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Smallest Harken Block Small, lightweight, and tough; fits in tight spaces; perfect for small-diameter, high-tech line. Ball Bearing Speed Fast pull and release Lots of Applications Dinghy control lines, outhauls, downhauls, cunninghams, cascades, halyards on prams The Stats Stainless balls in fitted races, stainless sideplates Feather-light 9 grams; Impressive 133 kg (250 lb) MWL Singles, doubles, triples, beckets Actual size

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With these products from Team McLube Use on sliding hatches, sail tracks, sails, battens, telltales, slider cars and more Repels water, dirt, salt and contaminants Reduces drag In air and water Long lasting Speed Polish plexiglass and painted surfaces • Cleans, polishes and protectsH • Reduces drag and repels water • Environmentally-friendly citrus base • Long-lasting, high-gloss finish Ball Bearing Conditioner Use on ball bearing traveler cars • Repels salt, dirt and other deposits • Reduces friction so balls roll ■ • Only one drop needed Catalog Guide Carbo AirBlocks Small Boat Fllp-Flops...

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New for 2011 T2 Soft-Attach Blocks 2010 Optimist Heavy Weather Regatta, San Francisco — Erik Simonson, photo Blocks

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The 16 mm is Harken's® smallest block. It is perfect for small synthetic control lines found on high-tech dinghies. The patented bearing system uses stainless steel balls in a captive grooved race and has a 250 lb (113 kg) safe working load—the highest on the market compared to similarly sized blocks. The 442 uses a spacer and the 404 uses an O-ring to keep the line in the sheave during intermittent loading. The 467 uses a narrow sheave for extremely small control lines and has a ferrule head for soft attachments. Dinghy control lines Big Boat leech lines Down hauls Traveler controls...

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Low-friction Micro blocks are compact and lightweight. They are ideal for sailboards, smaller dinghies, and lightly loaded control lines on boats of all sizes. Micro block sheaves run exclusively on ball bearing systems for fast trim and release under any load. Stainless steel sideplates add strength. Traveler controls Flag halyards Leech cords Lead car return tackles Stainless Steel Ball bearings Micro fiddle with rounded V-jam, or triples with cam make compact self-cleating tackles Actual Size working load

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Carbo AirBlocks Low-friction Carbo AirBlocks® are lightweight, strong, reliable—and affordable. These small compact blocks have very high working loads, making trimming safe and easy no matter how hard the wind blows. Composite sideplates are UV stabilized for no-fade protection against salt water and sun. Carbo blocks are perfect for the small-diameter lines favored by racers. High-Strength Composite Lightweight nylon-resin sideplates have densely-packed, glass fibers to reinforce resin for strength. Load Carrying Curved Bearing Races High-load ball bearings roll smoothly on curved bearing...

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OUR LIGHTEST S O F T - A T T A C H A L L - C O M P O S I T E N O M E TA L T2™ blocks are the first blocks made entirely of high-strength composite material—no shackles, fasteners, or rivets. This tough new line of softattach Carbos is our lightest and will never corrode. One style T2 uses a loop, the other a length of line. Both route the attachment line through the block head and sheave, reducing load on the sideplates, acting as a safety backup for your system. T2™ TECHNOLOGY T2™ Loop ALL-COMPOSITE, NO METAL Patent Pending OPEN CENTER Line ties, splices, or lashes to almost anything:...

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Soft-Attach Blocks The high-strength composite T2™ is the first block with no metal shackles or rivets and is the lightest soft-attach block Harken has ever designed. T2 blocks come in two styles. One uses a loop, the other a length of line. Both methods route the attachment line through the block head and sheave, decreasing the load on the sideplates and acting as a backup for the system. Soft attachments articulate to align with the load for a fair lead, reducing friction. The composite sheave spins on ball bearings with curved bearing races for low-friction rolling. Composite sideplates...

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These small blocks are strong and free rolling with very high working loads. Use as a mainsheet block on small dinghies such as the Optimist, or for low-friction control blocks on any size boat. Doubles and triples feature U-Locks to hold the swivel in front/side position, or to spin freely. The triple's compact cam arm supports high-load pur- chases of 5:1 or 6:1. The line-shedding cheek block features a small mounting footprint and drainholes. Traveler controls Flag halyards Component Material Properties Ballbearings Pellín" UV stabilized Sheaves Composite UV stabilized See glossary of...

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systems on high-performance dinghies and for loaded control lines on small keelboats. Main/jib sheets Mainsheet fine-tune Control lines Use as becket block without the additional height of a becket Actual Size working load *Can be used as becket block "Maximum working loads and breaking loads for blocks based on cam strengths

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Thistle — J.H. Peterson photo Sheave Weight Shackle pin Max line Maximum Breaking Part 0 Length w/shackle 0 0 working load load "Maximum working loads and breaking loads for blocks based on cam strengths

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The high-load 57 mm Carbo has a maximum working load of 500 kg (1200 lb). It releases easily under load and is perfect for mainsheet systems on sport boats like the Melges 24, The 75 mm Carbo has a maximum working load of 1200 lbs (500 kg). It releases easily under load and is perfect for main- sheet systems on sport boats like the Melges 24, J/105, and Blocks feature Cam-Lock or U-Lock locking systems to lock the shackle in front or side positions, or swivel to keep line from twisting. Main/jib sheets Mainsheet fine-tune Control lines Component Material Properties_ Sideplates Nylon resin...

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Carbo Ratchets Carbo Ratchets allow sailors to hand-hold loaded lines and offer balance between holding power and controlled easing. Eight facets hold line securely. The 40 mm ratchets are ideal for jib sheets and spinnakers where size and weight are critical. The 2608, 2609, and 2614 have on/off switches; other 40 mm ratchets are always in ratchet mode. The 57 mm and 75 mm switchable ratchets provide precise on/off control with accessible, easy-to-operate on/off switches on both sides For the ultimate system, mount a switchable ratchet in the cockpit and a boom-mounted Ratchamatic®...

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