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2021 New Product Supplement: Use with 2020 Catalog

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Welcome to the 2021 Harken Marine Catalog Supplement You will find only the newest Harken products here — the most recent advances, released since our last catalog went to press. For a comprehensive view of Harken products, attach this supplement to your 2020 Harken catalog. Remember, you can always find our most up-to-date lineup at And you can download an always-updated pdf version of the catalog at Catalog Guide 3 Fly blocks 8 Black Magic 57 mm Blocks 9 Black Magic 100 mm Blocks 10 Flatwinder Powered Blocks 12-13 Gizmos Through-deck bushings 14...

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Harken soft-attach Fly blocks are designed to provide strength without mass, providing sailors with big power in a low-aero package. Designed specifically for high-tech line, these efficient blocks have an incredible working load for their small size. Fly blocks are perfect for use on foiling dinghies and sportboats and for vang cascades and backstay systems on Grand-Prix racers. 18 mm blocks feature an integrated stainless steel inner race and rivet, stainless steel ball bearings, and composite fiber-reinforced sideplates. 29 and 40 mm blocks feature a one-piece titanium outer race/sheave,...

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©Craig Priniski Single, double, triple, fiddle? Becket or not? Switchable or Ratchamatic? Soft-attach or shackled? 40 or 57 or 75 mm? Standard or high threshold engage point? Harken Carbo Ratchets give you lots of choices. Now, multiply all those by three. Now, you can have any Carbo Ratchet with any Power3 sheave you choose. Any configuration. Any holding power. Anybody can decide. Any Harken rep can help…any time.

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Ratchamatic Blocks The Carbo Ratchamatic is a load-sensing ratchet block that rolls freely in both directions under low loads and automatically engages the ratchet as loads increase. Shifting between ratchet and light-air modes is seamless. Unloaded main and jib sheets run out freely during mark roundings and asymmetrical spinnakers free instantly during jibes. Ratchet engagement may be adjusted to a higher or lower load according to strength and sailing style. The Ratchamatic cheek block mounts on either port or starboard. The holding power of the 57 mm is as high as 10:1. The 75 mm is up...

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Blocks are clearly labeled with part number, line diameter, maximum working load, and directional arrows for line direction. When you race HARD, and you rip through as many hoists and douses as we do sailing W-L legs all the time, you should expect to start wearing through the sideplates of your halyard exit block right? Wrong! Thanks to Harken Protexit™ blocks, wear from side angle loading is not inevitable. Protexit's all-aluminum, wear-resistant housing carefully ushers line in and out no matter the angle. There's more: Protexit blocks offer higher working loads than any small boat exit...

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About Element blocks: see feature page at beginning of this section Aluminum sideplates direct line to better align with sheaves. ■rj 6266 Sheave Shackle pin Max line Maximum Breaking Part 0 Length Weight 0 0 working load load Footblock Dimensions Sheave Max line Maximum Breaking Fasteners Part 0 Length Height Weight 0 working load load (FH)

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About Black Magic Air blocks: see feature pages at beginning of this section KM321c, 9.82 m (32.2'), VPLP design, Magma Composites © Skymy\ Low-load blocks have red isolators. They use Torloif rollers and 316 stainless steel shackles. Standard blocks have 17-4 PH stainless headposts. Torlon is a registered trademark of Solvay Advanced Polymers, L.L.C. Sheave Shackle pin Max line Maximum Breaking Part 0 Length Weight 0 0 working load load No. Descriptionin mm in mm ozgin mm in mm lb kg lb kg 3214 Single loop**2 1/4 57 3 76 3.23 927/16 12 2500 1134 5000 2268 includes padeye. 6 mm (1/4")...

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About Black Magic Air blocks: see feature pages at beginning of this section. Deadend post for attachment to a closed bail. Loop not included, see page 85. Sheave Shackle pin Max line Maximum Breaking Part 0 Length Weight 0 0 working load load Loop not included. See page 85. "Includes padeye. Uses hole spacing and base dimensions of 648 padeye, refer to page 89.

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FW250HA, FW500HA FlatWinder Powered Block The Harken FlatWinder powered block is a self-contained, low-profile powered system developed for mainsheet traveler adjustment. This powerful block is easy to use and offers sailors huge benefits in mainsail control, giving them the means to quickly depower the rig, and delay reefing when the wind picks up. Like a compact captive winch for the traveler, the FlatWinder is completely self-contained. It operates in both directions allowing the car to move anywhere on the track while also keeping the traveler line off the cockpit floor. FlatWinders can...

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Cam Bases Use cam swivel bases when leads must rotate to face the trimmer. Ball bearing swivel bases feature dual rows of Delrin® ball bearings that swivel freely even under high loads. Bases include stand-up springs and a U-Adaptor to accept a variety of appropriate blocks. The 144 is the standard configuration with a tall arm. It is ideal for mounting in the cockpit or for use on larger keelboats and small offshore boats that use 76 mm (3") plastic blocks. The low-profile 205 is used when installation is at deck level and when smaller blocks are used. The 1574 accepts Midrange blocks. The...

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Harken Gizmos Harken introduces Gizmos, a growing line of engineered soft-attach terminations and through-deck pieces. Gizmos acknowledge riggers’ desires to minimize weight and eliminate as many heavy metal fasteners as possible. Harken’s reputation for precision manufacturing assures the Gizmos are precision-sized and fit together perfectly when assembled. Perhaps most importantly, our distribution network guarantees Gizmos are available in the quantities you need—when you need them. Through-Deck Bushings Single-sided through-deck bushings are designed to protect decks and lines from...

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