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BOZZELLI SMALL BOAT Carbo Classic Midrange BOZZELLI BIG BOAT Element Black Magic Acciaio Inox ATTREZZATURA COMPLEMENTARE Strozzatori Rinvii Piani Grilli & Ponticelli CARRELLI PER TRASTO RANDA & GENOA CB (Sfere Imperdibili) CRX (Rulli Imperdibili) SISTEMI DI MANOVRA PER RANDE STECCATE Sistemi Battcar AA, A, B, C Sistemi a Scambio per Battcar con Rotaia a T Lazy Jack SISTEMI DI AVVOLGIMENTO E RIDUZIONE MKIV ESP Motorizzati Radial Performa Classic Cilindri Valvole e Manifolds Sistemi idraulici Power Email: SMALL BOAT BLOCKS Carbo Classic Midrange COMPLEMENTARY...

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For several years we’ve been using the theme line AT THE FRONT. In the beginning, those words were written to make a commitment: Harken products will exceed the challenges of the biggest moments in our sport. Over time, we’ve learned a little more about those moments. They don’t always lead to the podium. This year we launched a photo contest in the USA, designed so customers could show us images of their AT THE FRONT sailing moments. You can see several of the most compelling of those on the cover and on the adjacent page of this catalog. They’re wonderful. Looking at the submissions,...

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Catalog Guide SMALL BOAT BLOCKS TRAVELERS & GENOA LEADS 94 - 131 MAINSAIL HANDLING SYSTEMS 132 - 154 HEADSAIL HANDLING SYSTEMS McLube is a registered trademark of McGee Industries, Inc. © Harken, Inc. 2019. All rights reserved. No portion of this catalog may be reproduced without the express written permission of Harken, Inc. Printed in U.S.A. 16 Materials & Properties 18 Small Boat Blocks Fly Blocks Carbo Air Blocks T2/T2 Ratchamatic 29 mm 40 mm 57 mm 75 mm HTE Ratchamatic/Power3 Ratchet Ratchet Ratchamatic Fiddle Small Boat Flip-Flops/Dinghy Vang Protexit Exit Blocks 16 mm Micro Classic...

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Jean Martins Grand Prix & Tech Service Manager Harkenite Since 1987 n his more than 32 years with Harken, Jean Martins has been key in Harken’s collaboration with the legends in the world of French offshore racing – more than 50 is his conservative count. They include the giants who created the Vendee Globe race, its first winner, its first two-time winner and multiple winners of the Route du Rhum and the Transat Jacques Vabre. As technical service manager at Harken France, Jean is responsible for creating layout specifications and assembling price quotes for custom racing projects at the...

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Harken Materials & Properties Aluminum 6061-T6: alloy that has excellent corrosion resistance to air and salt water. It is an easily welded, tough alloy that responds well to anodizing. 7075-T6: the strongest aluminum alloy with strength comparable to many steels. Harken uses 7075-T6 in its Grand Prix cylinders which are built to handle extremely high loads at minimal weight. A vigorous maintenance schedule is required when using this alloy, because corrosion resistance is lower than 6061-T6. Available in hardcoat or clear-anodized finishes. Bearings Bearing properties are functions of...

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Harken Materials & Properties Clear-Anodized Clear aluminum anodizing is an electrochemical process that produces a corrosionresistant finish. It also hardens the surface, making components less prone to scratches and dents. It is “clear” because the protective layer isn’t thick enough to change the color of the component (though dye can be added). More rigorous anodizing, such as hardcoat, can give components a black or colored hue. Delrin® Acetal Resin Hardcoat aluminum anodizing is an electrochemical process that produces a corrosion-resistant finish with hardness characteristics second...

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SMALL BOAT BLOCKS NEW FOR 2020 75 mm Power3 ratchets Page 27 Dinghy vang Page 33 ONEFLY, 3.48 m (11.42'), TOCATEC, Sam Manuard Yacht Design © Jacques Vapillon

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Fly Blocks Harken soft-attach Fly blocks are designed to provide strength without mass, providing sailors with big power in a low-aero package. Designed specifically for high-tech line, these efficient blocks have an incredible working load for their small size. Fly blocks are perfect for use on foiling dinghies and sportboats and for vang cascades and backstay systems on Grand-Prix racers. 18 mm 18 mm blocks feature an integrated stainless steel inner race and rivet, stainless steel ball bearings, and composite fiber-reinforced sideplates. 29 & 40 mm 29 and 40 mm blocks feature a one-piece...

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CARBO AIR BLOCKS These smooth-running powerful performers make trimming easy, no matter how hard the wind blows. Carbo Air blocks are made of tough reinforced composite in a size and style to fit any system: singles, doubles, triples, quads, and quints; ratchets and fiddles; soft and hard attach; 18 - 75 mm. Perfect for main, jib and spinnaker sheets on dinghies and sportboats; control lines on boats of all sizes. Which Block Do I Need? High-strength, lightweight • Lightweight, strong and reliable fiber-reinforced composite construction. • Open Air block design eliminates unnecessary...

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Carbo T2 Soft-Attach Blocks Harken offers these patented, high-strength, soft-attach blocks in 29 to 57 mm sizes. They feature composite sheaves that spin freely on Delrin® ball bearings with curved bearing races. They have no metal shackles or rivets, making them the lightest soft-attach blocks Harken has ever designed. All T2 blocks are lashed or spliced through the load-bearing center of the block, decreasing the loads on the sideplates and acting as a safety backup for the system. T2 Blocks T2 blocks come in single and double configurations and can be tied, spliced, or lashed to almost...

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About Carbo Air blocks: see feature page at beginning of this section. Doubles and triples feature U-Locks to hold the swivel in front/side position, or to let it spin freely. Use as becket block without the additional height of a becket. High-strength pivoting lead blocks with cams are used for halyard controls on larger keelboats and as “headknockers” on dinghies and beachcats for sheeting directly from the boom. Hole spacing and rivet size are the same as Classic models, making upgrades easy. Cam reverses for either up or down cleating. Sheave Shackle pin Max line Maximum Breaking Part 0...

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