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CCTV solutions for marine and petroleum related industries Photo: Øyvind Hagen, Statoil ASA Setting the standard with safe, reliable, cost effective CCTV solutions safeguarding people, equipment and the environment.

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Safeguarding people, facilities and the environment HERNIS turnkey CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) solutions are designed to perform safely and reliably under the most extreme corrosive and physically demanding environments. Clear video images of all critical areas enhance the safety of people and facilities and allows you to find faster solutions to issues that could cause down-time on the site. HERNIS provides reliable surveillance where safety is key and incidents cost the most! 2 EATON HERNIS CCTV Solutions

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CCTV...and so much more Buy pupose-fit HERNIS CCTV provides reliable solutions to key challenges in the marine and oil & gas industry. Our equipment is Ex-proof and resistant to physical stress such as vibration, variation of temperature and humidity including drilling mud and chemicals that is devastating to most CCTV equipment on the market. HERNIS’ team of professionals offers unique expertise in high-quality CCTV components combined with engineering excellence in system architectures and more than 30 years’ experience in project supervision and development with proven results. HERNIS is...

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1. Multi system access HERNIS’ new generation modular CCTV architecture offers multi system access. The user logs on to his local CCTV system, but can access and control any external HERNIS CCTV system that he is authorized for. The user is hence able to control a virtually unlimited number of cameras spread over vast geographical areas. The solution caters for remote monitoring of comprehensive onshore and offshore installations. 2. Camera Control and video management software HERNIS offer state of the art control software for our CCTV systems. Extensive CCTV expertise combined with the...

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4. Multi-cables HERNIS Multi-cables supply both data, video and power in one cable. Designed to survive a lifetime in harsh environments, they enhance installation, reduce man-hour and material costs, and secure the quality required on onshore, offshore and marine installations. 6. Flexible camera connectivity HERNIS offers a whole range of camera stations flexible in transmission connectivity. Power and signalling flexibility ensures easy, cost saving installation utilizing the power and communication infrastructure that is available, whether it is wired or wireless. 5. HERNIS Crane TV...

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HERNIS user friendly CCTV management environment Highly efficient design Extensive CCTV expertise combined with the latest technology available has culminated in a highly efficient CCTV management environment. The layout gives preference to video management in one or multiple views by choice and highly flexible navigation takes the user experience to new levels. One foundation HWIN Standard makes the foundation for any HERNIS CCTV control environment and is typically used alone to manage small to medium sized CCTV systems. State-of-theart tools enhance the experience: • multi video view •...

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Top: HWIN Live Mode is the normal operating mode used for all live functions such as viewing live video, controlling the cameras, using presets, maps, video splits and more. Middle: HWIN Playback is used to access any video or images that has been stored in the HERNIS 500 Video Recorders and on your local hard disk. Bottom: HWIN Configuration is used to define individual cameras, camera groups, sequences, multi switches, alarm actions and more. The functionality you need in just one click Navigation and Control With the latest technology available HERNIS has taken navigation to a new level....

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HERNIS CCTV system architecture - for projects of any size and complexity HERNIS is an experienced provider of CCTV solutions. Over the years we have developed control systems suitable for different requirements with respect to size, complexity and available infrastructure. Today we can offer numerous solutions based on analogue or digital technology. In many cases both types of technologies are also combined within one system. Our focus is to be able to present an optimized package with respect to the image quality, user friendliness and lifecycle cost. HERNIS’ state of the art CCTV...

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HERNIS Flex HERNIS’ Flex IP CCTV system offers full flexibility and infrastructure across multiple transmission technologies, creating a sophisticated CCTV system, limited only by your creativity. HERNIS Flex CCTV achieves a complete IP architecture or accepts analog/serial signals if required. Systems are deliberately designed to maximize hispeed manipulation, superior video quality and reliable recording requirements. HERNIS’ Flex CCTV architecture, including video and alarm management applications, utilize one common infrastructure provided by an Ethernet backbone and supervised by a...

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HERNIS 500 The HERNIS 500 digital video management system eliminates the need for a traditional analogue video matrix utilising the common infrastructure provided by an Ethernet backbone. The HERNIS 500 NVR encodes the video signal, which can be streamed to hard disc and/ or directly to the network/ backbone. The image quality from each encoder can be controlled individually and set to transmit at various rates depending on user requirements. For operations where no latency is tolerated on the video stream, the HERNIS 500 system can incorporate an analogue subsystem. A HERNIS 500 CCTV...

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HERNIS 400 The HERNIS 400 CCTV system is an analogue system consisting of an analogue video matrix and a PC based system server. The internal communication of the HERNIS 400 system operates on a Controller Area Network (CAN) making it easy to add new communication nodes for camera stations and control panels. The modular design enables easy and virtually limitless expansion and use of decentralized systems. Its integration capabilities to external systems such as drilling, process, automation, security and safety systems on serial, TCP/IP I/O , or relay interfaces, makes the HERNIS 400 a...

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