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Hiko news  2018 - 2

X - T R E M E R A F T_ 1 0 5 0 0 The advantage is quick and easy access and high buoyancy that meets the norm for life jackets of buoyant force of 100N. Adjustable circumference and length of the shoulders accommodate various body types. The life jackets is secured on a body by 3 high-tension buckles and provides extreme durability in tension. A safety collar is a mandatory part of the life jacket; when laying in the water chest up it provides head support. The life jacket is equipped with reflective elements and a safety whistle. Complies with EN 12402-6 requested for commercial rafting!

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Hiko news  2018 - 3

Versatile and lightweight PFD suitable for wide range of water sports. It is construction allows wide range of motion without constrain. Shoulder straps are easily adjustable. In combination with two pairs of side straps and waist rubber cord this vest can fit all body types. It is equipped with three front pockets for small items and straps on the back panel that can hold a flare. Signal orange colour! Reflextive elements. Pockets for small items. Adjustable shoulder straps. size weight (kg) buoyancy (N) Adjustable waist. Straps for flare. Adjustable shoulder straps. K - T O U R _17600Y...

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Hiko news  2018 - 4

Jackpot is an evolution step forward from Saluki. A portion of buoyant volume of both front and back panel is moved to external foam pillow; this pillow is inserted into a pocket in a spraydeck. The front panel is extremely thin and of low profile allowing to minimize the space between the body of a kayaker and a gate during tight clearance of gates. The foam of the back panel is also reduced and the design of the vest is adjusted to be more fitted. The external pillow is shaped to fit the space between the knees of a kayaker. It is connected to the body of the vest through flexible...

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Hiko news  2018 - 5

CHINOOK K1 _67500 CHINOOK C 1 _6 7 6 0 0 This K1 combo is designed for training in cold weather. It is a combination of paddling cag CHINOOK and K-FLEX or C-FLEX spraydeck. RAPID LI G HT_64601 Extremely light spraydeck designed for flat water racing. New material Nylon Ripstop polyester: Very light yet durable material is reinforced by Ripstop mesh. The material is made 100% out of polyester with microporous polyurethane coating. BAYARD_21601 These top class kayak pants are made of four-layer highly breathable material. Double waist equipped with easy to use tightening system prevents water...

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Hiko news  2018 - 6

Extremely warm bottom layer suit. Straps under heels. Reinforced in exposed areas. Anatomically shaped hood is made out of 4 mm flexible neoprene. Thanks to its cut it wraps around the head nicely covering chin and neck. Seamless finish around the face area increases it water tightness and comfort. The hood can be used as is or in combination with a helmet. Two-layer fleece. The top layer is water-repellent and abrasion resistant. Pleasant inner layer features anti-pilling technology. Both layers contain teflon particles for insulation. Light,breathable and absorbs material. Lower height of...

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Hiko news  2018 - 8

Neoprene booties suitable for water activites in challenging terrains. High cut with zipper opening. Thick anatomically shaped outsole and reinforcements on heel and instep protect your foot against sharp objects in the water. The outsole is reinforced with a special stiffener for more comfort when walking in uneven terrain. 6mm neoprene makes this bootie extremely warm and soft. Suitable for canyoning, extreme rafting, kayaking and commercial use. Zipper opening. Throwline with a bag made of waterproof material. The advantage of watertight material is that when repeating a toss, water does...

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Hiko news  2018 - 9

Multifunction backpack. This bag for general purposes is abrasion resistant and very durable. Removable shoulder strap. Cushioned cover for one two-piece has a cushioned divider that prevents the pants from rubbing of each other. Multifunctional backpack for small items. Ideal for wet swimwear. Removable shoulder strap. Oxford foam Sizes: 120 -140cm C A R R Y B A G _81000 Multifunctional water-resistant bag of 60L volume. Using the inner webbing the volume can go up to 100L. Double handles on the sides. Large inner pocket. Light, moisture-proof bag can be used to separate dry things from...

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Hiko news  2018 - 11

H i k o S p o r t s . r. o . Jíloviště 261, 252 02 Praha Západ Czech Republic www.hiko.cz, www.hikosport.com tel.: +420 267 710 867 fax: +420 267 712 781 e-mail: info@hiko.c

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