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TM COMPACT SELF CONTAINED MARINE AIR CONDITIONERS 24,000 BTU 7,000 WATTS KOMPAKT MARINE KLIMA ANLAGE 24,000 BTU 7,000 WATTS .. Green Gas R407C GRUNES GAS R407C Rotary Compressor Sealed Refrigerant Circuit DREHKOLBEN KOMPRESSOR .. HERMETISCH GESCHLOSSENES KUHLSYSTEM Cooling Via. Seawater Pump KUHLUNG UBER SEEWASSER PUMPE Mechanical Or Digital Control Panel Horizontal Or Vertical Air Outlet Easy Electrical Installation MECHANISCHES ODER DIGITALES PANEL LUFTAUSLASS VERTICAL ODER HORIZONTAL EINFACHE ELEKTRISCHE VERKABELUNG Robust Construction In G.R.P. ROBUSTE BAUWEISE IN G.F.K. Low Noise, Low Vibration GERAUSCH UND SCHWINGUNGSARM Seawater Resistant Material SEEWASSERFESTES MATERIAL Extremely Compact Design EXTREM KLEINE BAUWEISE Compressor Noise Cover Cupro - Nickel Condenser High and Low Pressure Protected KOMPRESSOR GERAUSCH KAPSEL KUPFER NICKEL KONDENSATOR .. HOCH-UND NIEDERDRUCK UBERWACHT .. .. .. .. Cool Heat Automatic H Away Operating 22 Temperature C 1 2 3 Select 4 5 6 Up Ready On/Off L W SPECIFICATION SPEZIFIKATION MODEL CMC 70 KHZ MODELL CMC 70 KHZ Capacity (Watt) (BTU) Capacity (V) Voltage (A) Current Length (L) (Inches) (Inches) Width (W) Height (H) (Inches) Starting Current (A) (Lbs) Weight Ducting Diameter(Inches) Seawater Pump Leistung Leistung Spannung Strom .. Lange (L) Breite (W) .. Hohe (H) Anlaufstrom Gewicht Luftschlauch 0 Seewasser Pumpe 7000 24000 230 6.5 26 ¼ 14 ½ 15 3 x FL 77 7” Oval P510CZ (Watt) 7000 (BTU) 24000 (V) 230 (A) 6.5 (MM) 670 (MM) 365 (MM) 380 (A) 3 x FL (Kg) 35 (MM) 175 Oval P510CZ Down

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