compatible. 80030001 SPEEDO Softer on your feet! Neoprene pads are self adhesive and stick right to your pedals. Stock on Drives built in 2010+ 72020034 PEDAL PAD KIT BLACK (PAIR) If you ever remove your MirageDrive while on the water... protect your investment from an accidental drop overboard. Includes hardware for attachment to the hull. 74052101 LEASH KIT - MIRAGEDRIVE DRIVE...

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Now you can make your Hobie MirageDrive a super performer! PERFORMANCE FINS - ST or ST TURBO! The Hobie MirageDrive is the most amazing propulsion system ever seen! But there is more! Increase your performance or increase your fitness routine, you choose the fin that is right for you: Standard, ST or ST Turbo... low, medium or a higher gear! The standard fins, supplied with our kayaks, are the easiest pedaling fins, but some users feel that the standard fins do not offer enough resistance. This is very evident when using a sailing kit. The added power and speed of the sail often outpaces...

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HOBIE KAYAK SAIL ADD SAILING TO YOUR HOBIE MIRAGE KAYAK EXPERIENCE! MIRAGE KAYAK SAIL RIG Add sail power to Hobie Mirage Kayaks! (Fits all current models of Hobie Mirage Kayaks). The Patented MirageDrive pedal system allows you to pedal while sailing which helps you to maintain forward motion through turns and obtain higher speeds. Sail with ease maintaining excellent speed with or without pedaling while sailing. Easily pedal out to sail or pedal home when the wind is too light. Add a SideKick ama kit for additional stability if desired. water to sail and pedal back if needed. You can also...

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ADVENTURE ISLAND CONVERSIONS The Hobie Mirage Adventure (2007 model and newer only*) can be converted into an Adventure Island! These kits allow you to add just the amas or go all the way to Adventure Island with the amas and sail combined. Great sailing performance and excellent stability. The complete kit includes: A boomless, roller-furling sail rig, plenty of sail area for excellent performance, all manageable from the cockpit with the pull of a line. Two amas that fold up against the side of the boat for easy docking, maneuverability, and transport. The Adventure Island kit is loaded...

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Whether you are a pro or a novice, you will enjoy the sense of security from the extra amount of stability offered by the SideKick ama kit. Great for use when sailing, fishing, standing when site fishing, shooting photos! The SideKick ama kit is simple, light weight and effective! The SideKick’s cross arms adjust the float height with a simple “click-twist-click”. Just like a paddle shaft adjustment. Three positions offer you high - medium - low positions. Set the floats high for cruising (less drag) or secondary stability. Use the medium or low settings for primary stability (less initial...

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