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About Us "The Cat That Flies" February 6, 1970 Maximimum fun, minimal drag— for us, that’s always been the program, both from a boat-design perspective and as a guiding philosophy. It’s hard to imagine a more graceful synergy between people, nature and technology than sailing, an art that tests a sailor’s ability to work with the wind, the waves and his sails to smoothly flow through air and water. The iconography and the romance of the sport are easy to fall in love with, but—until a few decades ago—yacht clubs, spendy marinas and huge operating budgets served as barriers to access,...

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testing, breaking and fixing their prototype, the company unveiled the Hobie 14 in 1968. While the 14-footer was an international hit, Alter soon began considering a bigger, two-person catamaran with even higher performance attributes than his first design. The result, the Hobie 16—one of the world’s best-loved sailboats—was loosed on Southern California in 1970. Virtually overnight, high-performance sailing became accessible for everyone—not just the wealthy. A lifestyle centering on Hobie-organized regattas and beach parties emerged, and the term, “Have a Hobie Day” went mainstream. By...

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Simple, safe and fun, the Hobie Bravo’s stable design and bombproof construction make it ideal for sailors of all skill levels, from the junior making his or her first solo tacks to the racecourse ace enjoying a breezy-day joyride. The boat’s rotomolded polyethylene hull encourages beaching and makes docking—even on gusty days—consequence-free. The Bravo’s generously cut, square-top mainsail captures mere zephyrs, yet automatically sloughs-off air pressure when the puffs hit. The unique A-frame mast support is easy to step, and the boomless, roller-furling, multicolored Dacron mainsail...

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Looking for a do-everything, go-everywhere family sailing cat that’s safe and dependable for the juniors, yet also entertaining for mom and dad? If so, the Hobie Wave is ready to play. Its asymmetrical underbody shape eliminates the need for daggerboards, and its rotomolded polyethylene hulls are virtually indestructible. A large, fully battened, boomless mainsail provides plenty of power in the light stuff, but twists off in a breeze for added control. Enjoyed solo or with friends, the Wave is also available as the Wave Club edition, ideal for schools, organizations or resorts. Seabreeze...

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Rotomolded Series Seabreeze Few experiences beat an afternoon spent sailing with friends and family…except maybe if it’s spent on a fast, nimble catamaran that’s big enough to accommodate the whole crew. Unlike “party boats” that are better at floating around than footing off, the Getaway has serious sailing legs thanks to its powerful, mainsail-driven sailplan and its asymmetrically shaped underbody. With the Getaway, there’s no worry about beaching or “dock bites”; its rotomolded hull is super-durable and impact-resistant. But most impressive is the Getaway’s awesome value—expect years’...

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Standard Features: • Hobie Mirage Adventure kayak hull (stands alone as a 16' kayak when desired) • MirageDrive with Turbo Fins • Two color-coordinated amas • Deck-mounted, detachable Aka II crossbars • Fully battened, boomless mainsail • Daggerboard • Patented roller-reefing sail with full-length vertical battens • Two-piece mast • Full-length mast/sail storage bag • Harken blocks • All cordage and sailing hardware • Oversized rudder • Two-piece paddle • Adjustable high-back padded seat with inflatable lumbar support • Large covered bow hatch with Bungee® tie-downs • Two 8" Twist and Seal...

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• Dual MirageDrives fitted with turbo fins • Two-piece carbon-fiber mast • Roller-furling, boomless mainsail • Easily retractable/removable, color-coordinated amas • Deck-mounted aka crossbars • Built-in, fully retractable, kick-up centerboard • Oversized rudder • Fingertip steering control at both cockpits • Sheets lead to both cockpits • Two high-back padded seats with inflatable lumbar support • Two-piece paddles with on-ama storage • Harken blocks • All cordage and sailing hardware • Rear cargo compartment with Bungee tie-downs • Large forward storage hatch • Three 8" Twist and Seal...

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Hot Tamale Game-changer. The Hobie 16 was unleashed on the Southern California beach scene in 1970, forever broadening the world’s concept of a sailboat. Now, over forty years later, this 1997 Sailboat Hall of Fame inductee continually attracts great sailors and delivers big-grin rides worldwide. Why? Because the Hobie 16 is the perfect multi-hull, powerful enough for world champions yet forgiving enough for novices. Its dual-trapeze rig lets you and your crewmember harness its raw power, and its asymmetrically shaped fiberglass hulls reduce weight and provide lift. Fly a hull, and the...

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• Fiberglass hulls includes EVA anti-skid and one stern inspection port (per hull) • Carbon-fiber reinforced rudder blades and daggerboards • Carbon-fiber telescopic tiller extension • Mesh trampoline • Square-top Pentex Mylar mainsail • Fully battened Pentex Mylar jib • Self-tacking jib system • Spinnaker • Sock-style spinnaker snuffer system • 10:1 Harken blocks (mainsheet system) • 16:1 Cv unningham • Adjustable-rotation mast • Double trapeze • Spinlock blocks (Cunningham) • Integrated front crossbar and jib track/jib sheet Options: Aluminum trailer, Hull cradles, Beach Wheels/Dolly 16...

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Hobie Sailing Accessories Hats Trapeze Harness #5024XX – #5025MF – #5026BM – #5026BW – #5018GM – #5018RM – #5018BK – #5018BL – Aussie hats (XX = size - MD or LG) Hat microfiber w/ neck flap Beanie Men's black Beanie Women's white Ball Cap Grey Mesh Ball Cap Red Mesh Ball Cap Black/Red Ball Cap Blue/Gold Enhance your on-the-wire experience with this comfortable harness. Available in several styles to match your taste. Tech Shirts Rudder Covers #3857XX #3858XX #3859XX (XX = size) If you care about speed, you care about your foils. Keep them knick-free and safe. White long sleeve red logo...

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