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Harken Catalogue - 2

Catalog Guide Warranty/General Warnings Genoa Lead Cars Boom Vangs Outhaul Systems Mastbase & Cabintop Blocks Spinnaker Pole Handling & Halyards Backstay Adjuster Mainsail Reefing Self-Tacking Jibs & Staysail Metric Conversions/Drilling Guide Ball Bearing Replacement Chart Rigging Breaking Loads Loading Formulas Small Boat Blocks Carbo AirBlocks" Carbo Ratchets Small Boat Flip-Flop Blocks Classic Blocks Dinghy Vang Two-Speed Mainsheet Systems Ordering Midrange Blocks Midrange Hexaratchef Line/Wire High-Strength Ordering Big Boat Blocks Black Magic" AirBlocks* Stainless Steel Blocks Mastbase...

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Harken Catalogue - 3

Peter Harken Olaf Harken Giampaolo Spera Bill Gogglns Arthur MItchel Chairman Chairman Global CEO Harken USA CEO Director of Operations In difficult times, Harken has proven that we are a company of caring people, dedicated to innovation. Today is no different. Despite the down economy and the fears that might exist in our industry, NEVER has Harken introduced such a strong line of new products and we plan to back it up with the best customer service in the industry. Because that is the Harken Way—it is what we do to serve you. Harken's Radial Winch Range We proudly introduce Harken's new...

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Harken Catalogue - 4

COVERAGE. HARKEN® warrants that each HARKEN product, when properly used and maintained, will be free from defects in material and workmanship from the date of receipt of the product by the final customer. HARKEN products are covered by two different kinds of warranties, on the basis of the purchaser 1. The Private Customer Warranty 2. The Professional Customer Warranty THE LIMITED PRIVATE CUSTOMER WARRANTY. This limited warranty applies to all Harken products purchased for final use by private individuals only and installed on boats used exclusively for recreational purposes. Harken...

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Harken Catalogue - 5

Worldwide Limited Warranty DISCLAIMER. ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES ARISING FROM A COURSE OF DEALING, USAGE OF TRADE, BY STATUTE OR OTHERWISE, IS HEREBY STRICTLY LIMITED TO THE TERM OF THIS WRITTEN LIMITED WARRANTY. This Agreement shall be the sole and exclusive remedy available to the Owner with respect to this product. In the event of any alleged breach of any warranty or any legal action brought by the purchaser based on alleged negligence or other tortious conduct by HARKEN: the Owner's sole and exclusive remedy...

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Harken Catalogue - 6

Harken® equipment is designed for minimal maintenance. However, some upkeep is required to give the best service and comply with the Harken® limited warranty. Harken installation manuals are available at no charge online at, or by contacting a Harken® dealer. Always Hush frequently with Iresti water and periodically inspect all products lor damage. Do not let deck hardware come in contact with teak cleaner or other caustic solutions as this causes discoloration and damage to the linish. 1 Inspect frequently: shackles and shackle posts for signs of corrosion, cracks, or...

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Harken Catalogue - 7

2:1 Cam on Car: This system features cleats on adjustable arms that can be angled On flush deck boats face cleats down the length of the track. On boats with seat backs angle the cleats forward or aft. 4:1 Remote Cleat: If the traveler Is mounted ahead of the companlonway, place the cleats at the aft-edge of the cabin house. Windward Sheeting: The windward sheeting traveler lets crew pull the car above the centerllne without releasing the leeward control line. Tack and the car stays In the same position, ready to be pulled to the new windward side. 3:1 Remote Cleat: When the crew sits above...

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Harken Catalogue - 8

6:1 Reeved Right Angle: Boats with mainsails to purchase handles high 7:1/28:1Gross/Fine: This gross trim/fine tune system Is found on racing multihulls where It is desirable to split the gross trim from the fine tune. Placing the fine tune in the boom provides a very clean system that weight Into it. The powerful cascading fine tune portion Is used to haul the boom In that last little bit. 4:1 with Dedicated Winch: This system moves the traveler over the companlonway to clean up the cockpit. A favorite on cruising boats. 4:1 Swivel Base: Position the swivel base block off the traveler car...

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Harken Catalogue - 9

Two-Speed Mainshee Genoa Lead Cars 2:1 Slider: Some prefer the simplicity of T-Track lead cars. Use the 1997 as a pinstop car. Use the 1998 T-track car with a 2:1 adjuster system 2:1/4:1 Swivel Base: This system is often found on boats like J/24s where a center-mounted swivel used on boats end-boom 3:1/6:1 Swivel Base: This the boat. A great setup Pinstop Slider: A pinstop slider car on ball bearing track is recommended for cruising boats that might upgrade to adjustable ball bearing cars 4:1/8:1 Swivel Base: Similar to the 3:1/6:1 swivel base system more power on boats with mains as 4:1...

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Harken Catalogue - 10

Boom Vangs Outhaul Systems 4:1 V-jam: This simple 4:1 self-cleat- ing vang is used on small dinghies Dinghy vang uses a 3:1 cascade inside a 5:1 purchase to create a powerful system. Suited for dinghies and light daysallers with 2:1 Internal: Suitable for dinghies or small keelboats. A flexible cable shackles to the sail and enters the boom through a wire block. Placing a block aft of the cleat allows the crew to pull from a variety of positions. 4:1 Fiddle: The basic 4:1 fiddle block vang is commonly used on dinghies and small keelboats 4:1 External Cascade: A simple external outhaul...

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Harken Catalogue - 11

4:1 Double-ended Cascaded: This system is easy to adjust from the trapeze. It's easy to rig and unrig. Popular on smaller beach cats. 12:1 Cascaded: This simple 2:1 cascade fora 12:1 system. Used on larger racing and cruising boats. 6:1 Double-ended Jib Downhaul: Small boats like J/24s use a double-ended genoa Cunningham system to adjust draft from the weather rail. & Cabintop Blocks 4:1 Cascaded: This simple 4:1 system leads 8:1 Cascaded: The most basic aft to the cockpit. A favorite on small Cunningham is a self-cleatlng 4:1 keelboats and daysallers. tackle positioned at the mastbase. 1...

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