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Product Data HEMPADUR SPRAY-GUARD 35490 / HEMPADUR SPRAY-GUARD 35493 High temperatures 35490: BASE 35499 : CURING AGENT 95690 Medium temperature 35493: BASE 35499 : CURING AGENT 95790 Description: HEMPADUR SPRAY-GUARD 35490/35493 is a solvent-free, two-component, epoxy coating. It cures to a hard, tough and well adhering protective coating. It can be spray applied in one coat at a minimum film thickness of 2.5 mm (100 mils). Recommended use: As a heavy duty coating on steel and concrete exposed to severe corrosive conditions and/or impact such as splash zones and decks. Colour retention will be of minor importance. CURING AGENT 95690 suited for application at temperatures above 20°C/68°F. CURING AGENT 95790 suited for application at temperatures between 10°C/50°F and 20°C/68°F. Service temperature: Maximum, dry exposure only: 140°C/284°F. In water (no temperature gradient): 35°C/95°F see REMARKS overleaf. Certificates/Approvals: Conforms to NORSOK M-501, system no. 4. Availability: Part of Group Assortment. Local availability subject to confirmation. PHYSICAL CONSTANTS: Version; mixed product: Shade nos/Colours: Finish: Volume solids, %: Theoretical spreading rate: Flash point: Specific gravity: Surface dry: Dry to touch: Dry to handle: Fully cured: VOC content: - 35490 41690 Grey-green Semi-gloss 100 0.4 m2/l [16 sq.ft./US gallon] - 2.5 mm / 100 mils >60 °C [>140 °F] 1.8 kg/litre [15.4 lbs/US gallon] 3 approx. hour(s) 20°C/68°F 8 approx. hour(s) 20°C/68°F 3 day(s) 20°C/68°F 7 day(s) at 20°C/68°F. Curing will proceed down to: 10°C/50°F. 0 g/l [0 lbs/US gallon] 35493 3 (approx.) hrs at 10°C/50°F 8 (approx.) hrs at 10°C/50°F 3 day(s) 10°C/50°F 7 day(s) 10°C/50°F . Curing will proceed down to: 2°C/36°F. The physical constants stated are nominal data according to the HEMPEL Group's approved formulas. APPLICATION DETAILS: Version; mixed product: Mixing ratio: Application method: Thinner (max.vol.): Pot life: Cleaning of tools: Indicated film thickness, dry: Indicated film thickness, wet: Recoat interval, min: Recoat interval, max: Safety: Date of issue: January 2012 - 35490 35493 BASE 35499 : CURING AGENT 95690 BASE 35499 : CURING AGENT 95790 5.7 : 1.0 By volume 5.7 : 1.0 By volume 23.0 : 2.0 By weight 23.0 : 2.15 By weight Spray (small areas: notched trowel) Spray (small areas: notched trowel) (Consult the separate APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS) (Consult separate Application Instructions) Do not dilute. see REMARKS overleaf. Do not dilute. see REMARKS overleaf. 30 minute(s) at 30°C/86°F or 1 hour(s) at 20°C/68°F. 0.5 hour(s) at 20°C/68°F or 1 hour at 10°C/50°F . HEMPEL'S TOOL CLEANER 99610 2.5 micron [0.1 mils] 2.5 micron [0.1 mils] According to separate APPLICATION According to separate APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS INSTRUCTIONS According to separate APPLICATION According to separate APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS INSTRUCTIONS Handle with care. Before and during use, observe all safety labels on packaging and paint containers, consult HEMPEL Safety Data Sheets and follow all local or national safety regulations. Page: 1/2 Product Data Sheet

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HEMPADUR SPRAY-GUARD 35490 35493 SURFACE PREPARATION: New steel: Remove oil and grease etc. thoroughly with suitable detergent. Remove salts and other contaminants by high pressure fresh water cleaning. Abrasive blasting to minimum Sa 2 (ISO 85011:1988)with a surface profile corresponding to Rugotest No. 3, N11, Keane-Tator Comparator, 5.5 G or ISO Comparator. After blasting, clean the surface carefully from abrasives and dust. The blasted and cleaned surface may advantageously be primed with: HEMPADUR 15590. Concrete: Remove slip agent and other possible contaminants by emulsion washing...

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