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A good idea that keeps getting better Over 40 years of quality and innovation in manufactured docks, boat lifts and associated products

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How it began. In 1971, Larry Hewitt purchased Bauer Welding Shop in Nicollet, Minnesota. A typical work day consisted of welding, machining, automotive repair or fixing and selling lawn mowers. Hewitt’s business may have remained small if it were not for a friend with a back injury. His friend approached him with a request to build a dock that would be easier for him to put in and remove. Together, they did some brainstorming, and Hewitt built a 64 foot long dock that rolled on two sets of wheels. From the success of that first prototype, Hewitt quickly branched out, adding boat and pontoon...

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Protecting your prized possession Whether it’s a fishing boat, pontoon, personal watercraft or high performance speed boat, Hewitt Manufacturing has a boat lift perfectly sized, equipped and priced for your needs. Hewitt lifts keep your watercraft convenient and ready while protecting them from the damaging effects of prolonged exposure to waves, algae and floating debris. Hewitt canopies provide additional protection, shielding your boat from rain, hail and sun.

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CONTENTS 6 Lift Construction and Design The materials and manufacturing techniques that make Hewitt lifts the most durable in the industry. A powered rail system to launch and recover boats. Bring your boat on shore or all the way to your cabin. 8 Standard Cantilever Lift The original Hewitt lift design - simple, economical and proven performance. Built to provide the easiest, most attractive way to load and launch your personal watercraft. 12 Hydraulic Cantilever Lift The simplicity of the standard cantilever lift with the convenience of hydraulic operation and remote control. Low-weight...

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Hewitt Manufacturing builds them to last Hewitt lifts have earned a reputation for being the most durable in the industry Emphasis on Easy Operation. Every type of Hewitt lifting mechanism is optimized to work with minimal effort. Manual winches are equipped with large diameter hand wheels and spinner knobs for faster, easier operation. Electric winches raise and lower lifts with the flip of a switch and hydraulic systems feature the ultimate convenience of wireless remote control. Winches Suited to the Task. Hewitt manual winches are specifically sized and geared to the capacity of the...

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Overall safety and enjoyment of your lift is the focus of Hewitt Manufacturing. The lifts we build are low maintenance and designed to make installation and use as easy as possible. Our designs require no top bars that can get in the way when entering or exiting a boat. Above all, Hewitt lifts are built to last. At first glance, different brands of lifts may look similar, but upon closer inspection, you’ll find that Hewitt lifts are built like no other. Heavier gauge plate metal, extensive use of structural extrusions, better reinforcing – these are important differences that add up to...

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Cantilever Lift The original Hewitt lift continues to be one of our most popular models. These rugged general purpose lifts have a natural mechanical advantage that actually makes operation easier as the boat is raised higher. Cantilever lifts also have a long history of trouble-free performance. They require fewer moving parts for superior reliability and place less stress on pulleys and cables. In the lift’s fully raised position, cables carry no weight; the load is entirely supported by the frame. Corrosion resistant aluminum construction also assures low maintenance – no rust, no...

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Shown with Optional Aluminum “V”-Bunks and Full-Length Centering Guides.

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Cantilever Lift Heavy-Duty All-Aluminum Construction. Hewitt takes Extra Reinforcing. It is not unusual for poorly built lifts to Pulley Boxes. While lesser brands may simply bolt pulleys no shortcuts. Some lift makers use nothing more than a bolt for critical pivot joints. Hewitt lifts are designed with doublereinforced pivots that are made with structural aluminum tubing and welded, through-hole construction – superior strength for superior reliability. sway or even break when subjected to frequent use. Hewitt lifts are built for the real world. Crossbars are reinforced on the top and...

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Hydraulic Cantilever Lift Imagine pressing a button on a key-fob remote control as you walk to your dock and having your boat in the water and ready to go when you arrive. That’s the convenience and sophistication you get with a Hewitt hydraulic cantilever lift. Based on our standard cantilever design, these lifts can rest dockside in as little as 24” of water, perfect for use with shorter docks. Available in 3900 lb and 5200 lb capacity models. Hewitt hydraulic boatlifts are the shallowest boatlift in the industry since 2001 operating with water levels only six inches deep. The perfect...

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Hi-Lift Vertical Lift The Hewitt Hi-Lift is an economical, direct vertical rise lift that is ideally suited for deeper water applications or sites where water levels may fluctuate. These lifts are based on simple, proven technology but are distinguished by Hewitt’s rock-solid construction and unique frame design. Hewitt Hi-Lifts incorporate side bars that provide greater stability than “V”-style side designs. Side bars are also set lower for easier boat access. While some competitive lifts have adjustable sidebars, these designs limit maximum lift height. Ten Hi-Lift models provide lifting...

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Design and construction details emphasize durability and trouble-free operation. The corrosion resistant components include a structural aluminum frame, pre-strung stainless steel cables and full-width acetal Delrin plastic pulleys with hardened cast bronze bushings. End-mounted pulleys mean there are no exposed cables midway to interfere with access. Cable Adjustment Bolts. Extra Leveling Legs. Four leveling legs Optional Adjustable Screw Leg long cable adjustment bolts enable the operator to easily optimize cable tension. with stainless steel quick-release pins allow easy height...

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